Create Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Settings With Floral Table Linens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: December 9, 2019

Warm up to our vibrant, hand-printed Tropical Garden floral tablecloth this holiday. All the bounty of the season is gathered in each rich hue of this garden, and it is sure to inspire a variety of beautiful Thanksgiving table settings.

We know that our customers are far from “one size fits all,” so along with our unique, handcrafted table linens, we’d like to share ideas for creating three distinct looks. Of course, mixing and matching is always encouraged! Take a look at Tropical Garden in boho style, with handmade elements, and celebrating everything natural!

Bohemian Tropical Garden

Beautiful Holiday Table Linens

If you’re a free-spirited hostess who loves vintage style, ethnic pieces, bold pattern, and rich color, Tropical Garden will add just the right Bohemian vibe to your table.

Colorful Red Floral Round Country Table cloths

Tropical Garden Tablecloth: It doesn’t get much more festive than this. Bright, hand-printed flowers in rich, natural tones make your table all about the bounty of the harvest. Use a large, round floral tablecloth at your dining table, or a smaller version at a round dessert or beverage table.

Spice Route Dinner Napkins: Layer on patterns with a tribal chevron print. Our artisan-made Spice Route napkins will connect to the color and tone of your tablecloth.

Tropical Garden Dinner Napkins: Orange blossoms thrive in tropical locales and they’ll bloom in a variety of beautiful Thanksgiving table settings!

Red Poppy Dinner Napkins: A delicate red poppy forms helps bring out all the other red tones in the Tropical Garden table linens.


From exotic window treatments to eclectic tableware and natural centerpieces, these ideas will help ensure a warm and wonderful bohemian dinner table.

Wood Slice Charger
West Elm

Wood Slice Charger, West Elm

Keep a few sets of unique chargers on hand for entertaining–they’ll transform basic white plates into alluring tableware.

Vanilla Bourbon
Himalayan Trading Post

Blacksmith Bowl in Vanilla Bourbon, Himalayan Trading Post

Just the right color, just the right shimmer, and just the right style. Add one, three or an entire line-up of these rustic, fragrant, beauties and bring a certain twinkle to your boho feast.

Country Cottage Colorful Curtain Panel
Saffron Marigold

Tropical Garden Curtain (complement)

If you’re interested in creating a whole new scene in your dining room this holiday season, consider the boho wonder of our complementary tropical print. A sheer floral cotton curtain in this pattern will round out your design and create a richly layered, global space.

Floral Hoop Wreath

Floral Hoop Wreath by The Gold Dream, Etsy

Hoop wreaths aren’t just for hanging! Lay these down the center of your table for instant boho charm, or use them to encircle a collection of pedestal candle holders for an easy holiday centerpiece.

Handmade Tropical Garden

Elegant Holiday Table Linens

Saffron Marigold loves the beauty of hand-crafted products; after all, we’re are preserving the ancient art of Indian block printing! From table runners to cloth napkins, we offer lovely accompaniments to your table.

Elegant Holiday Table Linens

Tropical Garden Tablecloth: When you’re expecting a full house for the holidays, choose our generously-sized, hand-printed Tropical Garden tablecloth. Everyone who’s gathered ’round will find something to enjoy in the garden palette at the table.

Tropical Garden Dinner Napkins: Our complementary print for Tropical Garden will work beautifully with the main pattern but not in a matchy-matchy way. You’ll love how easy it is to create a look that is unique and hand touched.

Memories of Shalimar Dinner Napkins: Soft and rich in color, these handwoven green cotton napkins will contribute to the garden bounty theme in your beautiful Thanksgiving table setting.

Orange Blossom Dinner Napkins: Lovely yellow and orange hand printed napkins will add interest and beauty to your table this fall season. Add dimension to your floral table with these unique linens!


Working hard to create a wonderful dinner for friends, celebrating the bounty of the land with loved ones–Thanksgiving speaks to the heart. Use handmade, unique wares for this special holiday.

Himalayan Trading Post
Himalayan Trading Post

Moss Green Tumbler, Himalayan Trading Post

Eco-friendly waxes combine to make for long burning, and beautifully packaged candles. Integrate these with found objects and treasures from your nature walks for a fresh centerpiece.

