Window Treatments: Coordinating Sheers with Exotic Florals

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 6, 2014
Moonlight over Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal in Moonlight. Photo by Per-Andre Hoffman

Rachel, a Saffron Marigold customer, is considering new window treatments in a bedroom where she’s currently using Moonlit Taj curtains as fabric closet covers.  Wisely, she’s not going the “matchy-matchy” route, but instead would like to introduce complementary fabrics to the room.

Blue Floral Sheer Window Treatment
Moonlit Taj Swatch

I love either the Ivy Lace Print, or  the Tulip Mist in this room.  Both curtains are made with a lovely, 100% ivory cotton voile, and then hand printed with creamy floral patterns.

cotton damask window treatment
Ivy Lace Curtain

indian window treatments
Taj Mahal Curtain

white cotton window treatment
Tulip Mist Curtain

Ivy Lace and Moonlit Taj share similar layouts and borders, and would almost mirror each other across the room.  The Tulip Mist curtain, on the other hand, has a less involved print and would provide an elegant “rest” for the eye, while still creating interest.  If the room is a smaller space, I’d lean toward the Tulip Mist.

Because sheers are so versatile, and really do create magic by diffusing light, I thought we’d look at just a few ideas of how to use sheers in a bedroom.

sheer white window treatment ideas
Villa Bedroom at "Frenchman's Lookout", Virgin Islands

Whites always add clean, fresh lines.  This oceanside bedroom makes a great connection between turquoises, blues and filmy whites.

canopy bed
White Sheers Used to Create a Canopy

Soften up a linear bedroom by using sheers to create a canopy.  Our tab-top curtains make this a simple DIY project.

window treatments as room dividers
Sheers as Room Dividers

Finally, if you need to make creative use of your space, sheers make wonderful room dividers.  They don’t completely block light so as to make the space seem cramped or cut off, but instead allow light to pass through while providing privacy.

Rachel, best of luck in designing your bedroom.  Let us know what you decide to do!