Ask The Designer: Help Me Style My Black and Gold Bed!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 28, 2018

Hello, I am considering getting the Kilim Noir quilted bedspread and matching sheer curtains for our bedroom. I’d probably get the Kilim Noir Euro shams as well, but would like to mix the pillows up with a complementary fabric. Can you recommend another of your fabrics for the king shams and possibly throw pillows as well? I’m concerned I’m getting too matchy-matchy. We have the blue Moroccan sheer panels now, but they need to be replaced as the new puppy ripped them! I’d already been thinking of changing out, so he did me a favor by eating them.

Thanks for your advice! Anne Marie

Ann Marie’s Black and Gold Turkish Bedroom

First of all, so sorry to hear that your puppy ate the curtains! He must be very cute, because you seem so good natured about it! 🙂 Second, you’re in luck with your quest to find pillows to top your black and gold bed. We have a good number of exotic throw pillows and pillow shams that will mix, match, and layer wonderfully with this Moroccan quilt. Before we make suggestions, let’s take another look at this adventurous, bohemian bedding and curtains.

Kilim Noir ~ Black and Gold Fabric Swatch Kilim Noir ~ Black and Gold Fabric Swatch
Price: $1.50 - $2.99
SALE: up to 50% off

Kilim Noir is a deep dive into intrigue and exotic style. We applaud your adventurous choices! The lovely thing about having such a rich and distinctly global print on your bed is that it is a wonderful foundation for bits of sizzling, hot color in your coordinating pillows and accent pieces.

Top Choices for Shams

Your king shams will be large color blocks, and become statement pieces on your black and gold bed (especially if you prop them up against the wall!) Any of these prints coordinate by pulling from the deep, ochre gold or the bold rust-red in Kilim Noir. Choose our popular Spice Route if you want to continue to play with distinctly Moroccan themes. Tropical Garden and Red Poppy are intricate florals, and are fun if you want to tease out a variety of scale and color.

Top Choices for Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can be even more fun and flirty, and give a great opportunity to touch on accent colors and even true “complementary colors” that will vibrate and resonate with your main print. We’ll introduce some green in Memories of Shalimar which would contrast with Kilim Noir, complement both Spice Routes, and pick up on hints of color in Tropical Garden or Red Poppy!  The Spice Route throw pillow is gorgeous, and is wonderful against either of our tropical king shams.  Sultan’s Palace is a bit of an outlier here, but it would be stunning centered amongst pillows in a riot of color on this black and gold bed!  Depending on the look you’re going for, one, two, three (or more!) prints could work on your global bedding!

Ann Marie, thanks so much for writing to us.  Let us know if this helps, or if you want more feedback!  We’d love to help.  Please let us know what you choose – we’d love to see pictures, too! 🙂