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Tropical Garden ~ Red Floral Bedding, Curtains & Table linens

Tropical Garden ~ Red Floral Bedding, Curtains & Table linens

Red hibiscus blossoms and colorful star gazer lilies on verdant vines, on a honey gold tan ground.

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Tropical Garden ~ Fabric Swatch Tropical Garden ~ Fabric Swatch
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By Susan from Santa Rosa, CA in September 2017

I love my new comforter cover so much!! It's beautiful and I appreciate knowing about the process and hard work that went into it. Such gifted craftsmen and women! Thank you.

By Lynn from Nashville, IN in August 2017

Yes, I received the bed spread and it is so very beautiful. I am so impressed and pleased with the quality of everything, including the beautiful envelope paper, the receipt itself, the note card, the packaging, etc. Everything was done with absolute care. It is so hard to find such exquisiteness today. I could cry in appreciation. I live in southern Indiana where there are no stores with interesting fabrics or textiles of quality, so finding your site online has been great fun. I applaud you and every one of your employees. I will be ordering the pillows for this Tropical Garden bedspread within several months. Thanks very much.

By Lindsay from Gloucester, MA in August 2017

Your curtains are absolutely beautiful. Magnificent. I am trying to decorate a bedroom and I'm searching for curtains of yours that are the right color.

By Kelly from Grand Junction, CO in August 2017

Got it! It's beautiful! Thank you!

By Jocelyn from Brooklyn, NY in July 2017

I received the swatch and it is so beautiful. I'm assessing whether it goes with my current color scheme before purchasing.

By Laura from Santa Cruz, CA in July 2017

I received your box of fabric swatches in the mail. Thank you. They are all so lovely, each so unique. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful collection of these exotic textiles, and because they were so well priced I splurged. It's as if I went on a shopping spree in India. And most swatches are so generous, there are so many options for applications. A patchwork quilt? Maybe a Torah with mirrors? A festive prayer flag! Thanks again for making these beautiful quality fabrics so easily accessible,

By Beverly from Virginia Beach, VA in July 2017

I received my curtains and they are BEAUTIFUL!! And with a great discount! Thank you!

By Louise from Chicago, IL in July 2017

Package arrived safely and the textile looks great.

By Kelly from Grand Junction, CO in July 2017

I received it and I love it! As long as my husband feels the same, I will be making an order shortly. Thank you!

By Cheryl from New Hartford, CT in June 2017

Dear Saffron Marigold People, I don't think I can afford to order tablecloths on a regular basis, but if I could, I would order ones like the beauty that just came in from you! It's gorgeous material and a mixture of vintage and Indian style that makes it elegant and stunning. Thank you!

By Jennara from Newberg, OR in June 2017

Package arrived, and contents are, as always, gorgeous. Thanks so much.

By Ellen from Louisville, KY in May 2017

The quality is exquisite. I love the beaded valances. I set out to find a source for border print block print fair trade Indian cotton for shams and a duvet cover. I am so pleased I found you.

By Maureen from Dulles, VA in May 2017

Yes, we received it, and it is beautiful!

By Mary from Santa Cruz, CA in May 2017

My order came and it is beautiful!!!

By Marva from South Ozone Park, NY in May 2017

My package was received yesterday and my order was everything I expected and more. I am very happy and satisfied and I would like to thank you all for quality work. The packaging was nicely done and I will definitely shop again. Thanks again.

By Elizabeth from Charleston, SC in May 2017

It arrived yesterday, and I love it! The cat has checked it out and approves. Thanks, Elizabeth

By Sandra from Glendora, CA in March 2017

Have received the above tablecloth and are thoroughly satisfied and pleased. Thank you for your attention to the small details of your shipment. It is most pleasing to see that in this day and age!

By Arundhuti from Tucson, AZ in March 2017

I have received the package and I absolutely love the print. It is brightening and beautiful. I have washed it and there was some bleeding of colors especially on the sides. But it is very minimal and I love this print a lot!. Thank you very much.

By Betty from Mendocino, CA in March 2017

It's arrived and I love it - thank you so much! I just watched your photos of the printing process . . . Amazing how much time, craftsmanship and tradition is involved. Makes me feel good to support this beautiful work.

By Jennara from Newberg, OR in March 2017

Curtains arrived and look perfect in my room, which is painted dark vivid coral.

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