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The following are quotes received from our valued customers. We have included only the first name and location (State) to ensure privacy.

Arona from PA: "Wow! This company just gets better and better. You have been such a pleasure to work with - thank you for the wonderful customer service. We love the vibrant colors and pattern. I have included a picture of the duvet cover getting some daytime use.Thank you, Arona and Tom (and Tigger) "

Lynn from SC: "Yes, the three items were received and they are truly beautiful! I can tell you care about your service and the quality of the products you are sell. It shows in everything; from the beauty of the product to the lovely envelope enclosing the thank you note...did you write that note? If so, you have lovely handwriting. Thank you for everything. I am putting Saffron Marigold into my favorites and will be shopping with you again soon. Lynn Hymans"

Carol from CA: The most beautiful shower curtain arrived yesterday. My husband and I are most impressed, not only with the item, but with the careful packaging, and the follow-up. I have been telling all of my friends about your products and giving them you website. Carol"

Karen from CA: "Dear Monisha: Thank you for your message. I apologize for the delay in responding - I have been experiencing some Internet problems. Yes, I did receive the order and was especially pleased with every aspect of the process: the communication from you; the way the product was packaged; the unexpected beauty of the envelope containing the invoice and the fact that the invoice had a lovely hand-written message; the knowledge that the product comes out of a fair-trade situation; and of course, the quality of the bedspread itself, so beautifully crafted. The care with which your company handles evey aspect of the transaction makes this experience stand out completely from most I have had in ordering from any company. Thank you! I will definitely be requesting additional products from Saffron Marigold in the future. Best regards,Karen"

Carol from CA: "I received the package yesterday, and it is as lovely as I expected. A great addition to my Old World style that I like in my home, and in plenty of time for my party on Friday. Thanks again for the superb customer service. Much appreciated. You are fantastic!"

Gwen from Iowa:
"I am sorry it has taken me so long to send you a thank you. I love the curtains, table cloth and valance. They arrived just in time for a couple of large events here at my house. I received many compliments. I like having a house that does not look like it was decorated out of the local Walmart or Lowes. Thank you for offering a choice and a really beautiful one at that."

Kim from CT:
"Hello,Yes, we received our order the other day and everything looks fabulous! I canít wait to hang up the curtains and shower curtain. We just bought our first home and need to decorate the entire place, so Iím sure I will be placing another order with you at some point soon. I love your products and the prices are very reasonable. Thank you for caring about your products and customers. Take care, Kim"

Jane from CA:
"Greetings. I received my beautiful table cloths two days ago and i am very pleased! The colors and pattern are vibrant and consistent. Much higher quality compared to the "import" store variety! Thank you and I look forward to ordering additional items in the future.jane"

Denise from CA:
"Dear Monisha, Please forgive my previous email to you, as the package did indeed arrive yesterday and the shams are absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, they were left at a side entrance to my home, which I only discovered after checking the courier tracking link you provided. Nevertheless, please apply to my credit card at once, as something this beautiful must be paid for immediately. Not only does my new bed look even more beautiful, but the entire bedroom as well. Both the cotton and construction are absolutely perfect, and the paisley design even better than I expected. I will highly recommend your products to all my friends, as you are a true gem on the internet and your customer service as outstanding as your products. I especially appreciated the hand written note you included in the package and your detailed follow up with my order. My only regret is that I didnít discover you sooner, but will certainly order from you again the next time Iím in need of more beautiful bedding. Thank you, again, for making my bed all the more beautiful and for all your thoughtfulness with my order. Sincerely, Denise"

Rachel from New Jersey:
"Anisha, I am embarrassed that i have never emailed you the pictures of our daughters room and our room in your fabulous linens. So, here they are!!! We absolutely adore them. I know we will be ordering more from you - the duvet covers are so soft and cuddly and the design so beautiful. Please feel free to publish the photos! I would love that! The linens have given us such great pleasure, and we get tons of compliments too!!!

