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Each of our exclusive collections is inspired by a specific time and place - either real or imagined. The desired effect? Wanderlust, storytelling, transformation, and experience...all within your living space.

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Empress Gardens ~ Floral Print Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Empress Gardens
Floral print with orange tulips, purple irises, and golden daffodils within a green trellis pattern grounded in white.
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Orange Blossom ~ Persian Floral Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Orange Blossom
A floral print with stylized orange, yellow blossoms accented with deep purple, intricately framed with soft sage green foliage, across a cream ground.
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Mosaique Bleue ~ Moroccan Blue Bedding, Curtains, Table Linens
Mosaique Bleue
An intricate Moroccan tile print, consisting of cyan blue star burst motifs, set in pieces of chocolate tile, with accents of french blue, peacock green and apricot.
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Woodland Ferns ~ Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Woodland Ferns
Evocative of a lush, verdant, forest this sage green and blue ogee pattern showcases a lacy mélange of ferns and its complement features a lovely tangle of blackberry brambles, rose hips, and dog rose, with sweet little birds perched amongst the branches.
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Moonlit Taj ~ Exotic Turquoise Floral Bedding, Curtains & Table
Moonlit Taj
Elegant scrolling turquoise, lapis and deep green vines are set against a milky white ground.
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Enchanted ~ Floral Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
A dreamlike French provincial, vintage floral pattern featuring a colorful tangle of wildflowers, blossoms, and botanical blooms in two color ways: blue and white.
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Spice Route ~ Rust Red Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Spice Route
A spicy floral filigree of cinnamon, turmeric and imperial blue contained within baroque, lozenge like motifs that are vertically patterned on a rich red orange ground.
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Vanilla Glace ~ White Gold Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Vanilla Glace
White on white ogee print with pristine white snowflake like motifs elegantly ensconced within delicate strands of gold piping.
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Dahlia Daydreams ~ Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Dahlia Daydreams
A luxuriant field of perfectly quilled, raspberry sorbet hued pompom dahlias, elegantly framed against silver grey foliage on an ivory ground.
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Pacific Blue ~ Navy Indigo Blue Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Pacific Blue
Ivory waves patterned rhythmically across a deep navy blue / indigo blue ground.
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Casablanca Blues ~ Moroccan Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Casablanca Blues
A Moroccan inspired print consisting of heavily stylized white, sky blue and avocado green quatrefoil motifs boldly pattered across a deep french blue ground.
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Midnight Lotus ~ Blue and White Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Midnight Lotus
Symbolizing renewal, ethereal white lotus blossoms are gently adrift on a deep Persian blue ground.
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Tulip Mist ~ Elegant White Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Tulip Mist
Elegant stylized cream tulips patterned across a gauzy gossamer milky white ground.
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Royal Mansour ~ Moroccan Jewels Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Royal Mansour
Contemporary Moroccan medallion tile/trellis print in jewel tone palette including coral orange, turquoise blue, quartz grey and lapis navy printed on off white.
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English Gardens ~ Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
English Gardens
Our English Garden collection features cottage pinks, foxgloves, primroses, and bluebells, offering a delightful distillation of their floral abundance in a classic, much-beloved blue and white palette.
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Morning Dew ~ Yellow and Blue Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Morning Dew
Stately, regal diadem like motifs in royal blue and teal with accents of orange, elegantly patterned across a pale yellow ground.
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Tropical Garden ~ Red Floral Bedding, Curtains & Table linens
Tropical Garden
Red hibiscus blossoms and colorful star gazer lilies on verdant vines, on a honey gold tan ground.
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Dreams of India ~ Orange Gold Curtains and Cushion Covers
Dreams of India
Lustrous gold orbs lie delicately patterned across a rusty, spice hued, burnt orange ground.
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Indian Summer ~ Orange and Red Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Indian Summer
Petite paisley print with emerald green highlights, patterned across a mango hued ground.
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Bridal Veil ~ White and Gold Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Bridal Veil
An elegant, heart shaped, ivory hued lattice print with delicate gold floral accents adrift on a ground of milky white.
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Ruby Kilim ~ Red and Black Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Ruby Kilim
A bold dramatic black and tan kilim inspired geometrical print grounded in deep ruby red.
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Starry Nights ~ Blue Batik Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Starry Nights
Batik print with a striking off-white star like patterning grounded in deep indigo blue.
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Dragonfly and Lotus ~ Window treatments that rejuvenate
Dragonfly and Lotus
An enchanting print inspired by elements from the natural world. Each delicate dragonfly and lotus is cocooned within an exquisite Mihrab - exotic design elements which originate in Islamic architecture.
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Ivy Lace ~ White Bedding, Curtains, and Table Linens
Ivy Lace
Creamy Ivy vines scroll sensuously across an ivory ground.
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Versailles ~ French inspired Yellow Medallion Ivory Home Textile
Rendered in on-trend hues of yellow, grey and ivory, Versailles brings a lush slice of 17th century style into today’s modern home.
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Fete Royale ~ Red plaid Christmas and holiday linens
Fete Royale
Rich patchwork of ivory and red polka dots mixed with a jamboree of other festive elements—chevrons, stars and foliage.
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1920 ~ Art Deco Jazz Age Geometric Grey and White Home Textiles
A stylish, sophisticated art deco pattern inspired by the iconic architecture of the Jazz Age, featuring a modern and energetic geometric print in crisp white across a suave, charcoal grey ground.
Last chance to buy! Print discontinued.
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Chocolate and Caramel ~ Brown Bedding, Curtains, Table Linens
Chocolate and Caramel
A rich, sumptuous boho chic print in cozy warm colors, featuring alternating stripes of chocolate brown and caramel, delicately adorned with burnt orange mehndi designs.
Last chance to buy! Print discontinued.
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Victorian Lilac ~ Purple Floral Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Victorian Lilac
This collection distills the lustrous opulence of the Victorian era in three classically patterned original block prints. Victorian Lilac reimagines the gilded Age, and brings it to life embracing today's aspirations of comfort, style and luxury.
Last chance to buy! Print discontinued.
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Red Poppy ~ Elegant India Floral Bedding, Curtains & Table Linen
Red Poppy
Stylized red poppy on a honeyed golden apricot ground, textured with delicate floral latticework.
Last chance to buy! Print discontinued.
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