A Zesty Dinner Party Three Ways

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Can a print that has “summer” in its name be used for Fall and Winter? If the print has lovely fall inspired hues like mango, saffron,¬†and rose, then the answer is a definite “yes”. With lush colors and exotic paisley patterning, Indian Summer will see you through the end of the holiday season with its festive hues. Though the print has a definite Indian vibe to it, don’t be fooled. The print will work well across holidays, seasons and styles.

We’re offering three looks for your table around this lovely print: Global, Bohemian and Moroccan. Hope you find your match!

Global Indian Summer

Table Linens

Kilims, kanthas, suzanis….these are words you have no doubt heard being tossed around in the design arena. Just another sign that designing your space is no longer limited to pretty chintzes and floral pillows. Tap into the global vibe of Indian Summer by pairing with linens that speak of travel and adventure, of spices and curries…you get the idea? ūüôā


1. Indian Summer Rectangular Tablecloth. The popular paisley motif comes alive in this print. Spread the goodness with this lovely tablecloth in sun kissed hues of mango and rose.

2. Indian Summer Dinner Napkins. Perfectly coordinated to bring out the best in the tablecloth, these napkins will add vibrant color and an exotic touch to your meal.

3. India Rose Dinner Napkins. Pair with napkins inspired by the pink palaces of India, the pink and purple of India Rose will add an unexpected dash of color.

4. Wild Poppies Dinner Napkins. Vintage inspired napkins add a rich look to your table, and the sage rounds out the organic color scheme introduced by Indian Summer.


For a truly global look, use accessories that span international cultures and blend various styles to create rooms that are elegant, exotic and refined.

sr_red_orange_moroccan_indian_curtain_panel_mainnovica vase

1.Spice Route Curtain Panels.¬†Use Spice Route’s bold colors as a fabulous foil for the mango hues of Indian Summer. There’s nothing quite like deep reds to bring a festive air to the party.

2. Blessed Forest Teakwood Tray, Novica. Ancient techniques are used to craft this modern tray made from teak. At a generous 15 inches, it’s perfect for some pre-dinner snacking.

3. Ceramic Bud Vase- Thailand, Novica. Fill this bright blue bud vase with berry sprigs or small pine branches for a festive, wintery table-topper.

Bohemian Indian Summer

Table Linens

Embrace your inner wild child and go Bohemian for this holiday. Big florals, bold colors and bright accents are a hallmark of this decor style along with vintage pieces that tell stories. Keep the colors within the hues found on the print and you’ll be on the right track.


1. Indian Summer Round Tablecloth.¬†Dinner with friends is just so much better around a round table instead of a rectangular one. Conversations flow better, not to mention everyone is close to the food. ūüôā Use the Indian Summer round tablecloth to make it really fun and fabulous.

2. Fete Orange Dinner Napkins, Crate and Barrel. This cloth napkin in deep orange has an easy, clean design, and offers a nice tie-in to Indian Summer.  Naturally, they will look lovely paired together.

3. Tropical Garden Dinner Napkins. For a touch of tropical flavor, consider the Tropical Garden napkins with heady blossoms in red and green.

4. Spice Route Napkins. Turn your feast into a fine culinary experience with these luxuriously easy napkins. Tribal styling and singular bold color make these holiday standouts.


Bohemian style is a lot about textures and patterns, so feel free to add curtains and other linens in complementary colors and prints. Keep your accessories like dinnerware and centerpieces bold and bright.

kn_kilim_black_gold_ochre_kitchen_curtain_maingilded fig vase viva terra

1. Kilim Noir Kitchen Curtain. For a brilliant shimmering contrast think about hanging this wonderful curtain across a window. It taps into the warmth of Indian Summer, and will really add pattern and rhythm.

2. Perasima Dinner Plates, Anthropologie. In a deep, organic indigo, this dinnerware will coordinate beautifully the muted autumnal hues of Indian Summer.

3. Gilded Figs, Viva Terra. Lovely, unique and perfectly seasonal, these sweet delights of the east come to your table, dressed to impress.

Moroccan Indian Summer

Table Linens

If you like lanterns, quatrefoils, rose petals and saffron, Moroccan is your style of choice! Not a style for the minimalist, its all about mixing colors and patterns exuberantly while boasting an aesthetic that has African, Persian and European influences. Moroccan style is beautiful, ornate, and warm.


1. Indian Summer Table Runner. Pick any one of the warm colors of the print to center your design around. Use richer, deeper, more intense shades of the print Рfuchsia, red orange and emerald green Рto add layers of rich texture and pattern.

2. Samarkand Dinner Napkins. A unique, global print, Samarkand napkins will add just the right amount of eastern exoticism.

3. Mosaique Bleu Dinner Napkins.  Encompassing all the wondrous colors of the season, as well as being a perfect accessory with our print, these napkins will see you through the holidays with flair and Moroccan style.

4. Orange Blossom Dinner Napkins.  Mideastern florals are the focus of these napkins. Made of 100% cotton and incredibly soft, your guests will love using them.


Even if you’ve never left your hometown, you want your room to say that you’ve been all over the globe. Collect small, exotic accessories that make you think of foreign places, and place them casually around your room.


1. Spice Route (c) Euro Sham. Buy as many of these chevron patterned cushions as you can, and put them wherever you can. With the rugs and cushions, your floor should be as inviting as a giant couch.

2. Fez Tile Dinnerware, World Market.  Inspired by Morocco, these rich plates will make any global holiday memorable and authentic.

3. Punched Lace Votive Holder, Terrain. While not strictly a Moroccan lantern, these pieces play on the metal work and twinkling lights that are so ubiquitous in Moroccan decor. Use a trio to line the table and intersperse with foliage or scattered wooden beads.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!

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  1. Gorgeous color!!! How fun it would be to add this to our kitchen palette ūüôā

  2. I love the simple beauty of this pattern, so I would add only a few green and golden-hued candles and perhaps some burgundy flowers interspersed in some greenery.

  3. My yellow dishes, cut glass wine glasses and gold plated flatware would shine on a table set with Indian Summer napkins. The centerpiece would be a big wood bowl piled with apples, oranges, tangerines and nuts.

  4. I think the perfect centerpiece for these napkins would be a bouquet of flowers colored like the ones on the napkin, in a nice tall pewter vase – I have one that belonged to my grandmother.

  5. Those napkins would look really pretty with my gold placemats and the red and yellow chair covers I won from Saffron Marigold earlier this year!

  6. Use it for table setting by placing them on the plates with a small yellow pumpkin on top for color. Not too many props since the color and pattern are so striking.

    Centerpieces would be acorns, pumpkins and candles in orange votives.

  7. I think a centerpiece of color with pops of red would be great with this set. Love your tablecloth sets, they’re beautiful! You guys are amazing and I appreciate the diversity of what you offer. Great great job!

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