Christmas Table Decor – Red Poppy

Saffron Marigold - Updated: December 4, 2014

Bring a breath of fresh vibrant air to your Christmas table with the cheerful colors of Red Poppy! Stylized red poppies dance across a pale apricot ground textured with delicate floral latticework in this elegant print. 

Red and green tablecloth for Christmas
Red Poppy floral tablecloth

Christmas colors fo red and green
Red Poppy floral cotton napkins

Linens, Tableware, Centerpieces and Recipes using Red Poppy table linens! 

 Detail of border: If you’re the kind who loves traditional Christmas colors of red and green, then this is the print for you. What is it about poppies that just makes everyone so happy? With a honeyed apricot ground to warm things up even more, it is elegant and cheerful.
Minimalist ceramic bowlsMinimalist ceramic bowls, Etsy: Dish up your Christmas fare in these lovely rustic ceramic bowls in assorted shades and colors. Mix and match for some fun and use to serve desserts, candy, olives, nuts, soups…whatever your fancy.
 Red silk poppies, Zofiadesign: If you are lucky enough to have poppies growing someplace close by, then a centerpiece of these red California beauties in a vase should be really easy. But for most of us I am sure that is a fantasy – so here is the next best thing. Brilliant Red silk poppies in a black metal rectangular container are perfect for a dramatic centerpiece.
 Red velvet cupcakes, EatYet.wordpress: Cupcakes are the hottest new desserts on the market and this is one flavor I simply cannot resist – Red velvet! So whip up a batch of these babies, make sure you save some batter to lick off the bowl, and fill the house with the smell of Christmas baking.

If you want to add more Christmas cheer to your home via this print, do stop by the entire collection.

Red Poppy floral curtains

Red Poppy cushion covers

Red Poppy shower curtain

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