Colorful Home Decor and Table Setting Ideas from Cindy Magnus

Saffron Marigold - Updated: December 13, 2022

Saffron Marigold is here because of wonderful customers that continue to support us and spread the word about our colorful linens. Cindy Magnus is a dear repeat customer (really, an old friend at this point) who continues to amaze us with how she pairs our lovely linen to create table setting ideas and colorful home solutions most of us wouldn’t dream of!

Awe-inspiring table setting ideas using Saffron Marigold designs

Over the years, Cindy has shared many beautiful tablescape ideas and photographs of her colorful home decor using Saffron Marigold linens and her unparalleled creativity. Here is a post dedicated to the lovely Cindy—we so look forward to more photos of your colorful home decor for many more years to come!

Dining al fresco with Casablanca Blues – White

This table setting idea really embodies one of our core design values—linens that evoke wanderlust. With pieces from eight different countries, this tablescape is global style at its best. We love the use of red carnations (in both the charger and centerpiece), and how well it contrasts against the white and blue round table cloth.

Love the cool colors of this tablecloth on a warm day! And although the table has a Moroccan vibe, I counted items from eight different countries coming together in this small space. The napkins are from India, the carnations from Columbia, the plates from Turkey, the small drinking glasses from Syria, the large drinking glasses from Mexico, the placemats from Indonesia, the brass peppermill from Greece, and the vintage cobalt blue vases from the United States.


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Outdoor tablescape ideas with elegant English Gardens

In this tablescape, Cindy opted to use yellow, a complementary color to blue, playing up English Gardens’ refreshing feel. The matching print on the dinner napkins offer a new way to incorporate more garden-themed designs into a tablescape brimming with flora.

I just sent you photos of my newest tablescape that I did late yesterday. I accidentally sent it without any message. It may be my best one yet. Now that it’s staying light outside longer, it’s fun to do outdoor tablescapes late in the day when I’m too tired to do anything more productive.


A taste of spring with English Gardens

We do, too! And we’re so delighted by these floral plates with matching blue and green drinkware. A picture-perfect table setting!

English Gardens tablecloth. Love this design!!!


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Sophisticated dining with Victorian Lilac

The wisteria blooms in the distance and the beautiful pink centerpiece bouquet, this table setting transports us to a quaint English cottage, a leisurely day ahead spent strolling through green lawns and wildflower gardens. This print is discontinued, but some items may still be available at a discount! If you enjoy Victorian Lilac, take a look at our English Gardens, Versailles, and Morning Dew collections.

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Two-in-one tablecloth with Moonlit Taj

Moonlit Taj is a fresh take on jewel tones, inspired by the marble inlay work of the Taj Mahal, adorned with sparkling jewels. As a fun experiment, Cynthia created this earthy tablescape with the table cloth face-side down!

When I received my tablecloth, I couldn’t wait to use it. While I was pressing it, I realized that the slightly blurred design on the backside was just as pretty as the front side and looked positively Impressionistic. So I tried it both ways. The first three photos reflect face-down. The last two photos reflect face-up. Either way, the tablecloth is incredibly pretty and brightened a gray and drizzly day!


Face-side up of cloth

When used with the face side up, Moonlit Taj flaunts a mesmerizing display of scrolling vines in jewel tones like turquoise, lapis lazuli, and emerald. This collection works for both formal table settings and more charming themes like the one pictured here with the vegetable plates, woven placemats, and potted, blooming flowers.

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A rustic holiday table setting idea with Ruby Kilim

When it comes to seasonal linens, we like to go the unexpected route. You’ll find no reindeers or turkeys or Halloween pumpkins on our linens, but you’ll find intricate, thought-out designs you can use year-round. Exhibit A: our Ruby Kilim collection inspired by traditional Turkish prints and a gorgeous print for the holidays. We especially love the shimmery goblets and deep red cups Cindy used here—and that themed dinner plate, of course!

Hi- Love the warm, bohemian vibe of your Ruby Kilim tablecloth. And it’s so festive! Merry Christmas!