Therese from Colorado:
"Dear Monisha, Thank you so much for checking in to see how our curtains are doing. We LOVE them! It was a perfect addition to our windows. The artistry in them is awesome! The packaging and the little note was a delightful surprise! You can tell that a lot of pride and care go into your products. We loved the valence too and will have to order another one soon. I personally love the uniqueness of your products. Thank you! Warm Regards,Therese & Dave"

Marilyn from California:
"Your products are unbelievably beautiful. I think I want them all!!! I am now waiting for all the pillow forms to come so that I can use my pillow covers. Service was fantastic and the products exquisitely wrapped. I want to thank you so much. . By the way, I purchased the Spice Route covers for my daughter. We are absolutely raving about how gorgeous the prints are. It has been a pleasure to purchase from you and I look forward to buying more linens very soon. Sincerely, Marilyn Bisordi"

Theresa from Colorado:
"Thank you so much for checking in to see how our curtains are doing. We LOVE them! It was a perfect addition to our windows. The artistry in them is awesome! The packaging and the little note was a delightful surprise! You can tell that a lot of pride and care go into your products. We loved the valence too and will have to order another one soon. I personally love the uniqueness of your products. Thank you! Warm Regards, Therese & Dave"

Ehtsham from UK:
"Hello Monisha,I did receive the item and I am very pleased with it. I am more pleased with your service, it is very rare to deal with a company that appreciates the customer. Following are the reasons why I would recommend you: you shipped the item via California to UK, yet it still arrived quickly; the packaging was good, and there was a nice note left in there along with some information about the product; you havent charged me yet. i always deal with companies that take your money and then dont send the item for months, or tell you eventually that it is delayed or out of stock. what you have done is unique and wonderful. So thank you very much for your service, and please charge my card.Take care!"

Andrea from California:
"Dear Monisha, Yes, I have received the Moonlit Taj Queen Duvet Cover and Pillow Covers and I love them! They are on my bed, and they brighten and beautify my room! Thank you also for the personal touch of the email and the beautiful packaging. I will recommend Saffron Marigold to all my friends, and will remember to order from you again.Sincerely, Andrea"

Cynthia from Florida:
"My order arrived and is beautiful. I love India cottons and I particularly love this particular block print. My husband even asked if I could get a dress in the same fabric and he NEVER comments on anything. I could hardly believe it. Thank you for your efficient service. Cyntha"

Jean from Florida:
"Dear Monisha...the panels are already up at our windows...adding to the eight panels we ordered before, it looks really full. I am most impressed, not only by your produce, but the great packaging and lovely design. ..even the envelope your invoice is in, is beautiful! Thank you for making our home here in Florida a feast for the eyes. I wish I had found Saffron Marigold when we first moved here. I got your name from an article in the New York Times. ..I never found you on Google. Thank you again...Jean"

Jaimee from North Carolina:
"Hello to everyone at Saffron Marigold! I absolutely LOVE my duvet and shams. I had been shopping for the perfect one for about 6 months and this is absolutely PERFECT! I was wondering if you have bed skirts available. If not, would you be willing to make one? I could not be happier with my entire purchasing experience with you all! I very much appreciate all of the little kind things you do to make the experience extra special..the cute little handwritten card, the fact that you didn not charge me until the item was in my possession, the beautiful packaging...EVERYTHING! These things are so hard to come by in this day and age where no one wants to take the time to make each client feel appreciated and special. Thanks SO Much! Jaimee"

Lynn from New Jersey:
"Dear Monisha, I absolutely love my new queen duvet cover and pillow covers! The colors are rich and vibrant, and the stitching is top-quality. Moreover, I greatly appreciate Saffron Marigolds level of professionalism, from the timely fashion of the product delivery, to your beautiful stationery enclosing my receipt, to your follow-up e-mail. And, your website (which sold me on your products to begin with) is most attractive and easy to navigate. I hope to do business, again, with you, down the road. Thank you so much. Lynn"

Michelle from New York:
I am so impressed with your costumer service. You guys are amazing! I received the package - the fabric is gorgeous and I really appreciate the follow up and your billing me upon delivery. I just wanted you to know how rare it is to be treated so well and how much I have appreciated it. Check was just put into the mail. Thanks again."

