Vivid Sea Inspired Colors of Casablanca for Spring

Saffron Marigold - Updated: April 10, 2019
Spring is meant to be the season of rebirth and renewal, and I can think of no better way to awaken the senses than with bursts of azure Mediterranean blue, avocado green and pristine white.
Casablanca Blues Swatch

White minarets set against the blue sky, hot steaming cups of mint tea and the iconic quatrefoil combine to inspire our Casablanca Blues print.

Accent with azure, buttercup yellow and pale green.

Casablanca Bluesin theSpring Dining Room

We’re introducing bold bright tones to add a dynamic, energetic feel to the dining space. Bright and gilded accents will set the stage for a Moroccan feast. Now, find the sunniest yellowest flowers and put them in sea glass vases. Serve green mint tea in stunning glasses. Enjoy!


Casablanca Bluesin theSpring Bath

Moroccan spas, Turkish hammams, Roman baths….the Mediterranean people know how to spoil themselves! We may not be able to recreate the EXACT experience, but with the ideas offered below, we can come pretty close. And there’s no better way to start the season of rebirth than feeling like a brand new person! 😉


Casablanca Bluesin theSpring Bedroom

Of course, there’s no better place for bright, fresh design than the bedroom. After all, this is the place from which you take your first peek at the day! Why not make it colorful, unique and global? A bedspread with Casablanca Blues and a collection of pillows around this print is sure to put an extra spring in your step each day. 🙂


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Elsa from Bellingham, Washington

I did receive the beautiful shower curtain and the matching valance in the Casablanca Blues print, I absolutely love it! The material is beautiful and I have received many compliments on how pretty it is in our bathroom. I’m so very happy with your product and I will be shopping more in the future and ordering from your store, thank you for such high quality linens! I also was so very happy that it arrived so soon after placing my order. Thank you again so very much!
Paulette from Duluth, Minnesota

Whether you love the serene colors of the sea that we’ve highlighted in our bath, or are passionate about the riot of color in our dining room, Casablanca Blues is sure to transport you to the beauty of spring.

There’s spring cleaning, and then there’s spring decorating! We’ve got loads of ideas for creating beautiful global bedrooms, dining rooms and baths.