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David from California
Dear Saffron Marigold, Thank you for the follow up on my shipment, it arrived last week. I am very pleased with your products. In fact, in the last two weeks, I have bought three bedspreads... for a two bedroom house! I look forward to receiving the back ordered Kilim Noir pillow covers in Dec or Jan.
Kathryn from St. Charles,IL
Thanks it arrived . My husband and I are so pleased and happy with the set!!!! Beautiful packing and boxed, easy to open plastic bags, and I must say the linen is lovely. Thanks, black and white was hard to find, especially when we wanted something not to manly or girly. Good luck to your company, I will spread the word!. K. larson
Kathleen from Sacramento, CA
Hello Monisha! Yes, I received the package and I have to say, I am very impressed!!! I am a designer as well as a design blogger, so I see a lot of products. I was looking for an exotic bedspread for myself and saw many things on the website that I liked. It is always a little anxiety provoking when dealing with a company one has never dealt with before. But your customer service, the timeliness of the delivery and the beautiful flower paper envelope containing the care info, etc. were just a delight when I opened the box. I have looked at the linens, and they are just what I was hoping for! I have not yet put the bedding on the bed. I am waiting until I am ready to do scouting photograph for a major magazine. I hope these linens will be loved by the magazine as well!. In any case, I am planning a blog post about the company very soon since I think the product is wonderful, the service fantastic, and the effort put into packaging made my day when I opened the package! Than you very much!!!! Warm regards
Leslie from Albany, CA
Yes, thank you, I received my order within 2 days! I really love the handmade linens and shower curtain. I have always loved Indian cotton and designs and your company's timeless style looks perfect in my home. Handmade things are much more special than mass-produced! They are like artwork on cotton. I hope you come out with a blue-green print in the future. Thanks again!
Kareen from Flagstaff, Arizona
Hi Monisha, Yes it is here. Our remodeling is not quite done,so I won't be able to use it for another few weeks; Thanks for your note
Nicole from New York, NY
Yes, the linens arrived and are already hanging beautifully in our windows.
Shelley from Santa Barbara, CA
I received the order. Thank you. I got them for my daughter , she did see them on line but has not seen them in person. They look nice and hopefully will look good in her bedroom. Thank you. Shelley
Mark from Pittsburgh, PA
Dear Saffron Marigold, Thank you for following up... The linens are beautiful and we are overall very pleased with them. It's so nice to have found a small company that provides high-quality products. My only concern is that there was a small light yellow spot on the duvet comforter, which easily came out with a wet sponge. Also, it appears that a small amount of ink from the block printing process dripped on the white background of the duvet cover in a few places. It's very minor, and I imagine since these are handmade they are bound to come with some flaws, but just wanted to make note of it. Attached are two photos. Best, Mara
Rebecca from Monterey,CA
Hello - and yes, the package has arrived, and it is perfect. The fabric and The print are outstanding, i love it and look forward to pillow shams (on Back order). Many thanks, Rebecca
Ann from West Bloomfield, MI
No, they DID receive the package and they love the duvet i chose. So, thanks to your attention, it was handled very well. Everyone is happy.
Rebecca from FPO, AP
Yes! I did receive the order and am very pleased with the product. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.
Mallory from Fort Collins, CO
I did receive my linens and am very happy with them. Thanks,
Marsha from El Granada, CA
Thank you for your follow-up. I ordered the linens Tuesday evening and they were in our PO box Friday morning, just in time for our weekend houseguests. I put them on a double bed size charpai and I wanted a large format paisley pattern bedcover or duvet without having to make a trip to India. I do like all your patterns and will eventually order something for the master bedroom. Have you considered expanding into Indian upholstery fabrics? I would probably cover every chair and sofa in the house if you did.
Lynn from Saint Louis, MO
I did receive the items. They are lovely.
Karen from Hollywood, SC
I love my paisley duvet. And the sheer window cover is adorable. It is the perfect coordination for my other room accessories. However,the pilllow covers must complete the look. Very Happy with the quality of the print. At first I could not believe they are hand block prints as they are done to perfection!I will be back.
Lyndell from Sebastian, FL
I did received the very beautiful bedspread.
Brittany from New York, NY
Just got my delivery / made my bed and I must say I absolutely love it! You guys rock & I will definitely come back for more in the future & give you some more costumers! Happy to find a site like yours. Fair prices & love supporting people like you rather corporations! Keep up the great work!!
Kim from Santa Fe, NM
They are Here and I love them!!!!! Thanks!!
Aviva from Los Angeles, CA
I appreciate your customer service. I love the Paisley Au Lait bedspread. I love the boldness of the block print paisleys. Maybe I will order the pillow covers again when they are in stock. Anyway, the bedspread will look great with the way I am planning to decorate my bedroom. I wish I could give you a picture for your website and a more detailed review, but I'd rather wait till the room is finished and the other bed linens have arrived, otherwise it won't be a flattering picture.