Victoria from Indiana:
"Hi, Got your email. I did in fact receive my two tablecloths and they are beautiful!!!!! Already on the table!!!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful products and thanks to your courier company for delivering them during a blizzard..... My regular mail did not deliver for 3 days!!!!! Vicky"

Cyndy from North Carlina:
"The package arrived and John was thrilled. He spent 2 1/2 years in the Peace Corps in Bangladesh and travelled to India...It was like coming home for him. Many thanks."

Kimmie from Florida:
"Hello, Just reminding you to process pymnt on my order. I dont see it posted on my bank statement yet. once again i really love my linens, they are so original and I brag to all my friends about them. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future."

Carolyn from New York:
"Thank you for the lovely bedspread----it is gorgeous, just what i wanted. and i must say that your company has the most personal and caring customer service, more than any other I have purchased from. the little touches were beautiful, and much appreciated. also, the shipping and turnaround time was fab, i ordered a comforter from jcpenney the next day, and i amm still waiting for it! thanks again, and have a lovely day. carolyn."

Archana from California:
"Dear Anisha, I got the table cloth yesterday. It was perfect timing, we were celebrating a birthday that evening and I wanted to inaugurate it then. It looks lovely, I had a vase of red tulips with a bit of green on the table, and with the White Calla Lillies, the combination looked really good. Add to that Champagne flutes and a Champagne get the picture. About the packaging, very neat a professional, the note and the bill in the handmade paper envelope gave it "the personal touch". I absolutely loved the label with the handmade paper and gold ribbon. About the site: It is very apparent that you have put your heart and soul in the whole endeavor, it is really beautiful. The stitching on the tablecloth is very neat, I couldn't help but notice the corners...I can imagine the hours you must have spent perfecting them. The cloth too is very soft. Do the Duvet covers and Bedspreads have the same cloth, or do those products have a different thread count. Love Archana"

Roberta from Kansas:
"I was very happy with the shower curtain. We are building a new patio home and I can hardly wait to put it in our new masterbath. The colors and design was just what we were looking for and with the knowledge of the history of the making of it we will enjoy it all the more. I am anxious to show it to our friends. Your packaging made it seem like opening a present. Thank you. Roberta Schmidt"

Maureen from North Carolina:
"Hello! We just arrived back from a trip and were thrilled to find your package at our door. Everything is even better than we expected, and I was already in love with the look of it on the website! I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been to do business with your company. Between the quick response to questions, to the handwritten note in the package, to the added valence, to charging my card after it arrives, to the follow-up on how I liked it, you have far surpassed our expectations. We have been searching the internet for the last several months for Indian fabrics and have found very little that we really liked. I'm not sure what my search words were on Google the day I found you, but I sure am pleased that it was Saffron Marigold that I came across. (I like the name too.) The day after we ordered from you, we left for a business trip to London. We planned to search for Indian linens while we were there. Because we came across your site, we didn't have to traipse all over London looking for the perfect thing. Instead we slept in and enjoyed the free time around our business meetings. We have you to thank for that. We will definitely tell others about you! Thank you. with grace and love, Maureen "

Jean from Florida::
"Dear Monisha yes, your beautiful covers arrived very quickly...I was delighted. They are beautiful, your packing was great, and the lovely note in the rice paper envelope made the whole transaction very special. I am very glad I saw your website mentioned in the New York Times. Congratulations on having a great product and fine marketing. Now I am looking to see what else I may use in my home.......thank you from across the seas....Jean W."

Lisa from New York:
"hello Sandip, thank you so very much for all the wonderful customer service you have offered me in the past few days. i don't think i have ever been treated so well by retail in my life, and that is really saying something.. "

"Hello Sandip,Can you believe the order arrived today? Two days from India to New York is fantastic. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your company. The quality of the items I ordered is just lovely, the service was steller, event he stationary and little note on how to care for the items was appreciated. I just want you to know that I mailed your check yesterday so you should receive it soon. Thank you again for everything! Until next time, Lisa"

Tracey from Utah::
"Hello Monisha, Yes, the shower curtain arrived and it really is beautiful! I love it! Also, very nice touches with the envelope and hand written note on the invoice. I have been in the hospitality industry for 20 years and truly appreciate great customer service. Especially today with the internet as such a great source for finding unique products, such as your company's, often the personal touch is lost. I have been raving about your company for the past few days! Wishing you continued success! Best Regards, Tracey"

