Introduce Casual Elegance with our White Country Curtains and Table Linens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 20, 2020

Ivy Lace

Casual, white on white country curtains and table linens bring together the best of elegant and easy living. Find prints for the kitchen, living room, and dining room, and bath.

White Kitchen Curtains and Beaded Valances

Nothing is softer or more honest pure white. These hand block printed curtains will add a truly peaceful, easy feeling to any space you hang them. We love them in the kitchen, where they add calm contrast to the daily hustle and bustle that goes on every day.


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Saffron Marigold

Ivy Lace Dinner Napkins

Washable, white cotton dinner napkins make any meal feel special, whether you’re serving eggs to the kids, or hosting Thanksgiving dinner for everyone!


Stoneware Teapot

We’re already into white on white – ’cause it’s gorgeous, of course! – so why not just layer on more subtle shades of soft, clean white with creamy accessories like this lovely teapot from Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia shop?

Saffron Marigold

Mood Indigo Table Runner

If you love our white country curtains in your kitchen, but want to add a little pizzazz from time to time, consider a bold indigo table runner! It will look great across your kitchen table as is, and add stunning contrast to your white Indian napkins!

Fresh, Breezy, White Country Curtains

White curtains are everything. They play with light, diffusing sunbeams into gauzy glimmers. In the evening, they brighten up the space by bouncing interior light back into the room. For fresh, subtle style, choose our white block print Indian curtains!


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Midnight Lotus Throw Pillow Cover

Of course, one of the best things about white is that it practically goes with anything! Here, we’re pairing our Ivy Lace curtains with a lovely, scrolling floral in blue. This pattern will imitate the feel of Ivy Lace, and sweet contrasting notes of color and intensity.

Jamali Garden

Antique Marrakesh Lantern

Whitewashed into a subtle, yet gleaming sheen, these gorgeous lanterns will set your room apart, and create a unique, global space that makes your Indian curtains feel right at home! Choose just one, or line three across a long side table. product text

Saffron Marigold

Casablanca Throw Pillow Cover

I told you that there are so many throw pillows that will go with your white curtains! We have quite a collection, as a matter of fact. You should take a look around at all of our gorgeous, hand-printed throw pillows! This one adds to the global vibe in your space, and is a nice pop of color as well!

Make Entertaining Easy with a Casual, Graceful, White Tablecloth!

Just because you have a white tablecloth doesn’t mean that every meal has to be Michelin rated. Our soft, sophisticated, white-on-white tablecloth is perfect for everyday family dinners, but can certainly dress up fancy and play the part for any formal affair you’d like to host!


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Pottery Barn

Gabriella Dinnerware

Nothing says fresh and elegant like white dinnerware on a white tablecloth. You’ll love the sweet simplicity of these dishes, with delicate trimming that will connect with the details of Ivy Lace!

The Bouqs


Order a bunch of these eco-friendly sourced, hot pink roses and let them shine atop your subdued but classy tablecloth. Ivy Lace won’t compete, but will create a gorgeous backdrop for all kinds of floral festivity!

Pottery Barn

Madeleine Mercury Vases

Why not toss all those gorgeous roses into one of these silver-mercury beauties? Use a taller vase if you are entertaining at a large table, and cut your flowers to fit the smaller size if it’s a table for two!

Goodbye Blah Bath! Hello Exquisite White Shower Curtain!

Fresh is the word when it comes to an inviting bath, and a 100% cotton, washable, white shower curtain would certainly make for a fresh space! Hang it up, do a little decluttering, and you’ll feel like you’re in an entirely new space!


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Cloud Loom Bath Towels

Plush, lightweight, and oh so white, these 100% Turkish cotton towels will add to the sense of serenity and renewal in your pristine Ivy Lace bath.


White Tiger Trinket Dish

Just like our hot pink roses at the table, let’s introduce a little bit of wild, vibrant color into our clean, serene bath. How better to do that than with a white tiger on a bed of flowers?!

World Market

Bianca White Seagrass Baskets

Since bathrooms have to work hard and be beautiful, let’s add a few whitewashed seagrass baskets to the mix. Perfect for storing linens or toilet paper or even stray laundry, these will make your sundry look in place.

Mix and Match Saffron Marigold

If you love the look and quality of Saffron Marigold linens, then you may well want to build your style with some of our other global prints! Take a look at these, which work well with Ivy Lace


Saffron Marigold

Vanilla Glacé

Layers of pristine white make for quite a statement in a serene bedroom or sitting room. Our fan favorite, Vanilla GlacĂ© will create a pure, elegant look – and add a hint of sparkle with its delicate gold design.

Saffron Marigold

Midnight Lotus

If you’d like to add a cool pop of color against your white country curtains or tablecloth, consider our blue and white floral print, Midnight Lotus.

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour, Coral

If you lean toward a warmer look, choose our Royal Mansour in coral! The pristine white background remains the same, but it is topped with a vibrant orange-pink design.