19 Stunning Blue Sheer Curtains in Light, Royal, and Navy Tones

Saffron Marigold - Updated: June 7, 2022

Florals, mosaics, ogees, latticework nets—take your pick of our collection of blue sheer curtains to beautify your living spaces. Sheer curtains allow light to peek through, filtering the harsh rays to create a softer glow compared to blinds or blockout panels that take light away. With these 19 light blue, navy blue, and royal blue sheer curtains, you’ll find it easy to create a stunning arrangement in your dining room, living room, or bedroom.

Why choose blue for your sheer curtain panels?

It’s no secret: Blue is one of the most relaxing colors to use for wall paints, furniture, and decor. Blue sheer curtains allow you to reap the color’s stress-reducing effects. Plus, blue is a well-known neutral that goes with pretty much everything on the color wheel.

Yes, even pink! Compared to red or, say, neon green, a blue sheer curtain will be more versatile. It can be used in the bedroom, living room, or dining room—wherever your space needs a little sprucing up.

Blue sheer curtains to brighten your home

Here, we’ll review 19 sheer blue curtains and some interior design ideas to try out. Let’s get started!

Light blue sheer curtains

To start, we’ll go over six light blue sheer curtains you might consider for your home.

Moonlit Taj

Moonlit Taj, our rendition of the magnificent palace, can be paired with equally ornate decor for a sumptuous bedroom or living room.

Saffron Marigold

Woven vines of lapis, turquoise, and deep green make Moonlit Taj a breathtaking print just like its namesake.

Saffron Marigold

Its coordinating print, this light blue curtain with cornflower blue blossoms, feels more traditional.

Decor ideas

Both prints benefit from detailed wall hangings and floor coverings to emulate the Taj Mahal’s grandeur.


Oliver Gal ‘Emerald Stone’ Abstract Wall Art

This framed Mid-Century Modern print comes with everything you need for installation. Fade-resistant inks and a Plexiglass cover helps preserve the emerald, gold, and pearl colors.

Tile Shop

Star Oxide Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile 18 x 18 in

Give your entryway an upgrade with this six-pointed star. Though the Taj Mahal entrance boasts four-pointed stars, the rusty-colored star in this tile imitates the grand palace’s own flooring.


Arched Door Topper

Capture the Taj Mahal’s grandeur with this versatile door topper that can be used as a window topper or wall decor on its own.

Jeweled Peacock

Looking for another romantic light blue sheer curtain? Jeweled Peacock is a strong contender, indeed.

Saffron Marigold

Its golden orbs and borders shine bright against the beautiful turquoise ground, with detailing that imitates an Indian sari, decadent and vibrant.

Decor ideas

Jeweled Peacock is a versatile print you can present as modern, eclectic, or global-inspired.


Yellow Wall Hanging – Geometric Art

Dramatize the golden orbs in Jeweled Peacock with this geometric art piece made of sanded birch plywood. The result? A modern contemporary feel for your living room or bedroom.

Lamps Plus

Astoria Weathered Gold Leather Hide Pouf Ottoman

Bring out the golds in your blue sheer curtain when you incorporate this golden leather seat into your living room arrangement. Grab two for a symmetrical, traditional look.

Luis Lodge

Bulls Table Decorative

Convey strength and determination with this decorative bull figurine while still carrying on the orb motifs through your decor.

Woodland Ferns ~ CP ~ Sheer Curtain Panels

A light blue sheer curtain looks less nautical with equal parts green, white, and other prints besides stripes.

Saffron Marigold

Silvery ferns fill the space within the ogees in Woodland Ferns, transporting one to a fantasy landscape ripe with foliage and wildlife.

Saffron Marigold

This coordinating print, on the other hand, is a beautiful mix between calico and Liberty floral prints.

Decor ideas

For either print, elegant decor such as floral motifs, sage green upholstery, and pressed ferns emphasizes Woodland Fern’s dreamy aesthetic.

Kirkland’s Home

Lily Pad Metal Wall Sculpture

Gracing the waters of a small lake in a tropical woodland forest are otherworldly lily pads. This metal wall lily art piece is a romantic take on the hardy aquatic plant.


Bodil Upholstered Bench

To go with your romantic Woodland Ferns curtains and wall hanging, try this sage green bench instead of a sofa if you’re saving space in the living room.


Smoky Mountain Ferns

A touch of authenticity and magic, these pressed ferns will look striking on another wall in your communal space or bedroom.

Mosaique Bleue ~ Moroccan Tile Blue Sheer Curtain Panel

Not your typical light blue sheer curtain, Mosaique Bleue is one for those who love color and print.

Saffron Marigold

Like the cyan stars in Mosaique Bleue, this blue sheer curtain panel is explosive—we especially love the juxtaposition between the blues and the chocolate tile.

Decor ideas

Additionally, you can bring out the rusty orange-brown in Mosaique Bleue with some choice furnishings and home goods.


Lochart 22″ Tall Frame Nesting Tables

These iron tables feature a hexagonal top with fleur-de-lis latticework on the sides. The antique orange finish is a beautiful way to tie these furnishings together with Mosaique Bleue.

