All the Delights of Spring in One Sunny Pattern!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: March 25, 2020

Yes, spring is the season for which we wait most devotedly. Each glimpse of green, each warm breeze signals that it’s almost here! Our Orange Blossom print enables us to bring all the life and color of the season into our homes, even when the sun is still fickle.

OB swatch

Honeyed yellow and sunshine-citrus tones glow from this gorgeous print. Create a cheerful, global sense in your home, reminiscent of a Persian flower garden.

Accent with clementine, plum, and yellow-gold.

Orange Blossom in the spring bedroom

This space is bold, bright and sunny, fit for anyone who loves to wake up and smell the Orange Blossoms. Start each day with a bit of zest, and sleep each night under the spell of fragrant dreams.


Orange Blossom in the spring dining room

Did you know that decorating with warm colors in the kitchen helps whet the appetite? You’ll have everyone asking for seconds when you serve family and friends their dinner atop this vibrant, sunny tablecloth. Use plenty of whites and sparkling glass to create the bright scene that we all crave in early spring!


The second bedspread arrived yesterday. Thanks so much for your speedy response. I love the colors and patterns in the Orange Blossom design and feel it will cheer up a rather dimly lit bedroom at our b&b. The pale warm background color is particularly pleasing with the brighter colors. The density and weight of the cotton your spreads are made from is a pleasure in addition to the designs. Most of our guests are cyclists, mostly men, so I don’t get much feedback from them but our women guests do comment very favorably and some have asked for your address. I keep one of your little folded cards on the foyer table for anyone who is interested.Will definitely be returning.Susan, Hanford, Maryland

Thanks for checking in. The package arrived and as usual, the table linens are gorgeous. I get so many compliments on the things I buy from you. I feel so much more confident entertaining knowing that setting a pretty table will take no effort at all.Amy, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Get the fresh squeezed style of Orange Blossom today!

There’s spring cleaning, and then there’s spring decorating! We’ve got loads of ideas for creating beautiful global bedrooms, dining rooms and baths.