Elizabeth from Wisconsin:
" Monisha, Anisha and Sandip, The linens arrived yesterday and I must say that they are just amazing!!!! They are so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes!!!! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have such a fine made product!!! I realize that the work that when into creating these linens is far beyond imaginable !!!I especially like the added corner pocket that helps when inserting the duvet. The packaging is also very reflective of the delicate care you put into your creations. It is so nice that the Internet allows us to be connected. I have a unique product with a story, which makes it even more special to me. I hope that you will also take the time to Thank the artisans who created these fabrics they are very blessed and talented. When you reach the US again I would like you to please contact me if at all possible. I will be telling me friends and family about your products as well. Much Peace and Blessings and NAMASTE! Elizabeth"

Meredith from New Jersey:
"Dear Monisha, I received the duvet and pillow covers on Thursday and I just love them, they are beautiful! The color is such a pretty rich deep purple and the attention to detail and quality is wonderful. Your web site is lovely, and I really appreciate that you are a fair trade business. It has been a pleasure ordering from you, and I will certainly highly recommend your site to my friends. Thank -you, Meredith"

Jeanne from California:
"The duvet cover and pillow cases are absolutely gorgeous! My bedroom has been completely transformed by this work of art! Beautiful, deep, rich colors - excellent craftsmanship - you have a truly fine product! Please give my thanks to the people who created these linens. Your company was truly a pleasure to do business with. I really appreciated the personal service and your policy of waiting for the linens to arrive before charging the credit card. I will definitely order from you again - and will refer my friends and family as well. Again, thank you so much! Jeanne"

SiobhĀŠn Barry-Bratcher from New Jersey:
"The curtains are already hanging! I have just repainted my bedroom and the golden curtains with their intricate red flowers are a beautiful complement to the lavender walls. They look lovely by electric light, but the sunshine during the day makes them glow with an electricity all their own. The fabric is so smooth and soft. These curtains really "make" the room and I find myself stopping to admire them for a few seconds each time I walk into the bedroom. Thank you, SiobhĀŠn"

Frances from Illinois:
"Dear Monisha, I did in fact receive the package yesterday, and am delighted with my new curtain panel! It is positively exquisite. Thank you also for your lovely and thoughtful note. I do not believe I have ever seen such a combination of perfect in product and courtesy in service. Saffron Marigold has won a loyal customer. Many thanksÖSincerely, Frances"

Sharon from Washington::
"thank you! I am a printmaker myself and was so pleased to find your website! My husband and I both love the shower curtain and were very impressed with the customer service we received! -- Thank you Monisha."

"Dear Monisha, The duvet and pillow cover did arrive yesterday. My husband and I are thrilled with both of them! We got the duvet cover to replace a cover that was very expensive, but never fit properly. The saffron marigold cover not only fits perfectly, but looks gorgeous and went through the wash beautifully. Thanks for the excellent customer service and the beautiful quality of your products. We will certainly return for more! Sincerely, Sharon"

Lynn from California
"Yes, the bedspread arrived and I am very happy with it. Beautiful quality. And I noticed all the special touches: the decoration on the package and the beautiful envelope holding the invoice, the handwritten note. I appreciate all of it and will be ordering from you again soon. I also enjoyed that it was from Pune. I was there in 1979 staying at Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ashram. I have fond memories of Pune (after I got over the culture shock)."

Dennis from California
"Anisha: My parcel arrived today, and I am extremely happy with the duvets. The photographs in your web site, though beautiful, do not do justice to the items when viewed in person. The colors are vibrant, and the craftsmanship is superb. It has been a pleasure doing business with you; I look forward to buying your wonderful products in the future. Thank you for the personal attention in dealing with my order. Best wishes. Dennis"

Elaine from Washington
"Dear Monisha, Thank you so much for the wonderful duvet cover and pillows covers that arrived on Thursday. We were surprised at how quickly we received them and we are so happy with the beauty of the fabric. Also the quality of the stitching is exceptional. Our bedroom now looks dreamy and romantic! I also appreciated the personal touch, the note with the package and the email to ensure that the delivery had been made. We will definitely be recommending your site to all of our friends and also shopping again from you ourselves in the future. Thank you for your special company. Elaine"

