This Year, Design Your Table in Unique, Exotic Style!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

You’d be hard-pressed to look out your window this season and not see trees with leaves decked out in hues of brown, gold and green, which makes Memories of Shalimar so right for this time of the year! Pine cones spray painted gold, fallen oak leaves, dried branches in glass canisters… Oh, the decorating possibilities are endless!

We’re offering three decor styles to help you design your table around this lovely print: an Eastern look, Exotic style, and a Boho vibe.

Eastern Memories of Shalimar

Table Linens

Memories of Shalimar is intrinsically elegant, serene and earthy. Restful and soothing, the play of colors works best with Zen accessories that speak of tranquility and calm. Channel all the elements of nature – stones, water, flowers – and bring out the best in this print.

mos_np_main_large (2)wv_yellow_summer_beach_napkin_detail

1. Memories of Shalimar Green TableclothWith its rich gold and meadow green colors, this tablecloth will be quite the backdrop for your feast! Highlight any of the exotic colors, and watch them sparkle at your celebration!

2. Memories of Shalimar Dinner NapkinsFor more serene beauty, the best choice is naturally the coordinating napkins. Consider wrapping these gilded beauties in brushed gold napkin rings for extra shine.

3. Pacific Blue Dinner NapkinsTease out the rhythms and deep indigo of Memories of Shalimar with our gorgeous resist dyed Pacific Blue dinner napkins.

4. Waltz of the Vines Dinner NapkinsI love the gentle contrast that Waltz of the Vines napkins brings to the print. In a sort of reversal of colors, coffee brown and green are patterned on a bed of soft yellow.


Accessorize your Memories of Shalimar tablecloth with items that emanate peace: no jarring colors or textures here, just hues that soothe the soul.


1.Waltz of the Vines (c) CurtainsOur complementary range of patterns offers you more choices than ever. This complementary print from Waltz of the Vines gives you the option of picking another print, and yet staying well within the realm of colors of Memories of Shalimar.

2.Carbon Trap Shino Teapot, The Splintered Path. Every single piece made in this studio is singular: gorgeous crossroads of form and function. Choose a teapot as an heirloom piece that will warm and serve your family for years to come.

3. Mercury Votives, Pottery Barn. Create a sense of global allure at your celebration with a few of these subtle, sparkling votives strewn along the center of the table. 

Exotic Memories of Shalimar

Table Linens

The gardens of Shalimar which inspired this print are steeped in exoticism and allure. Highlight this aspect of the print by pairing the tablecloth with accessories that echo the same exotic feel. Lanterns, sconces, silver tea sets, rose petals – use these liberally and weave some magic.


1. Memories of Shalimar TableclothRound tables are great for a large crowd and if you are lucky to have one, then this tablecloth is so right. It is available in two sizes, so make sure you have the right size in order to provide for adequate drop length.

2. Starry Nights Dinner NapkinsBring a heavenly touch to your table by pairing Memories of Shalimar with Starry Nights napkins. The deep blue of starry nights will add an interesting contrast to the meadow green.

3. For the Love of Chocolate Dinner NapkinsThe little bits of chocolate brown in Memories of Shalimar will find company in the deep luscious chocolate of this print. Together they are stunning.

4. Vanilla Glacé Dinner NapkinsVanilla Glacé’s gold flecks mirror the gold outline of the print, adding even more glamour and a rich feel to the table.


Use accessories that emphasize the exotic and the out-of-the-ordinary: items that speak of ancient cultures and far away travel, that will transport your guests to another land. Serve your favorite traditional dishes, but experiment with global cuisine too – and surprise your guests.


1. Memories of Shalimar ValanceWant to use more of the print but hesitant to use full-length curtains? Then do consider the valance option. Trimmed with sparkling glass beadwork, these valances will complement your table linens and shine to your space.

2. Motif 4-Light Chandelier, OverstockThis is certainly the ultimate accessory for an exotic holiday atmosphere.  Yes, it’s a splurge, but the good news is that this classic style will last you through many holidays, and will always look good with your Saffron Marigold.

3.Brass Link Tealights, West Elm. One can always count on West Elm to have fancifully styled, globally inspired decor.  These glamorous votives are intricate enough that you’ll want to take a closer look, but the soft white means that they’ll play well in many decor roundups.

