This Bedroom Feels Like an Evening Walk in a Summer Garden

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 9, 2019

Summer evenings cast warm sunlight stretching its last beams through our open windows.  From those soft rays to dusky shadows and to the evening flight of fireflies, well, everything takes on a romantic glow, doesn’t it? Bring that sensation into your home year-round by creating a green bedroom that calls on the serenity of summer evenings in the garden.

Making the bed

We’re inspired by the exotic Memories of Shalimar print, a meadow-green cotton, topped with inky, gold-edged designs.  This green bedding lends itself to elegant natural decor and accessories.

Saffron Marigold

Asian Oriental Green Floral Bedspread

This lightweight bedspread is a wonderful green bedding choice to use during warm weather.

Saffron Marigold

Asian Green and Gold Duvet Cover

You can use this green duvet cover with hints of gold and delicate boho patterns all year–simply remove the pouf in warmer months!

Layering Softness

Supple, lightweight fabrics in sumptuous colors lend themselves well to layering, even in the warmest months.

green bedroom bedding
Saffron Marigold

Asian Green Floral Pillow Sham

Prop a set of these up against the headboard or wall and let them peek out from behind your golden green shams for a layered, textured, and global look.

Green bedroom textile
Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue Euro Sham

A spot of deep indigo in natural cotton on this green summery bed will keep the look from feeling too matchy-matchy, perfect for an understated bohemian bedroom.


Deluca Cotton Sheet Set in Chocolate

Choose this earthy brown to create a look that is as organically inspired as your rich summer garden–brown and green are a natural pairing for your verdant green bed.


Persia Cotton Percale Sheet Set in Camel

With a medallion, an awning stripe, and two coordinating borders in shades of gold and green, this makes for a luxurious green bedding set.

Adding Accessories

Continue to find inspiration in the glow of a summer evening: amber glass, natural wood, and green ceramic all call to mind moments spent in the long, lush hours of summer.

Arteriors Home

Renley Lamp

The organic textures from mint reactive glaze combined with the wooden base work well with our garden-inspired look.

Green bedroom decor
Shades of Light

Apothecary Jug Lamp

The amber glass reflects summer sun and starlight, continuing the gold sheen from the Memories of Shalimar print.


Textured Glass Candle in Grapefruit and Pine

Tiny organic bubbles swirl inside the glass, making for a stunning light catcher.

Viva Terra

Handcarved Lotus Frame Round Mirror

Lotus flowers are exquisitely carved and used in an oversized mirror to in this simple, natural design.

Wall coverings

The wall coverings of today have come eons away from what they were in the past (in terms of ease of application and decoration alike!). Don’t feel limited to paint; instead, look for wallpapers with delicate designs in earth tones or golden hues for a look that will be in style not only in the summertime but also all year long!

Green bedroom style

Bakara Leaf

Understated tropical elegance resonates in this wall covering, either on an accent wall or on all four.

Green bedroom wall

Chevron Texture in White Gold

This geometric pattern nods to the organic, playing off the veining of leaves or a woven fiber basket.

Welcome to our Summer series. Here you will find many ideas to use Saffron Marigold linens to dazzle and cheer up your bedrooms, dining rooms, living spaces and baths!

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