Meet Woodland Ferns, a Botanical Celebration of Nature

Saffron Marigold - Updated: April 30, 2022

Listen to the gentle twitter of birdsong and the sweet croak of the tree frog, lovingly carried on a gentle breeze. Smell the damp earth, morning dew on fresh new grass, and mixed wildflowers.

Feel the cold stream water and soft, spongy moss tickle your toes. Enjoy the calm, restorative power of nature in cooling blues and greens as it moves all around you…

The collection features two patterns: Woodland Ferns and its companion print, Birdsong.

The main print is evocative of a fern filled forest, this sage green and blue ogee pattern is inspired by vintage botanical prints and showcases a lacy mélange of ferns: maidenhair, sword, fiddlehead, and silver brake.

The complement is a verdant, lush botanical print in sage green and blue featuring blackberry brambles, rose hips, and dog rose dotted with ruby crowned kinglets – sweet, shy, tiny birds that inhabit the woodlands.

Inspiration for Woodland Ferns from lead designer, Anisha

The Woodland Ferns initial moment of inspiration started with our beloved customer. So many have requested a green-forward collection and I was eager to please. Once I started dreaming of the color green, I was reminded of the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku ( 森林浴) – the act of “bathing” oneself in nature with therapeutic intention.

With that I created a fern-filled forest floor, asking you to surrender to a full sensory experience – from the smell of clean air to the beauty of lacy leaves to the feeling of cool, soft mossy ground. Entering the quiet spaces of the woodlands, as the novelist John Fowles once put it, “…is almost like leaving land to go into water, another medium, another dimension.” The Woodland Ferns collection is meant to be a portal of sorts, that transports you to that place…

At the printing tables Woodland Ferns brought some challenges as well. The green color was tricky to get right and we had to keep sampling for a full week before I was happy with the final shade. The artisans found it quite challenging to print the four different fern motifs, since they need to remember where to place each variety while juggling between eight large blocks. Bearing this in mind, I did consider only using one fern motif throughout the pattern, but ultimately didn’t think the print would be as interesting!

For the complementary print, I wanted to capture the foliage from the surrounding bushes and the forest canopy. With that in mind, the imagery includes blackberry brambles, rose hips, and dog rose with sweet ruby crowned kinglets – the shy, tiny birds that inhabit the woodlands. It was actually quite difficult to get right, requiring five drafts and two months of concentrated design work. Our first draft had no birds, the second had birds that looked too angry, and in the next the birds were scaled too big! I am delighted with the finished result and believe we finally got it right. I hope you love it too!

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I am so excited to share this new collection with you! Be prepared… positive feedback for this collection in our print development survey was off the charts. It is our most successful survey to date. Here are a few comments that we received from you..

I LOVE this new collection!!! It is so serene, simple, and beautiful. Will definitely be my new favorite! I imagine it to look beautiful in the bedroom. Such relaxing colors. I love how the print brings nature inside our homes. –Mandy

Really like the use of ferns, and the river-like flows of blue around the ferns. I like the way you are pulling from the New World (North America) but incorporating natural elements from here into a design language that is ancient and lovely (block prints from India). — Lucy

Your latest collections are begging me to redo some boring bedrooms! I LOVE creating my Saffron Marigold house!! — Jamey Herdelin

This is a stunningly serene, beautiful artwork design that brings your prints to another level and that is saying something, since the artisan work of every print is astounding. There is an ethereal feel to seeing the design, the ferns and tiny bird somehow holding spirit, which is true art to me. Well done. I find this print to be a masterpiece! — Kelly

This is absolutely stunning! Ferns capture my heart and these would be so perfect in my little library that has two north facing windows that look out to varies bushes and bird feeders. I’ll eagerly await this work becoming public for purchase. Safe and inspiring travels to you! — Tracy

If you love Woodland Ferns, I would love for you to place your order soon. We print in limited quantities and it typically takes months before we are able to restock. Thanks as always for joining me on this journey.

I urge you to place your order soon. We print in limited quantities and it typically takes a few months before we are able to restock. Thanks as always for joining me on this journey.

Sincerely, Anisha

The Making of Woodland Ferns

A video is worth a thousand words. We invite you to dive deeper into the inspiration and making of this print.

Woodland Ferns, like all our other collections, is created using the heritage craft of block printing. Hand block printed linens are original works of art distinguished by the work of the artisan, the particular lot of dye, and even varying weather conditions. Tonal variations inherent to the block printing process enhance the individuality, character and uniqueness of each creation.

And here’s the collection for your viewing pleasure!

Woodland Ferns ~ Jaipuri Razai Quilt Woodland Ferns ~ Jaipuri Razai Quilt
$270.00 - $315.00 (Made to Order)
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