Our Christmas Wishes for You

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 4, 2014

As the shopping winds down and frenzy gives way to family time and festivities, the blog team at Saffron Marigold wants to wish you the very best this Christmas. We’re so glad that you’ve let us be a part of your lives this year.  It always our intention to bring the best of artisan made linens and wares to your home, and along with them a little joy in the hands that have, and will, touch these unique pieces.

To round out the end of this season, we leave you with some wonderful “behind the scenes” photos of the crafters who have made your Saffron Marigold linens.  Enjoy!

artisan made bedspreads
Women quilting Purple Moon and Starry Night bedspreads
fair trade quilts
Saffron Marigold artisans working on quilts
Indian block prints
The hand printed border of Dance O Peacock
Peacock feather bedspread
Hand application of fourth color… this will become cobalt blue after an acid wash
indian bedspreads
The master block maker at work with his hammer and chisel, while his son looks on.
Indian bedspreads
Hand dyed fabric is left to dry in the hot desert sun, on tall bamboo frames.
behind the scenes look at block printing
Block printed textiles are counted, packed and ready to be shipped out.
hand printed bedspreads
Camel drawn carts are often used to transport finished textiles from the villages to the marketplace or to the local trucking hubs.
Anisha Ghosh
Anisha visiting the artisan studio

I thought you’d enjoy a view of some of the real people who are behind the making of the lovely Saffron Marigold linens designed by Anisha Ghosh.  Very happy holidays from our homes to yours.