8 Fall Bedding Ideas For a Snuggly Bedscape

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 22, 2022

For the most part, Saffron Marigold linens are intended to be used year-round. We create patterns you can enjoy every day, paying no mind to trends and bed in a bag deals, but some of our collections can be styled for a certain seasons. That said, you don’t have to purchase a new fall bedding set to gear up for autumn—you might just need to accessorize your Saffron Marigold bedding with a few decorative elements that speak to the season’s theme.

What type of bedding is best for fall?

Fall aesthetic is rustic, nostalgic, and cozy. Depending on your local climate, the best fall bedding set for you should provide enough warmth, giving you a respite from chilly temperatures and longer nights. One thing to note about fall: it’s all about layers.

  • King size bedspreads and fall quilts
  • Pillow shams and throw pillows arranged in layers
  • Fall duvet covers in rich colors
  • Snuggy fabrics like soft cotton, cotton gauze, or cordurouy
  • Throw blankets
  • Colors that complement the season’s landscapes and moods

8 fall bedding ideas to cozy up your home

We’ve put together a list of 8 fall bedding suggestions and bedroom decor ideas that incorporate Saffron Marigold linens and embellishments. We hope this inspires your design muscle and sparks some ideas for your fall bedroom.

1. Cozy quilts

Nothing says autumn has arrived more than a quilted bedspread with hand embroidered details and satured earth tones. Yes, we’re talking about Ruby Kilim, our traditional, Turkish rug-inspired print featuring a geometric pattern rendered on a deep ruby red ground. Imagine laying underneath the soft cotton, cinnamon-spiced latte in hand, listening to a sentimental fall playlist…

Ruby Kilim Quilted Bedspread


Fall accents

Harvest-themed decor puts you and your room in an autumn mood and pairs perfectly with Ruby Kilim’s rustic patterns. Choose inviting tones like terracotta and off-white with warm undertones to play off of Ruby Kilim’s red, apricot, and black color story.


Pumpkin Garland


Bundle of 5 Afloral Terracotta Sun Palms

2. Vintage-inspired fall bedding

Repurposed treasures are a beautiful way to honor the essence of fall—rejoicing in nature’s renewal and embracing change. Our collection of handmade quilted bedspreads is fashioned out of vintage saris and handstitched together by skilled artisans from our partner organization, Anoothi.

This quilt, in particular, is a vibrant display of reds, oranges, and yellows that beg to be included in a fall bedding set.

Mamta Jangid, Vintage Kantha Quilt


Fall accents

Orange Blossom, both the main and complementary print, is inspired by vintage floral prints. How fitting for your vintage-inspired fall bedroom! Then, pull your decor pieces together for a cozy bedroom, focusing on earthy tones and hancrafted items that celebrates the handmade qualities of your beautiful Kantha quilt.


Light Sienna Eucalyptus Wreath


Rough Pottery Vase

3. Harvest moon inspiration

The harvest moon appears in early September, but you can honor this ancient Chinese tradition all season long with Celestial Embrace, a mystic print abound with symbols of the sun, moon, and stars. Soothing navy blue is lifted up by touches of light blue and white.

Celestial Embrace – Blue ~ Duvet Cover


Fall accents

Complete your fall aesthetic with a Celestial Embrace curtain in its White version, adding a bit of shine to your cozy bedroom. Set up a harvest moon shrine of sorts and express gratitude to the heavens with intentional decor like our white hand-painted pillar candles and shimmery moon motifs.

Earthbound Trading Co.

Stone-Filled Triple Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Saffron Marigold

White Filigree Hand-Painted Pillar Candles

4. Classic orange and brown

Burnt orange mehndi designs patterned on a rich chocolate ground makes Chocolate & Caramel one of our go-to prints for fall. Sadly, we’re saying goodbye to this print soon—grab your Chocolate & Caramel duvet cover now to get it in time for fall. Combine with natural linen color cotton sheets to soften the bright orange design.

