Artisan Indian Textiles for Your One of a Kind Home

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 6, 2014

“One of a kind” is hard to find these days.  While there certainly is a time and place for mass-produced, low-cost wares (who doesn’t love Target!?), many of us are left looking for something a little more authentic.

Birds on a Wire Redux
Birds on a Wire Redux, photo by Andertho, Flickr

Saffron Marigold offers such an authentic option in luxury Indian bedding and linens: high quality, originally designed, artisan crafted textiles.

Indian fabric hand printed
A freehand drawing being transferred onto a woodblock for Saffron Marigold's line.

At Saffron Marigold, we take the slow road.  Each design is lovingly envisioned and carefully planned.  The vegetable dyes we use are attentively selected to create just the perfect palette. Bolts of  luxurious cotton are hand printed inch by inch.

Dance O Peacock Tablecloth

This allows us to bring you rich, unique prints, like our latest, “Dance O Peacock“, a fabulously modern, yet timeless design.  (Really, I have just gotten my hands on this fabric, and it is beyond gorgeous.  It looks perfect with mid-century pieces, art-nouveau inspired design, global chic… I’m sure the list goes on.)

Close up of design on a Dance O Peacock cushion

Anisha Gosh, designer for and owner of Saffron Marigold, has really put her heart into reclaiming the traditional art form of block printing.  Her vision is to release Indian textiles from the confines of the college dorm, and  bring high quality materials and original designs into unique homes.  (Check out the NYTimes article to this effect…)

table cloths, india inspired bedding and table linens
Packing up completed orders in Rajasthan

When you shop with Saffron Marigold, you can be sure you are investing in top notch Indian linens (and not at extravagant prices, either!).  However, not only are you bringing a bit of the wide, wide world into your home, your purchase also supports local economies and traditional artists.

Peacock Feather
Peacock Feather, Karolyn Lowe on Flickr

A little bit of “one of a kind” makes a difference.  It makes us feel more human. It helps us to enjoy life more.  It connects us with other people.

– Enjoy your one of a kind day!