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A brilliant blue-and-white Hannukah with Midnight Lotus

Seeing this Hanukkah tablescape idea makes our hearts leap with joy: the menorah mirroring the chandelier, the delicate dishware and vases matching the table linens..everything in harmony. What a way to celebrate a beautiful festival and tradition. Happy Hanukkah!

I usually use a white tablecloth for our Hanukkah table. This year, I thought I’d try using your Midnight Lotus linens. They made for our prettiest holiday table ever! Happy Hanukkah!


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Pairing colorful linens with Versailles and Memories of Shalimar

Looking for an elevated table setting idea to establish yourself as the supreme host among family and friends? Cindy achieved that and more here by pairing the Memories of Shalimar table cloth with the Versailles dinner napkins. Both collections are inspired by royal structures—the Emperor-funded Shalimar Gardens and the eponymous Gardens of Versailles, respectively.

If you enjoy Memories of Shalimar (a discontinued print), we also recommend our Spice Route and Dreams of India collections.

Versailles paired with Memories of Shalimar. Yes, my Versailles napkins arrived and I paired them with my Memories of Shalimar tablecloth for dinner last weekend. Loved the pairing!


An unexpected trio of patterns

To mix it up, here Cindy used blue and white plates that bring another element of Eastern design to the table—literally. Plus, she married the Memories of Shalimar table cloth with our English Gardens dinner napkins, using dark brown chargers and relaxed cutlery to connect the three designs. This table setting idea is unexpected, yet all the exotic designs are in perfect harmony.

Blue plates. Just wanted to share a photo of our table from last weekend’s dinner when I used your napkins and tablecloth.


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A festive Thanksgiving with Indian Summer

Petite florals set the scene for a colorful Thanksgiving, courtesy of the Indian summer table cloth. Complement with floral and on-theme dishware as seen here—the cabbage bowl, the dinner cloth with assorted veggies and fruits, the green goblet. Voila! A colorful Thanksgiving tablescape to impress the whole family.

Thanksgiving 2019. I spent a few minutes this morning planning this year’s Thanksgiving table. As you can see, I’ll be embracing color.


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A picturesque brunch with India Rose

Cindy has been a Saffron Marigold fan for many years. Some collections have come and gone, such as the theatrical India Rose pictured here, but her support is unwavering. In this table setting, we especially liked the contrast between green and white table decor and the red and black table cloth.

Just wanted to send you some photos from last weekend’s brunch. Your tablecloth was a perfect way to celebrate Fall’s colors.


India Rose is a discontinued print, but we recommend Spice Route, Mosaique Bleue, and Tropical Garden if you’re partial to bold colors and patterns.

Colorful linens in the bedroom

Cindy’s colorful home decor isn’t restricted to the dining room or garden. She’s also a master designer in the bedroom, and her clever use of our linens inspires us every time.

A tropical oasis with Indian Summer

Not too many bedrooms use bed curtains anymore (Oh, to live in the 1800s!), but the grandeur of a canopy bed will never fade. In this bedscape, Cindy incorporated Indian Summer linens throughout, from the all-around curtains to the throw pillow and makeshift bed runner!

My wife, Cindy Magnus, asked me to send these to you. She loves your textiles and now this room glows

Cindy’s husband

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Regal Orange Blossom table cloth moonlighting as a bedspread

Would you have ever guessed that this ‘bedspread’ is actually a table cloth? Cindy’s ingenuity is running at full capacity here once again. Plus, we love the deep green curtain and rich, rust orange pillows that complement Orange Blossom–what a colorful home!

The Orange Blossom tablecloth arrived. Please thank Anisha again for me. It’s beautiful and, like all of your textiles, I’m struck by the quality of its blockprinting. I can’t wait to use it on my table. In the meantime, I’m using it to add some color and pattern to my bedroom.


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Fresh and exotic with Midnight Lotus

The wait was certainly worth it for this magnificent bedroom that reminds us of a high-end luxury hotel bedroom. A bedscape featuring this ethereal print definitely brings sweet, peaceful slumber. Just look at that opulent bed canopy!

I finally finished the bedroom using your Midnight Lotus.


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