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Festival of Lights Hand-Painted Gilded Taper Candles

Festival of Lights Hand-Painted Gilded Taper Candles
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Festival of Lights Hand-Painted Gilded Taper Candles

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Delivery time: 4-8 weeks. We are working with a Fair Trade organization based in the heart of South Africa's Overberg region to offer you these handmade candles.

These cheerful statement candles will have you yearning for more reasons to celebrate throughout the year. Each candle is framed by gorgeous bands of red at the top and bottom, with a hand-painted, gilded sunburst pattern all around.

Candle Care Tips:
  • First burn time - 1 hour for every inch diameter.
  • Wicks should always be cut to ¼” prior to lighting.
  • Avoid drafts - they cause dripping!
  • Please ensure candles are extinguished prior to leaving the room
  • Display the candles away from direct sunlight to help the hand-painted pigments stay brighter longer.
Each candle is hand-painted in an artisan studio in Bredasdorp, South Africa, a small agricultural town not far from the shore on the Western Cape.
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Delivery Time: In stock items are shipped within 2-3 days of order placement.
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