3 Elegant Holiday Table Setting Ideas With White Table Linens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: December 2, 2019

For an effortless, sophisticated look, reach for white table linens: they’re the basis of many elegant holiday table setting ideas! We’ve styled our Ivy Lace table linens three different ways to show you just how easy it can be to create an elegant holiday table setting.

Sometimes, all it takes to unleash your creativity is a fresh, blank canvas. Our Ivy Lace table linens are just that. White vines on an ivory backdrop offer limitless decorating possibilities. Use them to set a winter wonderland sort of table or to serve as the backdrop to colorful fall table décor at your Thanksgiving dinner. This year, try one of these three unique looks:

Natural Ivy Lace

Table Linens

White and ivory are colors that make a frequent appearance in natural decor, and they can turn your home into an earthy escape when combined with warm natural and botanical motifs. Use pieces that have character in this first of our three elegant holiday table setting ideas.

Ivy Lace ~ Elegant White Wedding India Block Print Table Cloth
Vanilla Glacé ~ White Gold Romantic Elegant Dinner Napkins
Le Chateau Medallions ~ French Country Boho Print White Napkin
Starry Nights ~ Blue Batik Cloth Dinner Table Napkins

Vanilla Glacé Dinner Napkins: Dreamy and decadent, these napkins will add just the right amount of gilded glamour to your nature-inspired white Thanksgiving table. Napkin rings in bronze or with a gilt finish will really set them off.

Ivy Lace Tablecloth: Ivy Lace is so much more than just another white lace tablecloth–handmade and artist-designed, it will enhance and highlight everything in the room! All Saffron Marigold tablecloths are 100% cotton, (no polyester here!) and made with the highest quality materials and practices. This kind of quality underscores your Thanksgiving table without calling undue attention to itself.

Le Chateau Medallions Dinner Napkins: Glorious holiday napkins will bring life and joy to your table. Guests will sense the celebration in the air, and you’ll celebrate when you see how beautifully these 100% cotton napkins wash! 🙂

Starry Nights Dinner Napkins: Is there anything more compellingly gorgeous than a clear, star-filled night? Bring a little of the sparkle of creation to your table with deep indigo and white napkins atop crisp Ivy Lace.


Done well, decorating with neutrals creates a space that is soothing, sophisticated, and warm. The trick to achieving an elegant holiday table setting lies in mixing varying tones of white (think taupe, cream, and grey). Keep accessories warm, and introduce textures like wood, slate, and stone for a nature-inspired palette.

Bridal Veil ~ White and Gold Lattice India Curtain Panel
Saffron Marigold

Bridal Veil Curtain

Consider these soft beautiful curtains for the windows. Like a spider’s web, let the delicate, gossamer pattern weave a web of magic and enchantment in your space.

Marin White 16-Piece Dinnerware Set
Crate and Barrel

Marin Dinnerwear, Crate and Barrel

The creamy earthenware is set apart by the organic edge: simple, yet distinctive, and perfect for your holiday table decor.

Pottery Barn

Flickering Birch Candles, Pottery Barn

Natural and simple–your holiday table will shine when you weave these principles into your centerpiece. This wonderful collection of white birch candles are altogether eye-catching and understated.

Mini Pinecone Napkin Rings Set Of 4
World Market

Mini Pinecone Napkin Ring Set, World Market

Pinecones speak to the season, and they lend a beautiful, nearly-regal look to your naturally elegant holiday table!

Handmade Ivy lace

Table Linens

Handmade decor pays tribute to craftsmen and artisans who create beautiful things using age-old techniques and practices. It rejects factory-produced decorative accents and instead embraces natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship. What better way to start decorating in this theme and create an elegant holiday table setting than with our beautiful handmade Ivy Lace tablecloth created by skilled artisans?

Ivy Lace ~ Elegant White Wedding Round Indian Table cloths
Dance O Peacock ~ Ivory Peacock Feather Elegant Fancy Napkins
Orange Blossom ~ Persian Mediterranean Floral Print Napkin
Mood Indigo ~ Modern Navy Blue White Paisley Dinner Napkin

Ivy Lace Tablecloth: Add flavor and drama to a white Thanksgiving table with this chic and easy tablecloth.

Dance O Peacock Dinner Napkins: Handmade and festive, our blue-on-white napkins sit strikingly against Ivy Lace.

Orange Blossom Dinner Napkins: These orange blossom napkins bring a bit of seasonal color to your Thanksgiving table and cloth napkins always add a special touch to your holiday dinner.

Mood Indigo Dinner Napkins: Pick up the bright white and florals of Ivy Lace in our hand printed indigo and white dinner napkins, scattered with exquisite bouquets.


Sometimes the addition of a single handmade object can change the entire feel of a room. Handmade accessories imprinted with the stories of their makers add whimsy and character to a room. Look for accessories that have interesting shapes and that are to scale with the rest of the display.

