Valentine’s Day Dinner: DIY Idea using the Moroccan-inspired red Spice Route

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 17, 2020

Today, we’re sharing a post from our archives. You’ll love the romantic DIY Valentine’s Day dinner that Priya of Once Upon a Tea Time designed for us. Take a peek inside her lovely home, and get inspired for your own Valentine’s Day, with a little help from Saffron Marigold…

Hand-stamped wood circles
Romantically hand stamped cut branches

This year I have decided to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day. I am going to put together a little Valentine’s Day dinner, dinner à deux, only it’s going to be on Sunday evening, Feb 13th rather than Monday the 14th. What a great way to start the week! Here is what I plan to do…

Create the perfect room

There is a small room at the top of our house. It can barely fit a table and two chairs, making it perfect for an intimate dinner for two. I covered the table with the Moroccan-inspired Spice Route tablecloth. I love the colors of this print—the bright red-orange is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The wintry faux crystal branches are in perfect contrast to the the warmth of the Spice Route.

Iced crystal branches on a Spice Route table

I covered the chairs with two small vintage quilts that I picked up on my last visit to India. Pretty, don’t you think?

Chairs dressed in a vintage red quilt from India and the Spice Route cushion

Setting the table

I chose white china for two reasons—it is easy and goes with everything and secondly, the white color contrasts well with the red Spice Route. I plan on using some lovely silver serve ware to add a dose of glamour to the evening.

Setting the table
A glass of wine, anyone?

So far so good!

Make it personal

Put your stamp on it—literally!

The table looked great but I wanted to personalize it. I looked around for DIY and other creative ideas for Valentine’s Day but most seemed beyond my crafting abilities :). So here is my simple idea: I stamped the words You and Me on wooden circles—I got these when our walnut tree had to be pruned—and used them as place cards.

Personalized wooden place cards
Personalized wooden ‘You and Me’ place cards with Spice Route Dinner Napkins

What do you think? I plan to add candles and fresh flowers and voila, I am ready! I haven’t yet decided on the food but maybe vegetable jalfrezi with hot naan? I will keep you posted!  The idea behind Valentine’s Day is to slow down and take the time to appreciate each other. Wishing you and your significant other a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be sure to take a little time to enjoy Once Upon a Teatime. If you love global artistry, you’ll find Priya’s blog a treasure trove!

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  1. Your interior is amazing. I’ll try it on my living room where we have a fireplace. I think that will provide some extra romance 🙂 Thank you for the idea.

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