8 Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas as Hot Summer Days Lead to Cool Autumn Evenings

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 23, 2018

It’s almost time to pack away your swimsuits and savor those last slices of sun-ripened watermelon! And after the hustle and bustle of summer, thoughts of cool autumn breezes and cozy evenings at home are especially welcome.

Here we share fall home decor ideas using our bestselling prints this time of year evoke the comfort and warmth that we all crave as the seasons change. Each tells a story, handcrafted with care to perfectly complement your home.

Savor the Last Days of Summer

Maintain a sense of cheerful warmth in your home even as summer’s balmy temperatures begin to fade. Our popular Indian Summer print takes its inspiration from silk saris and exotic locales.

Radiating with warm saffron tones on superior-grade soft cotton, delicate emerald foliage is crowned by paisley-inspired blossoms of a rosy hue. Our artisans have imbued Indian Summer with impressions of luscious rose petals garnishing a smooth mango sorbet: a sensual and refreshing touch that will brighten any room. This engaging print will be equally at home paired with neutrals or layered with rich jewel tones for added impact.

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Crisp temperatures and clear skies are made for stargazing! Snuggle up in a lightweight cotton quilt beneath the celestial show, emblazoned with vibrant Starry Nights of your own. Or bring a bold twinkle into your space with curtains and pillows equally at home in the bedroom or living room.

The striking white and cobalt contrast of this batik print is grounded in deep indigo blue. From a distance, the print glimmers with the radiance of the heavens. A closer look reveals the intricacy and craftsmanship behind each piece. No matter if clouds linger outside, the beauty of Starry Nights will shine through.

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Embrace Fall Foliage

Soon, fields and forests will trade their lush green in for the golden hues of a more fleeting elegance. Let your home and table reflect the change with new amber, orange, and boysenberry tones of their own! Our Orange Blossom print is the perfect complement to autumn days and a bountiful harvest.

Stylized blossoms evoke asters and chrysanthemums, a welcome accompaniment to any autumn bouquet. Sage green foliage on a soft cream background completes the Persian-inspired look. Orange Blossom will be a gorgeous backdrop to simple family meals and holiday feasts alike.

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Cozy Up on Chilly Evenings

Shortening days means longer nights – and more time to cozy up at home. Savor a glass of merlot wine and stave off the chill with the bold colors and intricate details of our Ruby Kilim bedding.

Dramatic black and white entwine in geometric patterns, moored by a deep ruby red background. Traditional dying techniques create this impactful look, using wooden blocks painstakingly carved by hand. The Ruby Kilim print’s deep crimson hue lends it to work equally well with warm and cool color palettes. Use a matched set for a powerful punch of color, or mix and match with neutrals to make lighter details really pop.

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Welcome the First Frost

Waking up to the glimmer of the first frost is always magical! The entire world seems to gleam, and even the dullest leaves still clinging to their trees take on a newfound sparkle. The frost is fleeting, but you can carry its subtle enchantment into your home for keeps.

Our Vanilla Glacé print features pristine white-on-white motifs that will bring snowflakes to mind. Delicate strands of golden piping wind and intertwine in endless graceful patterns. With a truly timeless appeal, Vanilla Glacé will add welcome elegance to your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and more!

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Let the Lushness of the Tropics Linger Through Fall

On the greyest of rainy autumn days, we all pine for a leisurely getaway to the tropics. Even when a vacation isn’t in the cards, you can create your own tropical getaway at home with the help of some well-placed decor and accessories. Our Tropical Garden print is all you’ll need to get started.

Let the vibrant crimson of hibiscus blossoms and colorful star gazer lilies weave their way into your heart amid verdant foliage on a honeyed background. Add a beautiful pair of pillows to your existing furniture for an instant, garden-inspired lift. Or build a sumptuous table setting around the bold hues of our Tropical Garden table linens.

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Add a Pinch of Spice

Long before pumpkin spice lattes became ubiquitous, trade routes wound their way across continents sharing rich harvests of luxurious spices. Our elaborate yet subtle Spice Route print is inspired by this history.

Spice Route features a floral filigree motif of cinnamon, turmeric, and imperial blue. A rich inlaid background of saffron and mace hints at baroque tradition.

From afar, the visual impact of Spice Route’s contrasting colors is undeniable. Looking closer, the incredible artistry behind every inch of the soft cotton fabric becomes apparent. A yearly favorite, the warmth of tropical lands and bountiful flavors will bring a unique elegance into any space.

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Wrap Yourself in Easy Elegance

On chilly Saturday mornings when the frost has not yet melted, stay cozy and comfortable as long as you can. Whether wrapped in the comfort of our Moonlit Taj bedspread, or snuggled on pillows adorned with this classy print, you’ll never want to leave.

Deep green vines with blooms of turquoise and lapis wind against Moonlit Taj’s milky white background. Every inch of this intricate pattern is created using traditional woodblocking techniques – with the precision that only a true artisan could achieve. The perfect complement to neutral or cool-toned color palettes, this print will embrace you with a subtle grace all its own.

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fall decorating ideas using our best selling prints
these 8 prints will take you from Summer into Fall!

Celebrating nature’s transitions can be as simple as pairing a new pillowcase or curtain set with your existing decor. It won’t be long before the first glimmers of gold and garnet appear across the landscape and wild geese embark on their yearly pilgrimage. So pull up a chair, sit down with a cup of spiced chai or apple cider, and consider how your home will embrace the seasons!

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