Ivy Lace ~ White Country Beaded Window Valance
Saffron Marigold

Ivy Lace Valance

Valances offer a simple, accessible way to dress up windows in a color that easily coordinates with a wide range of elegant holiday table setting ideas–you can keep this particular valance up all season long!

Provisions Dinner Plate

Provisions Dinner Plate, Wisteria

Layer earthy elements to achieve a warm kind of minimalism.

Grevillea + Craspedia Bouquet

Grevillea Bouquet, Terrain

Even in thoroughly modern spaces, a touch of nature can introduce a certain softness and balance to sleek surfaces and angular corners.

Marble + Brass Napkin Rings (Set of 4)
West Elm

Marble and Brass Napkin Ring Set, West Elm

These hand-carved marble and brass rings bring added handmade beauty to an elegant holiday table setting.

Global Ivy Lace

Table Linens

Global decor blends a mix of international cultures into one cohesive, eclectic home. Allow these treasures to mingle–it is much more interesting to mix them up rather than group all goods from one country on one shelf. Roll with the punches here, using every Saffron Marigold napkin you have.

Ivy Lace ~ Elegant White Cotton Cloth Dinner Napkins
Sultans Palace ~ Moroccan Print Bohemian Cloth Dinner Napkins
Spice Route ~ Red Orange Chevron Print Cloth Dinner Napkin
Midnight Lotus ~ Blue and White Floral Party Dinner Napkins

Ivy Lace Dinner Napkins: Fabric dinner napkins always make a meal special, but make your holiday meal a fine dining experience with these lovely, all-white creamy napkins.

Sultan’s Palace Dinner Napkins: Amp up the global feel with Sultan’s Palace napkins in delicious shades of fuchsia, turquoise and ocher. The rich jewel tones against a creamy background will coordinate beautifully with Ivy Lace.

Spice Route Dinner Napkins: Another one of our Eastern-inspired favorites, Spice Route napkins will bring all the color and allure of a bustling Moroccan bazaar to an otherwise white Thanksgiving table.

Midnight Lotus Dinner Napkins: Echoing the scrolling pattern of Ivy Lace, these cheery blue and white napkins from the Midnight Lotus collection are a must.


For accessories, look for pieces with great color, interesting texture, and a handmade look. Remember not to overdo it! A few pieces here and there will set the theme. Moroccan ceramics, Indonesian textiles, African masks, Indian textiles, all against a neutral backdrop–these are all fabulous ideas to bring some global flair to a white Thanksgiving table.

India Rose ~ Floral Pink India Sari Decorative Euro Pillow Sham
Saffron Marigold

India Rose Euro Sham

Inject a dose of vanilla and pink by tossing a few India Rose euro shams around. Make your guests feel perfectly at home, and encourage them to take their shoes off and relax barefoot on these pillows.

Folk Pad Printed Bowls
West Elm

Folk Pad Printed Bowls, West Elm

Mix and match these colorful, hand printed bowls with wild abandon for a brightly global look at your festive table.

Antique Copper Layla Tabletop Lantern
World Market

Layla Tabletop Lanterns, World Market

Surround a lantern like this with pinecones, colorful leaves, and tiny acorns for a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece that has an understated, exotic vibe.

Sicily Ceramic Napkin Rings, Set of 6

Sicily Ceramic Napkin Rings, Williams-Sonoma

Add a bit of la vita bella to your elegant holiday table setting with these gorgeous napkin rings.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!

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  1. The Ivy Lace white tablecloth is perfect for my Thanksgiving table! It will be the perfect base for my gold chargers and white china with gold trim. And, my special centerpiece this year will feature my new Jonathan Adler Peacock Lollipop holder masquerading as a turkey (will be holding feather shaped lollipops from Sweet Factory). Then the Ivy Lace white tablecloth will again be the base for my Christmas table with green chargers, Grandma’s red and white Lenox Christmas china, and the peacock lollipop holder centerpiece (this time holding red & green mini christmas tree lollipops from Sweet Factory). I can’t wait!

    • What an amazing table! I have to google the Jonathan Adler piece immediately – sounds so cool! I’m really glad you’re considering adding our Ivy Lace tablecloth to your decor – I think you’ll be very pleased.
      – Heidi

  2. I’d go traditonal with Ivy Lace. My formal china has a gold band that would look lovely. With a cut crystal vase filled with white roses and greenery, I would have a beautiful table.

  3. I’m going pink with this. I know it’s not traditional Thanksgiving, buy my Grandmothers old transfer wear would set a festive scene. Alabaster candle holders and a white platter adorned with silver gilded pears and cranberries.

  4. Matches my curtains! Something about the white-on-white that is so soothing. I would use white votives with this, and let the color of my golden walls be the contrast.

  5. the great thing about this tablecloth…….any kind of centerpiece would look perfect with it!

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