Mature Leaves Speckled Ceramic Bowl, Novica

Mature Leaves Speckled Ceramic Plates, Novica

As a fair-trade, artisan-made company, we appreciate like minds, and these beautiful plates made in Bali are just right for handmade, beautiful Thanksgiving table settings.

Country Cottage Colorful Beaded Window Valance
Saffron Marigold

Tropical Garden Beaded Valance

Edge a window or doorway with this cheerful and sparkled handmade valance to create a look that moves about your space.

Earthborn Pottery

Earthborn Pottery Bowls, Earthborn

While you’re at it –exploring the vibrancy of fall, that is –why not add to the fun with these eautifully glazed, organically shaped stoneware bowls? If you’re interested in one of a kind, then these may be just what you’re looking for.

Natural Tropical Garden

Colorful, Floral Table Linens

The theme of this print is nature’s bounty, so it only follows that we’d be able to create a wonderful theme of nature-inspired pieces and organic materials. If you’re more likely to be found outside digging in the dirt, or taking a hike, then these ideas are for you.

Exotic Festive Floral Table Runner

Tropical Garden Table Runner: Use our fabulous hand printed, cotton table runner if you want a chance to show off the gorgeous natural grain of your table below. This runner will also be splendid atop a natural dyed solid color tablecloth. Beauty!

Indian Summer Dinner Napkin: The lovely ochre hue of our Indian Summer dinner napkin, and the simple red flower in its center will create a vivid garden-like scene on all of your beautiful Thanksgiving table settings. Enjoy all the color!

Royal Mansour Dinner Napkins: For a effortless, natural look, use crisp white cloth dinner napkins–they’re always in style!

Vanilla Glace Dinner Napkins: Tiny golden blossoms shine like the sun amid the florals of the Tropical Garden print.


Accessorizing with organic elements, nature inspired design, and harvest bounty makes for a rich table! Use colors that are rooted in earth tones, undulating patterns, and bits collected from the outdoors. Along with your natural table decor, consider local farm raised fare and delicious all natural ingredient baked goods!

olivewood charger plate
World Market

Wood Bark Bowl

A handcarved bowl lends a natural, exotic look for a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting.

olivewood charger plate

Olivewood Charger Plate, Williams-Sonoma

Handcrafted from Italian olive wood, this is the charger you’ll want for any nature-inspired table setting.

4in & 6in Antique Brass Vases
Jamali Garden

Brass Vases, Jamali Gardens

Fill these lovely pieces with seasonal greens and berries, and surround them with delicate tea lights. Small bright flowers among flickering candles will create a wonderful scene at your table.

Country Cottage Colorful Kitchen Curtain
Saffron Marigold

Tropical Garden Kitchen Curtain

Your dining room may lend itself to using a shorter kitchen curtain–an excellent choice if you want to let in light and catch some glimpses of the colors of fall out of your windows.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!

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  1. I think these linens call for beautiful red flowers and maybe white china. Beautiful!

  2. Tropical Garden makes me happy! I would pair it with my yellow dishes, some square, some round, for a more eclectc look. And the centerpiece would be a riot of every color of flower in my Bauer green vase.

  3. Ooh, my pretty Thanksgiving pie pan would look gorgeous sitting on top of that tablecloth…!

  4. I’m thinking that you could have a lot of fun with the little colored glass rocks (picking up the colors of the table cloth), an assortment of glass bottles/containers and some candles.
    I think I would use pale yellow glass and red candles. Depending on how it looked small flecks of green might look nice mixed with the yellow glass though of course a green ribbon could always be glued to the outside bottom of the jars.
    Alternatively there is a cake stand from Target that would look nice with the above products: Threshold™ Glass Cake Stand – Sun Eclipse. Filled with Passion or Star fruit you’d have a lovely and tasty focal point.

  5. I would love these linens for a perfect family board game evening. We’ll be dishing out the pumpkin pie and passing the post-meal snacks just as game time starts, and this would be beautiful spread on the table. The perfect centerpiece? A game board, of course!

  6. I wouldn’t want to put too much on that gorgeous fabric. Perhaps just some white candles on silver candelabras. Katie x

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