Penny from Missouri
"Dear Monisha: I did receive the pillow covers yesterday and they look just fine. Thank you so much for checking with me. They are beautiful products and I have given your website information to friends of mine. I am very happy to support your company and the work that you do. Please keep up the wonderful service and excellent products. Best wishes, Penny"

Vicky from Colorado
" Hi Anisha, I really love the Ruby Kilim version of the quilt....the photos came through excellently and I am sure they are even more gorgeous once in hand. Yes, I would like to take you up on your very generous offer to have one sent to us. That is incredible customer service, I did not expect you to extend that offer to us. Rest assured, we will send you the payment. I cannot wait to see the quilt in our bedroom. I brought home a quilt I found in a store here (I have been looking and looking and have never seen anything in stores that really felt right until I found your website). I tried the one from the store on the bed earlier this week, but took it right off. It paled in comparison to the richness I am wanting to see in our room. I kept thinking about the ones you and I had talked about and decided to follow up with you. As an aside, the photos of how the fabric is created are so wonderful. I am going to show our children and read the passages with descriptions to them. I know they will be as fascinated and impressed as I am with the entire process. My only hope is that I can convince my small dog to learn to finally sleep in her own bed so we can enjoy the quilt without her company and wear and tear. Much appreciated, Vic"

M.A. Ryder from New Jersey::
"wanted to let you know that I have indeed received my order. I LOVE it! The colors are wonderful and true to what I saw on the website. The craftsmanship appears to be of the highest quality. I also wanted to let you know that the attention you paid to details is wonderful. Beginning with the beautiful print and going all the way down to your mailing label. I was so impressed. Not to mention the fact that I received the order so quickly. Everything was extremely artistic and creative and I enjoyed myself thoroughly opening my order. I know that I will also enjoy looking at the quilt cover and shams daily. Thank you"

Hildy from New Jersey::
"I love the bedspread! Exactly as promised, and i love the ""handwritten"" note. I am so glad I saw your write up in the NEw York Times, otherwise I would not have known about you. Let me know if you make anything in a brown and white batik next! H"

Nancy from New York::
"Dear SaffronMarigold (Anisha), I called your California phone number yesterday and left a message telling you that I received my bedspread. My husband and I like it very much and are using it as a summer bedspread... something bright and cheerful. The quality of the printing is very nice and that is something that is important to me, having been in the textile business (as a designer) for many years.. I always loved the styling of Indian fabrics and I am so glad I found your company. I also had mentioned on my phone message that I loved your packaging label and logo. Very pretty. Thank you again, Nancy"

Amitabh from New York::
"Hi Monisha. You have been so nice to me. Yes I did receive the curtains and I have to say that they are really great. I put them up immediately and am very happy with them. They are exactly as described. It is refreshing to deal with people who care about others. I think your policy of charging after delivery is excellent and I very much appreciate purchasing from you. Many people come to my apartment and your curtains are sure to be noticed. I will send all the business to you I can. With your great attitude, I'm sure you will do well in the future. I am actually thinking about placing another order soon. Thanks again. Amitabh"

Eve from Arkansas:
"Dear Anisha of Saffron Marigold, I could not be happier, the shower curtain is gorgeous, and it came sooner than expected. Please know that I am thrilled with the shower curtain, it is so beautiful I just go in the room and visit it with out any other purpose. Thank you very much for your kindness and trust in sending me the product prior to payment. I look forward to making more purchases and sharing the wonder of your beautiful textiles. Thank you kindly, Eve"

Catherine from Connecticut:
"Thank you, I did receive the order yesterday. It is lovely, looks great with red sheets and pillows. The design is beautiful and the quality is very good, I washed the covers before using and they came out perfectly fine. Your store is a nice little discovery -- thanks again. Catherine"

