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Ruby Kilim ~ Rustic Red Black Luxury Designer Bedspread

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Ruby Kilim ~ Rustic Red Black Luxury Designer Bedspread

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Last updated: 3/10/21

Printing schedule: Dec-Jan, Sep-Oct
Regular (by Sea): 3-4 months
Expedited (by Air): 4-6 weeks $25 extra

This collection can be printed only during the cooler months. We prioritize production runs based on pre-orders. If you are interested in this item, please be sure to pre-order as we then know which collections to put our focus on.

We will check in with you once your order is ready and charge your card only after the order ships. Also you can cancel anytime!

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7 arriving in late June

A bold dramatic black and tan kilim inspired geometrical print grounded in deep ruby red.
  • Printed on preshrunk, superior grade, soft cotton and finished with neat double stitched hems.
  • Single sheet, lightweight, not quilted.
  • Hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks.
Warm to the rich exotic tones of this royal, hand printed bedspread. Rhythmic pattern and saturated earth tones come together to create a print that is vibrant and organic, zesty and tribal. Chunky, carved wooden decor, accented with pops of turquoise and earthy red will add the perfect touch to your Ruby Kilim bedroom!
... [ read more ]

Delivery Time: In stock items are shipped within 2-3 days of order placement.

Wash & Care: Machine wash separately in cold water with a gentle detergent. Do not use bleach or a detergent with bleach additives. Tumble Dry warm. Iron using cotton settings.
Inspiration for Ruby Kilim:
Ruby Kilim is a bold, dramatic, geometrical design that draws its inspiration from the famed Turkish Kilim rugs. ... [ read more ]
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