Bohemian Memories of Shalimar

Table Linens

Bohemian decor is passionate, original and inventive, colors can be various and they do not have to match. It is bold and striking, and represents a number of cultural influences of differing regions from around the world. Use Memories of Shalimar table linens to bring out the Boho in you.

mos_asian_green_gold_table_runner_main (1)
sr_red_orange_moroccan_chevron_print_party_napkin_detailunnamedpt_floral_lotus_green_dinner_napkin_main (1)

1. Memories of Shalimar Table RunnerIf you would rather leave your table uncovered, think about using a runner down the middle. This pretty piece of fabric will do so much to add a festive touch to your meal. Runners are versatile and can also be used to dress up a sideboard – a pretty backdrop for your desserts maybe?

2. Spice Route Dinner Napkins. Go for it, and create the bohemian holiday table of your dreams… you can’t go wrong with bold red chevrons and mossy green and gold.

3. Canary Midnight Napkins, Attiser.  Pick up on the deep blues in Memories of Shalimar, but keep that bohemian layering going strong by adding a navy and cream paisley print to the table.

4. Pool of Tranquility Dinner Napkins.  Since much of Bohemian design involved bringing together many disparate elements, we have no qualms about adding a completely new color scheme to our celebration.  The lotus design of this napkin connects to the eastern flair of our main linens, and the rich, earthy colors make for a wonderfully rounded palette.


In keeping with the theme, use accessories that are big, bold and confident. Here are some ideas to embrace your free spirit and create a welcoming ambiance full of life and love.


1. Gilded Chocolate Throw Pillow.  A perfect accessory from our Dreams of India collection, Gilded Chocolate’s deep brown adds depth and interest when paired with Memories of Shalimar linens. Euro shams make great floor seating, and encourage lingering…so be prepared. Your guests may never leave. 😉

2. Indigo Organic Glazed Plates, World MarketNot sure if we can do much better than these chunky, deep indigo ceramic plates at our table.  I looooove these!  Not do they read hand touched, and sturdy, but they magically create a nexus of elegant and rustic with our Memories of Shalimar linens.

3. Gold Stem Wine Glass, Crate & Barrel.Unique, classic decor from Crate & Barrel.  Fill each wine glass with your favorite, and you’ll find this gilded set gorgeous and glowing along with Memories of Shalimar.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!

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  1. Simply beautiful color!!! Makes me glad I haven’t pick out my paint yet to paint my kitchen 🙂

    • Yes, isn’t it a lovely color? I can just imagine how gorgeous a soft yellow green will look on your kitchen walls with the sunlight streaming in….!

  2. I would use my antique wooden butter bowl, filled with pine cones and yellow fall berries. Perfect with candles and simple dishes.

  3. We moved to a new home in September with a large dinning roommate. For the first time we can use the Green Memories of Shalimar tablecloth we bought over a year ago large enoough to use with the 3 leaves put in the table. We will use good China my parents bought in Germany many years before they passed away. Also pottery serving bowls from our international collection and antique cut glass and hand blown glasses dessert plates. Our table is set on a Persian carpet and the table centerpiece will be flowers in a handmade antique Persian brass vase with old Persian brass candle sticks to bring out the beautiful gold ink of the tablelinens. Although Thanksgiving is an American Holiday we will bring an international feel to the day by using interesting and beautiful decorations from around the world and inviting a Japenese co-worker intern to share with our family.

    • Diane, your table setting sounds beautiful! With the world getting smaller each day and our daily lives getting enriched with the customs and traditions other nationalities bring to this country, I think your Thanksgiving table will be the such a beautiful example of that. I envy your Japanese co-worker, what a wonderful way to celebrate this holiday! And please do send us pictures of your table, we would love to see it. 🙂

  4. Taking a cue from the Beatles, “All you need is love, love. Love is all you need,” as long as your table is covered in this exotic garden delight. I would bathe my table in golden, shimmering table wear, including the simple things in life – white candle pillars set in mossy goodness.

  5. The table would look great with elements from outdoors. Painted branches in a tall vase and votives made of cranberries and ribbon.

  6. So pretty. So this tablecloth on my table as I’m sitting having a cup of tea, looking out my window.

  7. I’m usually not a fan of anything gold, but something with gold candles would be nice here.

  8. I love this set up! Got cobalt blue dinnerware that I know would look awesome with this green table runner on my warm oak table.

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