Vicky and Jim from Colorado:
"Hi Monisha, Yes, the quilted bedspread arrived yesterday and we love it! Your customer service is first class, the package itself was beautiful (our daughters oood and ahhd over the the fabric on the top and the special touches), and we could not be happier with the bedspread. It came so quickly......amazing. I will be looking for the perfect blanket to go with it. We are thinking we should have ordered the pillow shams as well. Are they $19.99 per piece or is that for two? We will get the payment for the quilt bedspread off to you immediately. Thank you so much, Vicky"

Martin from Oregon:
"Dear Monisha, Yes, the tablecloth and cushion covers I ordered did arrive yesterday. I have opened the package but have not unwrapped the articles as they are to be given as gifts to my wife in two weeks time. I think she will enjoy them very much for they look fine, the colors vibrant. The blocking process notes are very interesting to me as I have been to India and Pune, and I have always wanted to visit Jaipur but have not reached that goal yet. I have witnessed the hard work of Indian artisans first hand. I was happy to see my parcel arrive so quickly. All else is fine. Martin"

Stephanie from New York:
"HI, Just wanted to let you know I did get the package and I love the shower curtain... thanks so much.."

Stephanie from Washington:
"Monisha, Yes I received my parcel yesterday afternoon. Beautiful and Lovely! Thank you so very much...Excellent service and product."

Andy from Oregon:
"Very nice bedspreads and pillow covers, the package arrived in a timely fashion and I would recommend your site to friends."

Meredith from New Jersey:
"Thank-you, the tablecloth arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. Again, it has been a real pleasure to order from your site. Thank-you, Meredith"

Sharon from Florida:
"Dear Monisha, Thank you for your attention to my order. I did receive my package yesterday and am very happy with the linens. I will keep checking your site as I am interested in quilts as well. Take care, Sharon"

Keith from California:
"Monisha, Thank you I got it and it is on the bed and it is wonderful. Great products and excellent service. The personal note and background on the making of the duvet was very nice and I enjoyed learning more about it. Thanks again. Keith"

Jenna from California:
"I have received my shower curtain. It is quite lovely. I appreciate your excellent service and the quality of the product."

Kim from Minnesota:
"Hi Monisha, I received my pillow cases and absolutely love them. They are already on our couch and look great. Thank you so much! Kim"

Joan from New York:
" The tablecloth did arrive yesterday and I love it. The color is perfect for me. If you make any cloths the same blue or compatible with the same blue in a smaller size, please let me know. I can use one or two to fit a table 48 x 60. Thank you for your courtesy, friendliness, and careful attention. Joan"

Tricia from Texas:
"Monisha, I did receive the shower curtains and they are beautiful. Thanks for e-mailing me the address in California. I was reluctant to mail my check to the India address. I am going to the mailbox right away. Thanks so much and I look forward to shopping with you again very soon."

Kathy from New York:
"Dear Monisha, Thank you for your email. The package arrived yesterday and the Midnight Lotus bedspread is lovely. Thank you all for your correspondence regarding my order. I will put a check in the mail today to the address specified. Yours sincerely, Kathy"

Victoria from Pennsylvania:
" Hello Saffron Marigold, Your beautiful bedspread and tablecloth arrived today. I am very pleased. And all the time I did not realize I was communicating with you in India! Sincerely, Victoria"

Nancy from Washington:
"Hi, The duvet cover is meticulously made and quite beautiful. Thank you so much for trusting me with this. It has been a pleasure to order this wonderful product."

Debra from New Jersey:
"Hello Saffron Marigold, My hand block print bedspread arrived yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled with it. The colors, the workmanship, even the beautiful packaging and hand written note were all superb. I will certainly recommend you product to friends who appreciate Indian textiles. Thanks you for your attention to my order. Sincerely, Debra"

Elise from Virginia:
"Dear Monisha, We received our bedspread and cushion covers, and they are lovely. They are on our bed right now, and they make the bed very calm and beautiful. I will take a photo and send it to you. Thank you so much for your personalized service, and the quality of your products. I especially liked the handwritten note that came with my bedspread. I look forward to shopping with you again! Yours, Elise"

Abra from Maryland:
"Hello Anisha, I received my shower curtain in the most beautiful package I have ever seen!Ā† It was a delight to order from you and I look forward to ordering from your company again. Many Thanks, Abra"

