Create a Mood Indigo in Every Room

Saffron Marigold - Updated: April 18, 2019

Deepest indigo introduces drama and sophisticated style to each room of your home. Add exquisitely designed, almost luminous paisleys and you have a print that is sure to make a statement wherever it goes. Use bright metallics and warm florals against this rich blue and you’ll have a space that vibrates with energy, yet remains elegant.


Mood Indigo
Luminous paisleys, aglow on
inky blue indigo

Introduce the deepest indigo, emblazoned with stunning paisleys to your bedroom, bath, dining room, and across your windows for bold global style in your unique home.

Turn Your Bedroom into a Stunning, Classic Space

Snuggle under a sea of rich indigo, and let your dreams follow the course of luminescent, moonlit paisleys. Transform your dreams, and your space with duvets, bedspreads and pillows in this boldly graphic print. The clean, yet exquisite notes of this bedding lend themselves to crisp whites with metallic accents and pops of warm color.

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white nightstand bassett furniture
Bassett Furniture

Cottage Style Off-White Chest

Perfect as a bedside table, this small chest of drawers provides a pop of white, plenty of storage, and sleek, muted style. The perfect accompaniment to Mood Indigo!

Crate and Barrel

Sisal Rug, Almond

Add a bit of warmth and dimension to your bedroom by covering the floor with a lightly colored natural sisal rug. You’ll enjoy the smooth feel of fiber under foot, and the clean, organic look fits perfectly with our graphic Mood Indigo bedding.

sisal rug crate and barrel
ivory pillars pottery barn
Pottery Barn

Ivory Pillar Candles

Add to the luminous, glamorous feel of Mood Indigo by flanking the space with sturdy, glimmering candles. Choose a variety of heights and widths for maximum visual interest.

Brightly Classic Dining for Your Global Home

Mood Indigo is a sure to be a show stopper in your elegant dining room. Sophisticated, graphic and richly colored, this tablecloth sets the stage for bold decor. Set the round or rectangular cloth with white, gold or silver, and accent with a bunch of brilliantly pink florals. If you have lovely wood that you’d like to showcase, line your table with a deep blue runner. Further set your meal apart with a set of our distinctive cloth napkins in a complementary print.

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vintage chic wall panel pier 1
Pier 1

Vintage Chic Wall Panel

While Anisha’s wall panel is no longer available, we recommend this from Pier 1. The white painted frame and sculpted mirror play nicely into the lines and sense of the glowing paisleys atop Mood Indigo.


Silk Peonies

Year round, here is where you’ll get delightfully bold color. Choose high quality silk florals like these from Petals, or cut them fresh from your garden when they are in season.

napa cheese board pier 1
Pier 1

Slate Cheese Board

Naturally lovely, the cool cut slate slab is an excellent organic surface for serving your favorite cheeses and charcuterie.


Napa Nut Bowls

Again, natural materials play well with our linens, as authentic, organic color and pattern connect and complement each other. Use these matching bowls without the stand for a simple, geometric style.

napa nut bowls pier 1
small mercury candle hlders pier 1

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Add bits of glamorous sparkle to your table with a few of these diminutive tea light holders scattered around.

Crate and Barrel

Calloway Martini Glasses

Serve drinks in a manner commensurate with the elegance of your dining room decor, in classic martini glasses.

callaway-martini-glass crate and barrel

Trim Your Windows in Indigo Elegance

Inky elegance and sophisticated drama come into play when you line your windows with Mood Indigo curtains. Choose from either our bold, paisley pattern, or the reverse which is styled with scrolling white vines and flowers. Use the main print for bold graphic style, and the complementary print for classic elegance. If you’d like a different look at your window, consider skimming the top with a beaded valance, or dressing the bottom in a stylish cafe curtain.

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safavieh abram console table overstock

Safavieh Console Table

Anisha got her lovely vintage console table from Craigslist (jealous!), but you can find easily find something similar in size, color and style. While this console is sleeker and less ornate, it fits in perfectly with the Mood Indigo vibe.

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White Hurricane Lantern

White lanterns always add an air of soft, global mystery along with glowing elegance. One or two of these are a perfect fit in your Mood Indigo space.


Create a Stunning Bath with Mood Indigo

Bold and bright, this sophisticated shower curtain will transport your bath from everyday function to global glam. You will not regret this, the easiest of upgrades – hanging a Mood Indigo shower curtain.

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hotel satin stitch indigo RH
Restoration Hardware

Satin Stitch Towel in Indigo

Use superior grade towels, embellished with the finest line of indigo and you’ll perfectly accent the elegance of our sophisticated shower curtain.

Crate and Barrel

Glass Canisters

Store sundries in these sleek containers, and you’ll create a space that is both functional, orderly and glamorous.


Mix and Match Saffron Marigold

If you love the look and quality of Saffron Marigold linens, then you may well want to build your style with some of our other global prints! Take a look at these, which work well with Mood Indigo.

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour curtains would be lovely in a bedroom with Mood Indigo bedding, or as a second set of panels beneath Mood Indigo curtains.  The elegant subtleties of the this Moroccan pattern contribute to and build a lovely layered look without ever being overbearing.

Saffron Marigold


Choose Casablanca pillows for a bedroom or living room which dominantly uses Mood Indigo.  Casablanca will pick up on just the right amount of blue, and take the space in a light, delicately global direction.

Saffron Marigold

Dance O Peacock

Similarly to Casablanca, Dance O Peacock is perfect as a secondary print to Mood Indigo.  You’ll have the connection of elegant global design, but with the kind of variety that adds life and texture to your space.