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Pacific Blue ~ Nautical Asian Indigo Blue Duvet Cover

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Pacific Blue ~ Nautical Asian Indigo Blue Duvet Cover

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Ivory waves patterned rhythmically across a deep navy indigo blue ground.
  • Reverses to a beautiful coordinating print - it's like getting two duvets for the price of one!
  • Exquisitely finished with neatly interlocked seams. 8 coconut shell buttoned hidden closure
  • Printed on preshrunk superior soft cotton.
  • Hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks.
Japanese pottery is the muse ... [ read more ]

Delivery Time: In stock items are shipped within 2-3 days of order placement.

Wash & Care: Machine wash separately in cold water with a gentle detergent. Do not use bleach or a detergent with bleach additives. Tumble Dry warm. Iron using cotton settings.
Inspiration for Pacific Blue:
Ivory crested waves rush to meet the shore
where majestic redwoods grow and seagulls soar
Spring time whales breach as if to touch the skies ... [ read more ]
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Brewer, College Park, MD
March 2018

I did indeed receive my order. I have already gotten compliments on the new table linens and the duvet cover is working out well.

Rosemary, Newberg, OR
January 2018

It arrived safely and is now on my bed. It really transforms the room and I love it. I just wish you made window curtains out of the same heavier fabric.

Dena, Mesquite, NV
October 2017

Love everything I purchased as well as the free sample of the other design. I may come back and purchase several items of the sample. Well made and beautifully designed. Thank you.

Leslie, Queen Charlotte, British Columbia,Canada
September 2017

The linens arrived on time, as you say. We love them! The weight of the bedspread and pillow shams is good; not too light. The colours and patterns of the tablecloths are lovely and just as shown on line. Certainly the quality of the material and craftsmanship is worth the price and your service was exemplary. I was worried about ordering on-line, across borders, but all was very smooth. Thank you for taking such good care of your customers.

Cynthia, Kansas City, MO
March 2017

The linens arrived safe and sound in Kansas City. My mom says they are beautiful. I will find out myself next week when mom arrives (where I live). I am sure to love them according to my mom so don't anticipate the need for a return. Thank you so much for expediting the order in time for my mom's flight. I will write a review of the linens themselves once I have them on the beds :-). I will send pictures. The blue ones will be in our condo on the beach. Thank you,
Attached please find pictures - one of the beautiful duvet and pillow cases at our beach house. Thank you again, Cindy

Cynthia, Kansas City, MO
March 2017

Thank you so much for expediting the order in time !!! I will write a review of the linens themselves once I have them on the beds :-). I will send pictures. The blue ones will be in our condo on the beach, and the red at our apartment in Bangkok.

Jeffrey, Normal, IL
January 2017

I did receive the package on time. Love the pattern. Great quality.

Trish, Lansing, MI
December 2016

Yes, I have received the package. Thank you for checking in! I absolutely LOVE my new Pacific Blue Duvet. Honestly, it's exactly what I was hoping for and needed. Extremely satisfied and will definitely be returning again! Thank you for all you do.

Anna, Chico, CA
November 2016

Received! I love them!

Leah, La Mesa, CA
October 2016

I've received the item. Thanks. It's beautiful.

Heather, Seattle, WA
Posted 2+ years ago

They are great. I ordered another set before receiving the first when I realized that the first was likely too busy given a new rug that had been placed in the room, I thought I would try both. As it turned out, I liked the first so well I am keeping it for another bedroom, and I am looking forward to the arrival of the second. The table runners were beautiful, for my daughter's home and for mine. We are now thinking of looking for holiday gifts on your website . . . The items you show in your catalogue with the linens are also lovely -- perhaps you will start a line of accessories.

Judith, Annandale, VA
Posted 2+ years ago

The package arrived on time and in good shape. The linens are already on the bed and look terrific! I have waited 10 years to upgrade our bedding, and I am so happy to have found you. I followed the care instructions to wash and dry. They came out beautifully. I surprised my husband by getting a table runner and napkins - he likes them. I already posted a photo on facebook with a link. My friends all love it.

Cheryl, Southampton, PA
Posted 2+ years ago

I LOVE the duvet covers, and was pleased to see them arrive on the early side of the delivery schedule. Thank you for your excellent customer service and for providing these lovely functional pieces of art.

Rochelle, Fort Collins, CO
Posted 2+ years ago

I did receive my duvet cover- it arrived right on my birthday too! I love it- its so unique from anything I could have purchased at a retail store. The feel of the cover is rougher than I would have expected, but that reminds me that its hand crafted. Its really a work of art for my bedroom. thank you so much!

Renee, Vashon, WA
Posted 2+ years ago

Linens are very beautiful! The linens are slightly smaller then the 90x90 as noted on the website but we squeezed the comforter and it works just fine. The linens washed easily as instructed. The handwork is amazing and the fabric is very comfortable!

Shalini, San Francisco, CA
Posted 2+ years ago

The fabrics are beautiful and the colors deep. Thank you so much. I am very happy with the purchases I made.

Jane, Raleigh, NC
Posted 2+ years ago

It is gorgeous and even better than I expected! Will be ordering again soon. Many thanks.

Jann, Ronan, MT
Posted 2+ years ago

Received Fabulous a Awaiting pillow cases js

Travis, Los Angeles, CA
Posted 2+ years ago

I did indeed receive them yesterday — thank you for the timely delivery. I haven’t taken the duvet cover sham out of its packaging yet as I've sent the duvet out for dry cleaning, but the pillow shams look great. One note: there are some small irregularities where the hand-printing wasn’t done perfectly. Some people might complain about that, but I’ve decided I don’t mind — they’re hand-made after all. I’ll review them after I’ve used them. Thanks, Travis

Ana, Corpus Christi, TX
Posted 2+ years ago

I did received my duvet a few days ago and, I'm loving it! The fine details of craftsmanship, perfect seams, the visible imperfections of the print pattern that tell the story of the labor of love involved in the die process of the fabric. The fine detail of sending an envelope made of natural fibers narrating the whole process. I just love everything about your product. I also ordered two matching shams and can't wait to receive them. Finally, I wish you get back in stock the bed spread because I will order one when you get them back in stock. Thank you for such a lovely product.