Angela from California:
"Hello, Yes, I received my order yesterday evening and am very, very happy. I will hang the curtains in my office this weekend and also try out the gift valance that you so kindly sent. I greatly appreciate your amazing service and outstanding quality. I am certain that I will be ordering from you again! Thank you very much! Sincerely, Angela"

Edith from North Carolina::
"Dear Saffron Marigold, I received the packages yesterday and was very pleased with everything. The curtains are hanging already. Thank you for the valances! It is a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Edith"

"Saffron Marigold, Yes I have received my package with the bedspreads. They are beautiful and and obviously quality items. I hope to order more things from you in the future. Thank you, Edith"

Penny from Connecticut:
"Dear Monisha: I was there when the package was delivered and I hung the beautiful curtains in my granddaughter's room. I am very pleased with them! My daughter has actually not seen them yet, as she is a medical resident and was on call last night, but I am certain that she will be delighted with them. Thank you very much for your careful attention to this order! Penny"

Karin from Massachusetts:
"Hi, I love my new curtains. They arrived very quickly and have transformed my guest room into an exotic retreat. Am wondering if, in the future, you might be producing a similar product in silk, preferably washable, or on a heavier cotton for for winter use . Thanks, Karin"

Terese from California:
"hi, i did receive the package yesterday. the duvet cover and pillow cases look wonderful - just as pictured on your website. i also want to say that your customer service has been great. i'm looking forward to shopping with you again. -teresa"

Kathy from New York:
"You have a beautiful website! Very lovely and calming to spend time here. I can't wait to see your products in person. Kathy"

"Dear Monisha, Thank you for your email. I received the lovely tablecloth and curtain and am more than pleased with them both. I look forward to having the bedspread when it is ready. The colors and patterns are quite beautiful. Thank you again for your attention to my order. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Yours sincerely, Kathy"

Barbara from Rhode Island:
"Dear Monisha, Yes, I received the tablecloths yesterday and I love them. I have already tried two on the table and they are beautiful and perfect. One is on the table as I type! Thank you very much for the beautiful cloth and the excellent and fast service. Peace, Barbara"

Alan from Yorkshire, UK:
"Hi Monisha, Shower curtain received as you describe. Gorgeous and packaging very well done. Refreshing to have such good old fashioned service. I'm sure I'll visit SaffronMarigold again. Kind regards (and Happy Ganesh Chaturthi) Alan :-)"

Amanda from California:
"Hello, Thank you for this thoughtful email...what great customer service! yes, I did receive the package today and I LOVE the tablecloth and shower curtain. I can't wait to start using them both:-)) Thanks again for your follow-up. I look forward to ordering more items from Saffron Marigold in the future. Best Regards, Amanda"

Susan from California:
"Dear SaffronMarigold, My tablecloth arrived today and it is really lovely. It came quite quickly, and from so far way! I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the whole experience of ordering from you. Best regards, Susan"

Linda from Georgia:
"Thank you for your excellent customer service. I did receive my package and am very happy with my items. I did do a stupid thing though and only order one curtain when i intended to order two, so I'll be placing another order soon with you! Thanks again, Linda"

Heidi from Virginia:
"Yes, we got the duvet cover yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL! Even more beautiful than its image on the web! Thank you so much. We are sure to order from you again. Heidi"

Patricia from Maine:
"To whom it may concern, I received my linens last Wednesday much to my delight (I did not expect them so quickly from so far) and I love them! I can't wait until you have some new patterns available so I can update another room with your beautiful linens. Thank you for a great shopping experience. Sincerely, Patricia"

Patricia from New Jersey:
"Yes, I have received my package. I am VERY pleased with the quality of the items. I am astounded that I have them already. Thank you VERY much. Patricia"

Jutta from New York:
"Dear Monisha, I am sorry that I did not respond to your friendly e-mails earlier but I was simply pre-occupied with other matters. This is just to let you know that your products are very much to my liking and I loved receiving your pretty package. The blue cloth is right now on the table and looks just as I had hoped it would. The yellow cloth we used on the July 4 holiday in the park, a very happy moment. Best regards, Jutta"

