Ask the Designer: Help Me Find a Duvet to Match My Curtains!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 19, 2017

Hello, We are interested in purchasing the Moonrise Shells sheer curtains but do not see a matching duvet for this pattern. What do you recommend to match or go with the Moonrise Shells curtains?

Thanks, Wendy

Moonrise Shells Curtains

Wendy, we’re so glad that you like Moonrise Shells! We are thrilled with the entire Coastal Currents collection – it’s new, so we’re still giddy about it – and love to hear that our customers are excited too!

Coastal Currents Duvet with Fisherman’s Net Accents

The very first print that comes to mind is from Coastal Currents: the same beachy, night sky collection that features Moonrise Shells. This duvet will pull the deep blues from your curtains, and the pattern will resonate with the same kind of graphic regularity that Moonrise Shells does. I think this is my favorite kind of coordinating. Nothing is overwrought, or matchy-matchy, but instead, there is a great complement of color and style.

You can see the two prints against each other here in layers of bedding. Coastal elements, along with natural fiber furniture and lighting really tie the look together!

Fisherman’s Net, from the Coastal Currents collection, is a light, fresh take on the same palette you’re using in the curtains. What do you think about using it in a throw pillow atop the duvet, or in a bedroom chair?

Le Chateau Tile Duvet

If you’d like to take the room in a different direction and integrate a few more colors, you may be interested in Le Chateau Tile. The print will connect with your palette, but will expand the range and style of design.

Here is Le Chateau Tile on the bed. If I were using this, I’d probably layer the duvet with euros in the Moonrise Shells print and throw pillows in Le Chateau Stripes (shown in here).

As always, one of the best ways to layer our global textiles -and be sure you’ll get results you love- is to purchase a few sample swatches. You can see what the colors and prints look like together, as well as get a feel how they’ll look with your wall color, lighting and other pieces. Wendy, we’d love to hear about your final choices! Let us know! By the way, we really love pictures – feel free to send one along! 🙂