West Elm

Terracotta Skull Candelabra

Explore the delightfully macabre with this unusual candelabra set on your coffee table or console. Again, the terracotta fits well with Mosaique Bleue’s light blue stars and chocolate tiles.


Metal Tray

Lastly, introduce a different accent color with a mauve or yellow tray. Try the large size for consolidating small, floating items like keys, wood incense sticks, and drinking glasses.

Royal blue sheer curtains

For a more dramatic window covering, try a royal blue curtain panel.

Casablanca Blues ~ Moroccan Style Quatrefoil Curtain

Casablanca Blues is a quintessential Moroccan print with the iconic quatrefoil motifs and stylized border.

Moreover, the punchy royal blue can be toned down with deep purples and true greens.

Decor ideas

Create a genuine Moroccan living room or bedroom by striking the balance between wall decor, floor coverings, and greenery.

Planting Tree

Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree

The indoor tropical palm gets an upgrade with this fruiting indoor banana tree, perfect for making your living space feel more lush and lively, just like a Moroccan home.


nuLOOM Geometric Boho Persian Mamluk Diamond Area Rug

Royal blue is an eye-catching color, so you might tone it down with floor and wall coverings like this deep purple rug that is still intriguing on its own. It’s a traditional style with a diamond pattern and is suitable for busy rooms.


3 Pieces Modern Gold Metal Wall Accent

Something shimmery for your wall—this fantastically minimalist decor adds an element of the modern to your abode. The stylized botanical motifs made of golden wrought iron bring your room together, especially when indoor plants are present.

Midnight Lotus

In search of a more understated royal blue curtain? Look to Midnight Lotus for some guidance.

Saffron Marigold

The first version features vibrant cobalt blue waters with white lotus blooms drifting along.

Saffron Marigold

By contrast, this version of Midnight Lotus features a milky white background with white blooms and cobalt blue scrols.

Decor ideas

Royal blue presents an opportunity to try new color combinations such as royal blue and pink, royal blue and orange, and royal blue and gold.

Farrow & Ball

Verdigris Green

Paint your living room this cheerful, but sophisticated green to bring out the best in your blue sheer curtains. Walls will take on a more refreshing, brighter appearance with this crisp color.


Sphere Ceiling Light Simplicity Pink Glass 6-Bulb

A hint of gold and transparent, light pink globes make this light fixture a worthy companion for Midnight Lotus. The efficient LED bulbs are an added bonus.

Shades of Light

French Pink Side Chair

What goes with a royal blue sheer curtain? Hot pink! Admittedly, this shade feels subdued, thanks to the polyester-cotton upholstery, but it goes well with Midnight Lotus’ elegant personality.

English Gardens ~ Sheer Curtain Panel

Next, we have royal blue curtain prints that fare well in a cottage style or Nordic style homes.

Saffron Marigold

This iteration leans into a vintage feel, with its China blue wildflower bunches arranged in a charming way.

Saffron Marigold

On the other hand, this coordinating print leans into the Nordic style with its full foliage blanketing the milky white ground.

Decor ideas

Pay attention to the finishing touches whether you’re styling up your living room a la French provincial style or minimalist vibes.

Earthie Modern

Ceramic Colorful House Vases

Quirky and colorful, these mini ceramic home figurines also work as tiny vases and pencil holders. The rubber bottoms keep your table surfaces scratch-free—or wherever you decide to place these.


60″ Floor Lamp

Simple is best with light fixtures and furnishings in a cottagecore abode. Just take a look at this antique-like floor lamp made with a linen shade and a wooden stand.


Handmade Paper Foxglove

Handmade out of Canson paper and hand-dyed tissue paper, this foxglove rendition does the wonderful blossoms justice. Plus, it comes with a ceramic vase for your cottage-style home.

Enchanted Blue

Like a still life from the Dutch Golden Age art period, Enchanted Blue is a snapshot of the wonderful and marvelous.

The vintage French provincial print, while fitting for a modest room, is a great base for a lavish space.

Decor ideas

Decorative frames and plush upholstery go a long way in creating a sumptuous style.

Urban Stems

The Tutu

Like the abundant blossoms in Enchanted Blue, dress up any room with this pink-hued dried bouquet carefully arranged into a simple ceramic vase.

80 Acre Market

Arched Cathedral Wood-Framed Mirror

Like a grand palace with vaulted ceilings and arched windows, this dramatic mirror demands to be seen. It imitates the arched borders in Enchanted Blue for a cohesive feel.

Furniture Pick

Cinderella Daybed Bedroom Set

In the same vein of extravagant and tasteful, this antique white daybed and dresser set is right on the nose. The delicate off-white allows your royal blue curtains to shine in the bedroom.

Navy blue sheer curtains

Lastly, an indigo or navy blue sheer curtain is best if you want to highlight your window or create distinct sections in a room, as the darker color will make spaces feel smaller.

Starry Nights

With two versions of Starry Nights, it’s easy to achieve the exact ambiance in your home.

Saffron Marigold

Version A is a checker pattern of light blue and indigo stars on white and navy blue squares.