Johannah from California:
"hi! it was my mother who ordered some curtains from you and referred me to your site, please give her the referral points. thanks, johannah"

Robert from California:
"Yes, the ordered items were received yesterday and they are much more beautiful than the pictures. Thank you for your e-mail rersponse. Robert"

Margaret from Florida:
"I did receive the table cloth on Wed., Jan. 4 and it is beautiful. Thanks so much! Margie"

Jennifer from Maryland:
"Yes, I received the bedspread yesterday. It is just beautiful. I know that my brother and sister in law will be so pleased to receive it for Christmas. Thank you for the excellent service. Jennifer"

Susan from Oregon:
"We love our new curtains! Sorry for not getting back sooner. We were without internet access for a week."

Hazel from Arizona:
"Yes, I have received my new Red Poppy tablecloth and it is beautiful! Thanks so much for your helpful service!"

Nancy from Washington:
"I know this is a group message, but I wanted to thank you personally and to tell you how much I love the duvet cover I bought from you earlier this year. It is quite beautiful."

Janet from Georgia:
"Hello, Yes, I did receive the tablecloth yesterday, and I think it is beautiful. If it stays in good shape through a few washings, I will definitely order more. Many thanks, Janet"

Evelyn from Florida:
"Yes the order was delivered. The curtains are beautiful !Thanks so much ! Evelyn"

Susan from Ohio:
"Thank you for sending the tablecloth so promptly. It is just what I wanted and came in excellent condition."

Jeanne from Florida:
"I received the lovely curtain on Monday, June 6, and am very happy with it! I look forward to future purchases from your company. Sincerely, Jeanne"

Vicki from California:
"Hello! I am writing to confirm that I received the lovely tablecloths. Thank you for the clothes and your wonderful customer service!"

Joan from New York:
"Yes, I received the tablecloth I ordered from you and I like it very much. Thank you for the prompt delivery. I will be back for another eventually, especially if you make any with Chinese blue in it and if t is a little shorter in length. Thank you again, Joan" Karen from New York:
"Hi Monisha, Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my new shower curtain, it's so beautiful. I'm passing on your website to some of my friends! I was also pleased how quickly it arrived... thanks again and I will visit your site real soon. Kind regards, Karen"

Carrie from Colorado:
"Yes, I have received the lovely pillow covers and I am very pleased. Thank you for your honesty about the price reduction. The items you carry are beautiful and I will definitely make another order with you. It has been a pleasure doing business with Saffron Marigold. Sincerley, Carrie"

A Miller from Kentucky:
"i have received my order, and i LOVE my bedspread and pillow shams! i will be buying from you again in the future."

Freda from Maryland:
"Hi, We got the package and have hung the shower curtain. We love it! Thanks for all your attention to our order. Freda"

Sujata from California::
"Loved the table cloth! It is gracing our formal dining table and looking just grand. -S"

Dale from Alabama:
"Yes, it has arrived and I am pleased with the shams. Thank you for the prompt service. -- To all, I have received the duvet and am impressed with the quality. The service was quicker than what I had expected. Are there matching shams that go with this? Yours truly, Dale"

Christine from California:
"Yes, the package was received. Thanks! -- Yes, my curtains arrived and they are as beautiful as I had hoped. I think I will order pillows to match very soon. Thank you! Christine"

Vanessa from Kent, UK:
"Thanks, Sandip I confirm that the curtain arrived and it is very nice! Please go ahead and charge the card. Thanks Vanessa"

Stephen and Jennifer from Florida:
"Yes we received the shower curtain. The color is great but till I get my counter top we are not sure if it will look great in the bathroom thanks steve. My husband probably already told you we did receive the curtain we are still waiting for the delivery and installation of our shower curtain to be certain it ""fits"" the look thanks for checking in. Jennifer"

Laura from Illinois:
"my order has been received and I am pleased with the merchandise"

Elaine from Michigan:
"I have received the bedspread and cases and they are fine."

Carole from Connecticut:
"Tablecloth arrived, I love it, thank you for all your follow-up, will certainly order from you again."

Julia from Pennysylvania:
"yes, we received the package yesterday. The linens are beautiful. Thanks for the great service. Julie"

Eve from Arkansas: