How to Create an Inspiring Workspace: 11 Artistic Tips

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 15, 2022

Why decorate your workspace? Almost 20% of all professional workers in the US telecommute, according to Owl Labs. And, this number is steadily growing. While working from home has its perks (Goodbye, rush hour!), gaining inspiration can be difficult when we’re based in a single office alone—at least physically.

Not to worry. We’ll go over the ABCs of how to create an inspiring workspace, and we’ll suggest 11 office space ideas for you to try out.

Why create an inspiring workplace at home?

The benefits of an inspiring space contribute to your general well-being on and off work hours. Whether it’s a large framed print of your favorite painting or a modern desktop ornament, your work area should appeal to your artistic side.

  • Boost productivity and creative thinking
  • Be more comfortable
  • Feel more at ease and inspired

11 Office Space Ideas that Inspire

An inspiring workspace starts with a theme. Then, marry function, comfort, and design when picking out larger pieces like your desk, chair, and light fixtures. Designing workspaces that you’re completely satisfied with can take time, so don’t rush. Go it one inspirational decor at a time.

1. The minimalist

A study in white or natural tones, a minimalist theme is a popular choice for an inspiring workspace. While some of us function best amidst organized chaos, some of us prefer an empty desk with nothing but our work equipment. Hide office supplies with smart storage, and hold back on decorative pieces if you want to implement this workspace design.

Minimalist Workspace

Workspace ideas

Try your hand at modern office design with white-on-white curtains like Royal Mansour, an architectural print that feels fresh and crisp. Pick one statement piece for your desktop decor, and even better if it’s something that helps contain clutter. Keep wall coverings to a minimum, but plants are fair game.


Sage Super Stacked

2. The bookworm

Your office space can also double as a library if you’re one who sources their inspiration from epics and poems. Squeeze in work files, family photo albums, and personal notebooks onto your shelves to make the most of vertical storage in your workspace.

Workspace with Bookshelves

Workspace ideas

How to create an inspiring workspace that pays homage to your studious side? Flank your desk with bookshelves for a symmetrical look, or commission a custom floor-to-ceiling cabinet. Along with your literary treasures, display curios such as these hand-painted pillar candles, framed art prints, and ornaments. Shop our Bazaar for more candle styles and colors.

Pottery Barn

Aubrey Desk With Bookcases

3. The creative

Calling all dreamers, creators, and visionaries — this one’s for you. For workers who like to gain inspiration from their surroundings, a workspace filled with idea-boosting decor and accessories is a must. A wall filled with art, a daily calendar with positive affirmations, a bright wall painted orange (Yes, this tangy color sparks creative thinking!), no matter what ignites your genius.

Creative Workspace

Workspace ideas

Print out a collection of motivational quotes and artwork to complete a gallery wall. Every time you look up from your desk, you’ll get a boost of creativity and hopefully spark some new ideas. This is why you should decorate your workspace at home, for that light bulb moment when you’re hitting a creative wall. Thankfully, it’s easy to combine function and style with cleverly designed desktop organizers.


Home Office Wall Art Set, Digital


Pear Pod Multifunctional Desktop Organizer

4. The vintage shopper

Most times, an office is a business-only space. But a home office is a different story. In learning how to create an inspiring workspace at home, remember that you have the power to tell a story—your story— through your choice of decor, be it a refurbished Broyhill Brasilia dining table turned work table, or a new but vintage-inspired curtain. Vintage furniture is charming by nature, and it can bring a carefree attitude to your work space, doing wonders for your stress levels.

Vintage-Inspired Workspace

Workspace ideas

If you have a vintage statement piece in your office already, allow it to speak with the rest of the room à la vintage-inspired curtains like this beautiful royal gold curtain, Palace of Versailles. It evokes the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles, suitable for a vintage-influenced office. Gather retro desktop organizers to keep your workspace neat and on-theme.

Saffron Marigold

Versailles ~ Yellow Grey Medallion Fleur de Lis White Curtain


Camera Wooden Pencil Holder

5. The plant parent

Present your beautiful green, pink, yellow, red, and purple plants to create an inspiring workspace. The more color, height, and variety, the better. Research has shown time and again that incorporating nature into your home (particularly your workspace) helps you relieve work-related stress and anxiety.

Plant-Filled Workspace

Workspace ideas

Green, green, and more green for your very own indoor garden. Use the blue, green, and white Woodland Ferns curtain as a backdrop to your thriving plants. Arrange small potted varieties along your desk or on a separate plant stand. Create levels by choosing indoor trees, vines, and mid-height species.


Emerald Trinity Woodland Palette

6. The space saver

Work from home is a double-edged sword if your interiors can’t accommodate a full office. Luckily, there are plenty of space-saving furniture that allow you to work comfortably and in style. The four main types of secret or hidden desks are called the Murphy desk (as in the Murphy bed), a pull-out desk, a pivoting desk, and a tucked away closet desk. Other ideas include using narrow console tables, turning your dining table/kitchen island into a work space, using a C-table, or incorporating a corner desk.

Workspace ideas

If you’re thinking of using a dining table or counter as your workspace, consider a fresh table runner such as Enchanted, in its blue iteration. Relaxing and magical, this provincial print will keep you grounded as you knock out your to-do list. If you want a space-saving pull-out desk, make sure the material matches the rest of your shelving units.

Saffron Marigold

Enchanted – Blue ~ Table Runner

West Elm

Wall-Mounted Desk

7. The nomad aka the desk-hopper

Some of us like to stay put while we knock out our priority task list, while others like to move around from office to living room to dining table, moving like a digital nomad across our homes. For the worker who prefers to change up their scenery every hour or so, consider a cushion that moves around with you.

Nomadic Workspace

Workspace ideas

Stretch your legs under a low coffee table with a throw cushion or work en plein air on the patio, making sure to pick out an inspiring print like this Moroccan-inspired number. The blue and white color scheme is a versatile match for most sofas, to boot. Or, consider a large bean bag chair for when you want to spend time journaling, brainstorming, or reading.

Buy Big Joe

Big Joe Fuf XXL w/ Removable Cover

8. The high-tech worker

If you’re one who spends long periods of time in front of a desk, you probably need the best in ergonomic furniture and gadgets. In this case, an electric adjustable standing desk, a laptop raiser, and double monitors might be part of your work area. Complement a high-tech desk with sleek accents to make it an inspiring workspace.

High Tech Workspace

Workspace ideas

If you’re stationed at a desk for most of the day, a laptop or monitor riser can do wonders for your posture, and in turn, your well-being. Pick out streamlined desktop organizers that complement your high-tech gear such as a leather catch-all tray or carbon fiber desk pad.

Human Centric

Laptop Riser

The Artifox

Valet Tray – Black

9. The vision board enthusiast

In certain fields, a vision board is the first step to a successful project. Install a large framed corkboard or magnetic whiteboard to hold your magazine clippings, color palette ideas, and brainstorming sessions. Complement with a DIY chalkboard wall if you prefer to write out notes where they are visible at all times.

Vision Board Workspace

Workspace ideas

Save all your ideas with a large pin board hung over your desk. Go with linen instead of cork if you want a more elevated look. Hang up colorful sheer curtains that jumpstart your creative thinking, like the floral curtain Orange Blossom. Complement the warm tones in Orange Blossom with wooden decor elements in brown or green for a Mediterranean feel.

Pottery Barn

Linen Pin Board

10. The comfort seeker

While an office-grade chair is essential, sometimes you just need to lay back on an upholstered couch or armchair for a break. It’s important to carve out a space, if possible, where you can change your posture throughout the day. Allocate a corner for an armchair and a small table, or a loveseat and a reading lamp, for instance.

Comfortable Workspace

Workspace ideas

Wondering how to create an inspiring workspace that’s also cushy? Adorn a generous lounge chair with a fluffy throw pillow covered in an opulent print like Dahlia Daydreams. Floral motifs add a feminine touch to any workspace, allowing you to take in beauty and elegance when you take a break from your task. Keep a quilt nearby for when you want to park in your lounge chair for a few hours on cooler days.

11. The snacker

If snacking is your source of energy in lieu of caffeine, optimizing your snack bar, snack drawer, or snack cabinet should be a priority. You might even create a design theme around your favorite food, confectionery, or drink to boost motivation and personality in your workspace.

Snacker’s Workspace

Workspace ideas

Stash snacks in a desktop-friendly drawer set, preferably in vibrant colors that cheer up your workspace. Lay your hands on a clip-on drink holder to keep your beverages away from your work and prevent spills.


Colorful Stacked Drawer Box Set


Drinking Cup Holder Clip

What are 5 things that should be in a workspace setup?

A work area should be inspiring and comfortable to work in.

  • Comfortable office furniture
  • Clean desk
  • Inspiring decor (quotes, vision boards, artworks, plants)
  • Optimal lighting (both ambient and natural, e.g. task lights for writing)
  • Ample storage

How do you design a workspace that enhances creativity?

  • Pick the right colors: Tried-and-true colors that increase productivity are red, orange, and yellow. Use these sparingly and complement with blue, green, off-white, and gray, which are calming.
  • Keep away clutter: Hide items that could be distracting your mind while you work. Designate a specific area or time for you to complete your tasks.
  • Create your dream ambiance: Tailor your decor and setup to best suit your work style, aesthetic, and comfort. Although a certain color may be touted as productivity-increasing, it may not be for you. Find the right theme and color combinations that resonates with you. Gather ornaments, wall prints, and other decor elements that spark joy.
  • Invest in ergonomics: No matter how much you change up your decor, your creativity might be dampened if comfort is an afterthought. Choose desks, chairs, and lighting that are conducive to your comfort, and creativity will follow.

Why decorate your workspace? We spend a good chunk sitting, standing, or hovering around our work areas. When you create an inspiring workspace, your ideas flow better, leading you to novel designs or unplanned (but amazing) outcomes.

Similarly, when you prioritize your comfort in a workspace, you’re prioritizing your well-being, which is a determining factor in your ability to create. We hope you incorporate an idea or two from this guide on how to create an inspiring workspace. Read our design resources for more home decoration ideas.