Saffron Marigold

Version B is a constellation of stars staggered across an indigo sky with the very same cloud motif border.

Decor ideas

Both iterations of Starry Nights have a contemporary feel, and hard lines in your decor really bring out this modern aesthetic.

Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights ~ Blue Batik Table Runner

This matching table runner imparts a contemporary vibe to your kitchen and dining space alongside your new navy blue curtains.


Tate Sideboard

Blend your dining room and living room with this versatile sideboard featuring crosshatch panels and stainless steel hairpin legs.

Aty Home Decor

Pendant Lights Modern Kitchen Lamp

Stay with the geometric theme when you install these rectangular pendant lights over your dining table, kitchen island, or mini bar.

Pacific Blue

Looking for a different type of pattern that still beguiles? Try Pacific Blue in either coordinating prints.

Saffron Marigold

Like endless, undulating waves during sunset, Pacific Blue is a marvel to look at. It’s all at once ornate and simple, so your decorating options are boundless, too.

Saffron Marigold

Mesmerizing conch shells laid out in neat rows is the accompanying pattern to Pacific Blue. Navy blue benefits well with colors like turquoise, yellow, silver, dark brown, and even coral.

Decor ideas

Focus on the finishing touches to complement your blue sheer curtains. Even mundane items in unique finishes and silhouettes can be exciting.

Paynes Gray

Regina Andrew Clam Shell Silver Decorative Object

Don’t forget the details in your decorating scheme! Inject a bit of whimsy with these silver-finish resin shells that would look great on a coffee table or display shelf.

Objects HQ

Suar Wood Accent Table

Like the Pacific Blue prints, this accent table feels organic and modest. A hollowed-out center gives it exciting character, and its solid wood construction makes it a sturdy sitting piece, too.

Pottery Barn

Tilda Two-Tone Woven Basket Turquoise

Offset any navy blue curtain with electrifying turquoise such as this two-tone handwoven millet grass and plastic basket from Senegal.

Casablanca Blues ~ White ~ Moroccan Quatrefoil Curtain Panel

This blue sheer curtain is definitely a showstopper, with its immaculate quatrefoil print and intricate details.

With many compelling details to look at, Casablanca Blues (White) may seem difficult to decorate with—at first. However, it’s the bustling print that makes this navy blue curtain so fun to work with.

Decor ideas

Paynes Gray

Surya Murat Bead Machine Woven Rug

Warm up your living room with this medium pile, Turkish rug in garnet. The pattern faintly echoes the quatrefoil in Casablanca Blues, resulting in a harmonious dance instead of a pattern clash.

Crate and Barrel

Cylinder Navy Blue Outdoor Garden Stool Side Table

Designed for outdoors, but equally useful indoors, this adaptable stool-and-table furnishing does it all. The glazed blue surface with its elegant striped sides complements Casablanca Blues without being matchy-matchy.


Quatrefoil Clock

Reference Casablanca Blues’ quatrefoil print with this matching cast-aluminum plant in a hand-applied rubbed bronze finish. Its lightweight, water-resistant parts make this suitable for any climate.

Celestial Embrace ~ Blue ~ Curtain Panel

Here is another one of our otherworldly prints featuring moonlike orbs and swirling clouds on its borders. The monochromatic scheme is anything but boring, and it allows you to go all out with your furnishings and decor.

Ever the mysterious pattern, Celestial Embrace is a chameleonic print. However, it looks its best in a Bohemian or contemporary style room.

Decor ideas

Shiny materials and metallic hardware pair well with the subdued Celestial Embrace, especially if you want to stray from its Bohemian quality.


Brando Bar Cabinet

With a hardwood frame and a burl veneer, this antique-style furnishing is a must-have for those who enjoy a classic drink every now and then. The top serves as a display surface for your serving tray and greenery.

Paynes Gray

Cyan Design Moon Mist Vase

Play up Celestial Embrace’s contemporary feel with this set of glass vases decked out in marble-esque swirls. Each piece may be filled with flowers or left empty.


Half-Moon Plant Stand with Shelf

Another nod to your navy blue curtain’s astrological inspirations. This half-moon planter is a freestanding piece with space below for a few books or another small pot.

Fisherman’s Net

Not a fan of loud prints or bold colors? Don’t worry—you can still make a statement with something seemingly uncomplicated.

A modern rendition of a fisherman’s net, this navy blue curtain also comprises sea glass green accents on a white ground. Take this opportunity to try out a new color scheme such as navy blue and coral, Kelly green, or fuchsia.

Decor ideas

Soften up the navy blue and green with an accent color like coral or gray.

Interior Define

Maxwell Accent Chair

This spacious armchair doesn’t come off as bulky, thanks to its light, coral shade in velvet. Its dainty, tapered legs also keep this seat looking effortless.



This blown glass vase has a bulbous base reminiscent of Fisherman’s Net’s flowy pattern. Once again, the coral shade keeps this looking bright and airy.


Orli Trellis Accent Rug – Safavieh

The trellis pattern is a perfect match to Fisherman’s Net. Alternatively, you might opt for a floral pattern to mix up the prints in your living room or bedroom.