Prints that will coordinate with the Indian Summer duvet cover

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 4, 2014
This post is to help a customer  from Canada, select a print that will coordinate with the India Summer duvet cover that  she intends purchasing from our store.
She  sent us the following email:
Ah, but I LOVE everything on your website!  My husband and I have been looking for a long time for something extraordinary for our master bedroom, nothing seemed right and then we found you!
A question too for you since you know your products so well and I am at a computer desk!  I would love to coordinate the duvet cover with some tab-top curtains, but don’t like for everything to match all together in a room.  Looking at your website, I was wondering your opinion on the “matchability” of the Indian Summer print with the Wedding Day pattern?  Or maybe Red Poppy would be a better match? Or even if you yourself would have a recommendation, your opinion is most appreciated!

Each of the following prints will marvelously complement your Indian Summer duvet;  your choice would really depend on the atmosphere you are trying to create in your master bedroom.

1.  Spice Route, will fill the room with rich,  spicy,  saturated hues and will impart an exotic,  middle eastern ambiance to the room. It will warm the room tremendously and will be a wonderful choice as cold winds of fall and winter roll around. The light filtering through the panels will suffuse the room with  a warm red glow. Spice Route curtains will be the most dramatic choice of all the prints.

2. Memories of Shalimar, will have the complete opposite effect and will considerably cool the room while beautifully complementing the mango orange hues of the Indian Summer duvet cover. With its subtle,  elegant hues of henna green, chocolate, navy blue and gold it will impart a cool, sophisticated and elegant look to the room.

Indian Summer Duvet with Memories of Shalimar curtain

3. Wedding Day, with its cheerful, sunny orange blossoms will impart a graceful, airy more casual,  cottage like feel to the room.

Indian Summer duvet cover with Wedding Day curtains

Another unconventional yet wonderful choice would be:

4. India Rose, which will add a lot of gorgeous pattern and texture and would play off the pinks in the Indian Summer print. It will bathe your bedroom with warm rose-tinted hues.

Indian Summer duvet cover with India Rose curtains

If you enjoy the adventure of mixing and matching, experiment with mixing up the prints on the bed too. An example of this would be the Indian summer duvet cover, Spice Route pillow shams a Wedding Day 17″ sham used as an accent pillow and Memories of Shalimar curtains.

I do hope this post helps you with your decision.  I would love to hear what you think, it would be great if you could post your comments on the blog itself.

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  1. Thank you Anisha! I needed to see the curtain print right beside the bedding. My husband and I both love deep, bold, warm colours (in sharp contrast to the blue pastel surroundings of his youth and the 70’s ‘brown-o-rama’ that was mine!), our bathroom is very deep turquoise and terra cotta, like Mexico, our first daughter’s room is a bright spring cabbage green and pure white, our other daughter’s room is deep cranberry red and cream, and our kitchen is a harvest pumpkin! Now we want to create a haven in our own room, and both agreed on the India Rose! SO lovely, what a fantastic pairing! And we are both fans of paisley, so that helped in our decision too. I think we’ll pick our paint colour after we receive the linens, but right now I am leaning towards a deep custard colour so the curtains and the bedding really POP! It will be our Christmas gift to ourselves . . . Thanks so much for your input!

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