Host A Fresh Holiday with Global Blue and White Linens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Eastern decor is showing up in contemporary design everywhere, from simple, clean lines to exotic scrolling florals. Use Midnight Lotus table linens, inspired by the gorgeous lotus blossom, to cover your holiday table with beauty and grace. Mix and match traditional decor with unique, global pieces that reflect your past, your gratitude, and your dreams.

We’re dreaming of three ways to use Midnight Lotus this season. Which is your favorite? Eastern inspired Midnight Lotus, Midnight Lotus with a Boho vibe, or a gorgeous Global roundup?

Eastern Midnight Lotus

Table Linens

This year depart from tradition–just a little bit–and bring an eastern flair to your table. Use the blue and white floral tablecloth to enhance the happy and cheerful vibe this occasion always brings with it. Keep the napkins within the same hues but in interesting textures and patterns for a put together cohesive look.


1. Midnight Lotus Round TableclothThe vision of graceful white blossoms bobbing in Persian blue water is a great way to start your holiday season and celebration.

2. Midnight Lotus Dinner NapkinsAdd more of the same wondrous graceful beauty with Midnight Lotus napkins, delicate in their pattern and design.

3. Peacock Tales Dinner NapkinsPristine white and blue napkins highlight the fresh, elegant florals of Midnight Lotus, and always point to a unique yet sophisticated event.

4. Mood Indigo Dinner Napkins.  Add gorgeous deep indigo to your palette with these rich, graphic linens.


Eastern decor creates spaces that are relaxing, soothing and that hint of adventure. Limit colors to two or at the most three. Introduce elements of water and earth via centerpieces and accessories. This holiday, in addition to traditional fare, add a surprise element with an unusual exotic dish!

mi_white_paisley_indigo_blue_curtain_panel_main (1)

1. Mood Indigo Curtain.  Complement the tablecloth with coordinating curtains in a complementary print, which is different from the main print, yet connected through their palettes.

2. Blue Stoneware Teapot, Stash. Beautiful, hand-thrown stoneware will shine at your holiday table, and will showcase whatever fragrant beverage you serve inside it.

3. Capiz Lotus Votive Holders, Viva Terra. Add another layer of lotus flowers to the table with understated and elegant votive holders. Use in a group of three or five, either lining the table or clustered in the center.

Bohemian Midnight Lotus

Table Linens

Unrestrained, wild, and carefree: these are the rules of Bohemian decor. Venture out of the realm of “matching and coordinating” and experiment with unusual patterns, textures, colors, and prints. This is a “no holds barred” style of decorating that creates a casual, vivacious atmosphere.


1. Midnight Lotus TableclothFor those of us who plan to serve many friends and family this season, choose a rectangular tablecloth in our most generous dimension, and create a most inviting bohemian table!

2. Moonlit Taj Dinner NapkinsIntroduce a dash of green with our Moonlit Taj napkins. Floral and full of style, they add character to any table.

3. Royal Mansour Dinner NapkinsAn elegant white on white against the florals of Midnight Lotus is Boho chic at its best. 

4. Casablanca Blues Dinner NapkinsSoft blue and easy to the touch, these linen lovelies will sit like gems around your Thanksgiving Table.


Choose dinnerware and accessoriesfree-spirited and carefree, and let the Midnight Lotus be your muse. A little bit eclectic, a little bit vintage and a lot of personality–these are elements of Bohemian design.


1. Dance O Peacock Curtain PanelsExtend the boho beauty of your table to the windows with Dance O Peacock curtains, and create a stunning frame through which you view the colors of the season.

2. Tava Round Charger, Pottery Barn. No matter which plating you use, you’ll add texture and visual interest to your table by layering a charger underneath.  I like warm, natural fiber chargers for a rustic, travel-inspired look at the table.

3. Branch Candelabra, Wildlife WondersThis centerpiece is a star all on its own, but is also adaptable to any season or holiday with a few surrounding accents like bright orange leaves, acorns or silver coated pinecones.

Global Midnight Lotus

Table Linens

Midnight Lotus is a gorgeous foundation piece for a global look this holiday. Layer with authentic, exotic elements and you’ll soon have a table that reflects you, and the beautiful world around you.


1. Midnight Lotus Table RunnerThis runner is the closest thing to a swath of lotus blossoms scattered down the middle of your table. And so much easier to create. 🙂

2. Pacific Blue Dinner NapkinsAnother deep blue print, Pacific Blue, will be a great choice to mix and match with Midnight Lotus.

3. Ivy Lace Dinner NapkinsIf the graceful white lotus blossoms are what you want to enhance, consider our pristine Ivy Lace dinner napkins.

4. Dance O Peacock Dinner Napkins. Add a bit of adventurous elegance to your global table by layering colorful, graphic peacock napkins atop Midnight Lotus.


Global decor is a happy collision of international cultures. It speaks of travel and adventure and an appreciation for all styles and sensibilities. Eclectic, exotic, earthy and adventurous are some words used to describe this style. Nature inspired centerpieces and global dishes will help create this vibe.


1. Midnight Lotus (c) ValanceIf you would rather keep your windows open and clear, consider the lovely beaded valance which bounces and reflects sparkling light.

2. Round Cheese Board, Brooklyn Slate. This gorgeous, hand-hewn slate board will elevate any slice of cheese – even American. 🙂

3. Moroccan Lanterns, Viva Terra. If you’re going to go global for the holidays, you might as well hang a lantern.  One of our favorite design elements from afar, these gorgeous lights will add drama and interest for meals all year round.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!