The Making of Our Wooden Tea Light Candle Holders

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 27, 2022

Introducing our collection of hand-carved wooden tea light holders–an exciting addition to our unique, wonderful gift bazaar. Whether you’re a fan of Christmas designs or classic motifs, you’ll find a beautiful candle holder to complement your seasonal and evergreen decor. Get a peek into the making of our handmade wooden tea light candle holders from inspiration to packaging.

In making this collection of tea light holders, our chief designer Anisha wanted to create seasonal Christmas designs and motifs that can be used year-round.

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Candle holders for year-round use

Whether you’re lighting a candle for a meditation ritual, religious tradition, or unique celebration, these wooden candle holders make each moment more special.

Size: 4″ diameter

Lotus Bloom ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Celebrate new beginnings with the mystical Lotus Bloom candle holder—eight identical petals fan out from the center, surrounded by another lovely whorl, equally tender and elegant.

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Size: 4.5″ diameter

Sunlight ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Brighten up your home with the Sunlight candle holder, inspired by the sun’s beaming rays depicted as three layers of concentric circle motifs, giving you a timeless piece of functional decor that fits any design aesthetic.

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Size: 3.5″ x 5″

Paisley Bloom ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Pinecone, teardrop, cypress tree, fire, mango—the paisley symbol has many contested origins and meanings, which is partly why we love this iconic motif that’s been passed down for generations and between civilizations since ancient times.

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Size: 4″ x 4″

Sacred Lotus ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Cleanse your space and start fresh with the Sacred Lotus (kamal) tea light candle holder that showcases twelve intricate petals on a square block, bordered by quarter circles in each corner.

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Size: 4.5″ x 4″

Royal Elephant ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Invoke wisdom and manifest success with the haathi (elephant) tealight candle holder, the sacred animal clad in traditional festival garb—shimmering jewelry, striking painted designs, and ornamental nettipattam (elephant headdress).

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Size: 5.5″ x 4″

Hamsa Protection ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Call to the heavens for protection and good luck with the Hamsa Protection candle holder, a divine symbol rendered in white on a black wooden block, adorned in laurel flourishes.

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Size: 4″ x 4″

Celebration ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Invite prosperity and auspicious times with the Celebration candle holder, inspired by rangoli—a decorative Indian folk art where intricate designs are created and displayed at the entrances of homes and in courtyards using colorful sand or fine powder.

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Size: 4.5″ diameter

Earth Flower ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Channel the divine power of Mother Earth with the floral-inspired candle holder, Earth Flower; its eight delicate buds peek out behind eight identical petals, all carved out of a round block.

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Christmas tea light holders

Celebrate joy, and brighten up the home next holiday season with our Christmas tea light candle holders.

Size: 4″ diameter

Ornament ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Hark! Listen to your favorite Christmas carols on repeat while you burn a few tea lights along your mantel in the Ornament candle holder which boasts a spherical design adorned with twinkling stars, sparkling diamonds, and stylized lanterns.

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Size: 5.5″ x 4.8″

Yule Tree ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Spread holiday cheer with our Yule Tree, a five-tier Christmas tree tea light holder with a mighty trunk and topped by a sparkling five-pointed star. Use to adorn your mantel, coffee table, or shelf during the holiday season and beyond.

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Size: 3.8″ diameter

Starlight ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Star Tea Light Candle Holder

Be merry and bright this holiday season with the Starlight candle holder, an eight-pointed star made of two overlapping squares and found in religions around the world, including Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

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Size: 5″ x 4″

Pinecone Delight ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

Give thanks to the promise of spring over the chilly winter season with the Pinecone Delight candle holder, a geometric pinecone design of diamond-shaped scales supported by two evergreen twigs.

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The inspiration: designing our wooden candle holders

Saffron Marigold’s head designer Anisha has held a long-cherished dream of bringing you a holiday shop filled with a collection of exquisite, unique, handcrafted gifts and treasures. And that dream is finally coming true, thanks to your continued support and encouragement. These wooden tea light candle holders are part of our delightful holiday offerings.

The hand-carving process

With this whimsical idea of wooden tea light holders, Anisha approached the same family of artisans that craft our textile stamps. They were intrigued and excited about the idea–and set about creating these treasures for us.

Pictured here is a sample of the wooden carvings fashioned out of solid wood. The hand-carving process requires intricacy and precision–a challenge we entrust to our long-time partners.

Fitted with a metal tea light insert

After having the shape and complex design carved, we complete these candle holders with a metal cup insert. The candle holder is compatible with tea light candles and votive candles to best fit your personal entertaining or decorating purposes. How to keep the metal insert clean? Simply wipe with a towel or cloth to remove any remaining wax or dirt before/after each use.

Beautifully gift-wrapped

Each tea light candle holder is packaged in a stunning, 6-inch square red or blue shibori box that is ready for extravagant gifting! This opulent reusable box really makes this candle holder two gifts for the price of one!

Sacred Lotus ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

To make this an extra special present for yourself or your loved ones, we cushion each candle holder with compostable, recyclable paper shred. We use rust-colored paper for the Christmas tea light candle holders and light brown paper for all others.

Ornament ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holder

We hope you enjoy these enchanting, handcrafted tea light holders as treasures for yourself as well as unique gifts for the special people in your life!

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