Chocolate & Caramel Duvet Cover


Fall accents

Paired with burgundy and brown accents, the burnt orange and brown tones in the Chocolate & Caramel print come to life. If you want a more contrasting palette, bright orange, yellow, and red throw pillow covers like those from the Indian Summer collection raise the spirits on a gloomy fall day. Add fall florals and nature inspired elements to complete your fall bedroom.


Burgundy Preserved Hanging Amaranthus

Home Depot

Driftwood Branch Accept Lamp Base

5. Rich blue bedding

Navy is an underrated and underappreciated color for autumn. A true neutral, it goes well with classic fall palettes or any color combination that work year-round. Use our Pacific Blue bedspread and pillow sham to transform your master bedroom or guest room into a tranquil space, cheering you up through bouts of the autumn blues.

Pacific Blue Bedspread


Fall accents

Celosia, a fall plant with flaming blooms (in color and form) serves as an inspiration for autumnal accents. Its bright orange color is a great complement to Pacific Blue’s deep indigo ground. Showcase these vivid hand painted pillar candles on a celosia-colored glass candle holder.

Lamps Plus

Meghan Celosia Orange Glass Candle Holders Set of 2

Saffron Marigold

Colors of Africa Hand Painted Pillar Candles

6. Glam gold and white

Glamorous home decor for fall makes a home feel elegant in a few easy steps. It also makes the transition from summer to fall much simpler—again, just accessorize with a few choice elements. We recommend an ivory and gold duvet cover like Vanilla Glace to achieve this fall aesthetic. It’s a departure from the standard oranges, reds, and yellows, and it works well for any season.

Vanilla Glace Duvet Cover


Fall accents

Different warm colors are a great choice, but so is a simple fall color story like gold and white. Try our Vanilla Glace pillow sham and twinkling gold wall hangings to weave the same tones into your fall bedroom decor.

Zara US

Golden Wooden Mirror

Interior HomeScapes

Gold Leaf Seed Wall Play Set

7. Green, blue, and yellow haven

Akin to fall favorite olive green, Memories of Shalimar’s meadow green evokes a similar sense of comfort and serenity. It gets along with shades of yellow like daffodil, plus other fall-friendly colors navy blue and plum. Try a pillow sham in a print like our soon-to-depart print Waltz of the Vines, which features mimosa yellow, mustard yellow, and turf green.

Memories of Shalimar ~ Lightweight Bedspread


Fall accents

Fall favorites yellow and gold bring out the best in Memories of Shalimar, with its green, gold, blue, and chocolate palette. When everything is turning red, orange, and brown outside, inject your fall bedroom with some greenery using golden hanging planters.

Marmalade Mercantile

Mustard Yellow Penny Leaf Garland


Benally 2-Piece Iron Hanging Planter Set Gold

8. Rustic red for the holidays

Fete Royale is a special, holiday-only print showcasing a rich patchwork of ivory and red polka dots and other decorative elements that take cues from traditional festive patterns. Prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s with this lively print.

Fete Royale ~ Lightweight Bedspread


Fall accents

Fete Royale can used year-round, especially when combined with a print like Red Poppy and Red Kilim—both play off of the red in Fete Royale, preventing a clash of patterns. Accessorize with a seasonal wreath and colorful candles boasting the same color scheme.

World Market

Faux Mushrooms and Red Berries Wreath

Saffron Marigold

Festival of Lights Hand-Painted Gilded Taper Candles

What colors make the best bedding for fall?

A fall color palette brings up feelings of warmth and comfort, even if the weather is cold and unfriendly. Interior design fall colors often mimic the changing scenery outside, but complementary colors to a conventional autumn palette are also successful in a fall bedroom:

  • Burnt orange or blood orange
  • Olive green
  • Navy blue/Indigo
  • Red
  • Warm browns
  • Rich yellow tones
  • Dusty pinks

Fall signals the time of pumpkins, harvests, Halloween, and the coming of the holidays. But, your fall bedding doesn’t have to be strictly pumpkin-themed or rustic. Gold and ivory, green and yellow, navy blue and orange—these are just a few examples of how you can flip the script on traditional fall color stories. Read our fall decorating guide for more fall bedding ideas, fall home decor, and fall tablescapes to try this year.