Bath series – Shopping guide for shower curtains

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 1, 2014

Your bath is your getaway place. A place where you forget about the rest of the world and pamper yourself, where you can wash your cares and troubles away, and a soothing retreat to escape into from the frenzied, frenetic pace outside.

They are also the perfect place to unleash your creative energies and personalize them into a space you can call “your own”! I’m talking about pure self-indulgence.

We, at Saffron Marigold, pride ourselves on the myriad colors and patterns our shower curtains come in, and the emotions that they evoke. Pristine whites and creams to create a spa like ambience in your bath, deep exotic pinks and purples to dazzle your senses, or bright, vibrant blues and greens to refresh and energize – we have the right shower curtain for you.

Earthy reds, oranges and yellows: 
Use a Spice Route shower curtain to bring the gorgeous colors of a New England fall to your bath! Luscious reds, golds and oranges will set the bath ablaze in stunning colors. Accessorize with globally sourced products for a stunningly cohesive look!

Spice Route

Exotic and dramatic, persimmon, ochre, chocolate tease out the tones of fall in the Ruby Kilim shower curtain, but because they are earthy and natural, they are beautiful year round.

Ruby Kilim

Vibrant and tropical? Or warm and earthy? Use our Indian Summer shower curtain to add just the right feel to your bath! Evoking the bright hues of a real Indian Summer, it will bring sultry sweltering beauty to your bath! 

Indian Summer

Fall is the season of cozy comforts, and today we’ll dive into creating warm, sensual, seasonal bath decor with the Tropical Garden shower curtain. Change a few accessories, and the toasty, bright colors of autumn come out to play.

Tropical Garden – I

Escape to a place where the breeze is always warm caressing your skin and the air is perfumed with the heady scent of lilies and hibiscus! The magical effect of our vividly patterned Tropical Garden shower curtain will put in a perpetual “springtime frame of mind”! 

Tropical Garden - II
Tropical Garden – II

The sunny yellows of Waltz of the Vines will keep summer in mind, while also nodding to the golden hues of fall. Accented with robin’s egg blue and a bronze-beige, the muted palette is beachy, soothing, and will inspire wonderful bath decor.

Waltz of the Vines
Waltz of the Vines

Cool blues, purples and greens:
The Moonlit Taj shower curtain will bring a translucent luminous quality to your bath! Inspired by the brilliant jewel tones of the marbled Taj Mahal, it attempts to capture the magnificent beauty of the majestic monument.

Moonlit Taj

Big, bold and beautiful Moroccan inspired medallions in fuchsia, turquoise, ivory and white set against a lush deep purple background, the Sultan’s Palace shower curtain is striking and flamboyant! If your bath is in need of a little pick-me-up, this ought to do it.

Sultan’s Palace-I

Per a customer’s request, we went on a mission to find bath towels that are not only beautiful and luxurious, but also in harmony with our value for high quality, fair trade and hand printed linens. Fuchsia Turkish peshtemals and organic white towels are perfect for exotic Sultan’s Palace. 

Sultan’s Palace-II

Use the peacock, the gorgeously beautiful bird, as a muse in your bath and see the space take on an exotic, iridescent vibe. Crisp ivory, turquoise, navy, forest and ochre of Dance O Peacock bring a timeless sophistication to your bath. 

Dance O Peacock

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the rich, global vibe of a bath colored with our Midnight Lotus shower curtain. Surrounded by accessories that speak of far flung exotic locales, you’ll be seduced and pampered.

Midnight Lotus
Midnight Lotus

Imagine yourself adrift on a boat, bobbing up and down in the ocean, the sun on your face, the warm wind in your hair. With a pattern resembling ocean waves cresting and falling, Pacific Blue with its indigo and ivory colors has nautical oceanic appeal.

Pacific Blue - I
Pacific Blue – I

Use our navy Pacific Blue cotton shower curtain in your bath for an instant upgrade from ordinary to extraordinary. Incorporate as many naturals in your bath as you can – textiles, toiletries, flowers – after all, this is the room where you “get ready” every day. Make it special!

Pacific Blue - II
Pacific Blue – II

In the bath, the blue and white of the Starry Nights shower curtain is that much more perfect, as it brings to mind water and sky, serenity and purity. A unique resist printing technique using only natural indigo dyes, it draws its inspiration from the fascinating night sky.

Starry Nights
Starry Nights

 With a touch of gold:
Use the Kilim Noir shower curtain toward an exotic glamourous look – based on the gold medallions, or toward a rich tribal vibe – based on the striking black and red tones. Either way you’ll create a stunning retreat for yourself!

Kilim Noir

Grass green ground scattered with gold, navy and chocolate patterns that hint at far east royalty – Memories of Shalimar carries aloft a whiff of attars and perfumed silks from the palace. Exotic never looked more beautiful!

Memories of Shalimar

Deep, magical and mysterious as a dark night, Purple Moon will pamper and seduce you with its gold and purple notes. Accessorize with gold accented pieces to bring out its rich, global appeal.

Purple Moon

 French inspired: 
Need a breath of fresh air and something to cheer you up? You need the Chasing Butterflies shower curtain, a happy medley of fruity colors that remind you of summerIts decidedly French and summery in appeal!

Chasing Butterflies-I

If you want to create a space all your own, suited for bubble baths and extended primping, then you’ll love our girly-girl bath ideas today.  We’re inspired by the fresh cheery tones of our French Country Chasing Butterflies shower curtain.

Chasing Butterflies-II

Bring a bit of Parisian amour” into your homes on Valentine’s Day by creating a romantic Parisian bath with a print that captures the very essence of a French countryside – Chasing Butterflies!

Chasing Butterflies-III

The pale yellow of Morning Dew is sweet and romantic, and the pattern resonates with bright cobalt, teal, and just a hint of tangerine. You could go completely soft and feminine with this print, or work off of the brighter accents, and develop some flair Français!

Morning Dew

Imagine the scent of lavender and fresh lilies wafting from the vase, brown sugar and vanilla embracing you after a soak from a bath. Sounds out of this world? It’s all possible if you use our Lavender Dreams shower curtain in your bath.

Lavender Dreams – I

A Lavender Dreams shower curtain, Turkish peshtemals and a metal pail with lavender sprigs all combine beautifully to highlight this print. Lavender scented lotions and bath salts will heighten that heady feel and turn your bath into a retreat you never want to leave.

Lavender Dreams - II
Lavender Dreams – II

 Soft and delicate pinks and whites:
Delicate, floral and feminine, India Rose will bring with it the perfume of rose petals and vanilla, and can anything be better than that in your bath? It attempts to capture the magical effect of the late evening sunrays as they bathe the place in a rosy golden light creating an radiant illusion.

India Rose

A cottony, hand-printed shower curtain dusted with dreams and powdered sugar, the bright white-on-white of Vanilla Glacé will glimmer and shine as it hangs in your bath.  If you’re after a glamorous, fresh look in your bath, this one’s for you!

Vanilla Glacé

Hang this delicate Ivy Lace shower curtain in your bath and watch what happens – the mind stills, the heartbeat slows its pace and a soft quiet hush will descend upon you. And what better place to feel this way than in your in-home retreat – the bath!

Ivy Lace
Ivy Lace

Nothing comes close to the simplicity and beauty of an all white bath with our Vanilla Glacé or Paisley au Lait shower curtain. Along with organic materials like wicker and rattan and found objects from the beach, your bath will be a slice of heaven on earth.

Pure and simple white
Vanilla Glacé and Paisley au Lait

Once you have decided what print is for you. do remember, we have some suggestions on liners to use with each print.