Give Mom A Fresh Squeezed Breakfast in Bed this Mother’s Day!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 27, 2018

Whether mom is an early riser or a night owl, she’ll cherish a few extra minutes spent lounging in soft, gorgeous bedding, only awakened by the aroma of coffee and delectable orange breakfast cake.  Serve these to her with flowers and a kiss, and you’ll create a gesture that says, “Thanks for every morning that you were up before me, and every night you stayed up with me.  I’ve noticed, and I’m thankful”.

The Bed

Saffron Marigold

Orange Blossom Queen Duvet

Transform mom’s space into a space full of summer sun and sweet scents when you whoosh our bright, hand-printed Orange Blossom duvet or bedspread across her bed.  This Persian beauty is cheerful, feminine, bursting with life, and touchably soft.  Mom’s breakfast in bed may only last for a morning, but her zesty bedding will be a favorite for years.

The Natural Sleep Store

Unbleached Organic Sheets

While Orange Blossom may get most of the attention in her space, mom knows how wonderful it is to have delicious sheets to tuck in under each night.  I suggest organic, unbleached cotton, which will connect with the natural tones of Orange Blossom, and be exceptionally soft and light.

the natural sleep store natural cotton sheets
Saffron Marigold

Orange Blossom Throw Pillow

Top her bed with a piece of visual candy when you add a throw pillow from our Orange Blossom collection.  Her garden of a bed will be just bursting with blooms!

Saffron Marigold

Orange Blossom Euro Sham

Oh, euro shams, how I love you.  Let me count the ways!  First, you are a simple way to create large blocks of vertical color against a headboard or wall.  (That didn’t sound very romantic, but it’s true!)  Second, you are a great asset to the collection of soft, head propping, foot resting, snuggling-with-at-night pillows that we love to surround ourselves with! Add two to mom’s bedding gift, and see how she loves them!

The Breakfast

metal-vase-oval-gold-10-1 SaveOnCrafts
Save On Crafts

Prestige Gold Urn

Before Mother’s Day, head to your local market and choose a variety of blooms in colors and textures that remind you of our Orange Blossom print. Organize them in a striking gold bowl, and you’ll have a stunning, lively centerpiece for your blossoming table.

Oh Danish Bakery

Almond Custard Coffee Cake

What a treat to wake up to!  Mom will love a slice of this authentic bakery treat with her coffee, and most likely again for an afternoon snack!

Saffron Marigold

Orange Blossom Dinner Napkins

Have you seen our dinner napkins? They are all so gorgeous.  Each a miniature complement to the large swaths of color rolling across our globally inspired prints.  Mom will be thrilled to see the Orange Blossom theme served with breakfast in bed, and will be even more thrilled to use the napkins later for entertaining!

Crate and Barrel

Artesia Tray

I love the tropical, summery look of this serving tray.  It will lend to the lush scene you’re creating for mom on her special day, and will get tons of use afterwards. Why do trays get me dreaming about summer cocktails and icy lemonades served on the front porch?  So glad that Mother’s Day signifies that warm days are here to stay.


Wild Orange Essential Oil

Cold pressed from the peel, this essential is bright and energizing when diffused, and is ready to take on the road if mom wants to dab a drop on her wrist or on her neck – fresh, orange zest all day long!

Breakfast is over, Mom feels happy and loved, and you’ve created a moment that will last in both of your memories.  How nice that her Orange Blossom bedding will always remind her that she is a treasure in your eyes.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have put together some inspiring ways to tell Mom “thanks for everything” and for expressing love and gratitude to her. We’ll focus on high quality, hand made items, do-it-yourself projects and special recipes. These reflect our commitment to the personal touch–in our handcrafted linens, our genuine dedication to customer service and our belief that you find joy in what comes from heart and hand.