A fresh, summer-loving palette: Meet Mosaique Bleue – Sky

Mosaique Bleue – Sky is our ode to brilliant Moroccan Blues: where the sky is an endless symphony of light blue hues, the seas paint themselves in shades of cerulean, and the azure-washed buildings of Chefchaoeun, the Blue Pearl of Morocco, stands as testaments to eternal beauty.

Bring the magic of Morocco into your home.

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Embrace exotic charm with our blue tile print collection, combining timeless craftsmanship with a fun, vibrant aesthetic. A fresh take on Moroccan tilework for modern bohemian style.

The Inspiration Behind Mosaique Bleue – Sky

Warmest greetings from Anisha, owner and designer here at Saffron Marigold. Join me behind the scenes to take a closer look at our cherished Moroccan-inspired print, Mosaique Bleue.

I invite you to dive deeper into the creation of this print with this two-minute “Making Of” video…

The Main Print

With the intent to deliver something you have been requesting for years, I created Mosaique Bleue – Sky. We set our cyan blue star burst motif on a white ground to brighten the colorway for an exuberant, cheerful palette reminiscent of the expansive summer skies and glimmering blue seas that embrace Morocco.

The Border Element

The border element represents columns decorated in mesmerizing Zellige, a predominant feature of Moroccan architecture.

The Complementary Print

Our complementary print features a Zellige star pattern of white, orange, and blue. The first desert dwellers relied on stars for navigation, making these motifs a mainstay in Islamic art.

The Block Printing Process

Just like all our collections, Mosaique Bleue – Sky is produced by hand every step of the way, from hand drawings to hand etching wood blocks to hand printing and then to hand delivery—well, via your local carrier. 🙂

While Mosaique Bleue – Sky can be printed any time of year, it is a lavish 5-color print requiring various shades of dye to be mixed and printed with a great degree of precision due to the nature of the patterns.

Our Mosaique Bleue collection is inspired by the mesmerizing handcrafted ‘Zellige’ tilework found in stunning courtyards, secret winding alleyways, and exquisite architectural facades across Morocco.

This collection is a customer favorite and our first run is very limited! Mark your calendars and make sure you don’t miss out on this radiant, summer-loving print. This print launches July 29!

Anisha Ghosh, Designer

Journey with us through the enchanting streets of Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl of Morocco, where meandering pathways lined with fascinating Zellige tilework capture the essence of Morocco’s vibrant cultural tapestry.

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Style with substance and soul—our Mosaique Bleue collection is entirely made by hand in collaboration with skilled artisans of the ancient art of block printing. Each linen is a handcrafted work of art, distinguished by the touch of the artisan, dye lot, and even weather during production.

This intricate tile print is inspired by the ancient art of Moroccan Zellige where unconventionally shaped terracotta tiles are adorned in radiant colors and mesmerizing patterns. Under the warm Moroccan sun, feel the gentle caress of the coastal breeze as you explore the labyrinthine streets, dazzled by the exquisite tiles that line every alley, home, and mosque along your journey.

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