Exotic, Bold Red Table Linens Create a Splendid Table

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Rich, bold and holiday ready, our red kilim table linens will have your friends and family talking! (As in: “I wonder which far-flung adventure she’s brought this back from?”) Of course, you know the secret – you’ve brought Saffron Marigold home for the holidays! We know you’re not formal and stuffy, and that you love to throw a good party. Consider our Ruby Kilim, with its hearty reds and global flair, our contribution to your fantastic event!

We know that our customers are far from “one size fits all”. So along with our unique, handcrafted table linens, we’d like to share ideas for creating three distinct looks: Ruby Kilim in Bohemian, Handmade and Global.

Bohemian Ruby Kilim

Table Linens

If you’d love an energetic, free-form holiday, our kilim-print linens will add just the right Bohemian vibe to your table. Colorful, ethnic and unique, the Ruby Kilim print allows you to build a layered look that is creative and adventurous.


1. Ruby Kilim Red Table Runner. Use our runner if you love to show off the beautiful wood on your table. Or, layer it across another natural fiber cloth! Either way, you’ll create a look that says, “It’s time to celebrate”!

2. Spice Route Dinner Napkins. These deliciously exotic, hand printed napkins will play beautifully with the deep rich red of our runner, and add to the concert of interesting pattern at your table!

3. Mustard Yellow Linen Napkins, Secrets and Things. Boho style loves to celebrate natural color, and these lovely napkins will add a simple organic element to your table. The easy washed gold is just the tie in you’ll want to the tones in your ruby runner.

4. Pale Gray Raindrops Batik, Margot Bianca. If you’re having a crowd, consider a mix of table linens and napkins. Each can become a point of interest. These hand batiked napkins would absolutely fit the vibe created by Ruby Kilim.


Have I mentioned we have fabulous ideas for accessorizing your table? From exotic window treatments to eclectic tableware, and natural centerpieces. Try a few of these ideas, and your Bohemian style dinner is sure to be warm, welcoming and wonderful.


1. Ruby Kilim Sheer Cotton Curtain (complementary print). The gorgeous complement to our Ruby Kilim print may be just the element you need in your dining room to tease out the creative, free-spirited look you want. A panel at the window or in a doorway will transform your space into an exotic, warm space that is out of this world. (Or at least out of suburbia!)

2. Acacia Serving Bowl, Sur la Table. This is a wonderfully rich, attractive piece. It nicely plays the line between tradition and adventure, and will perfectly complement whatever tasty treat you serve.

3. Pierced Galvanized Globes, Pottery Barn. I am a little bit obsessed with twinkling lights, and I’ve found a way to use them winter, spring, summer , nd fall! These orbs are a wonderful addition to your decor, and make any centerpiece a delight.

Handmade Ruby Kilim

Table Linens

Of course, we at Saffron Marigold love the beauty of hand made, hand touched works. This is, after all, why we are preserving the ancient art of Indian block printing! Let’s get our Handmade Thanksgiving started by choosing from three lovely hand printed linen napkins. Any of which will be a lovely accompaniment to your Ruby Kilim table cloth!


1. Ruby Kilim Round Tablecloth.Use this gorgeously unique red tablecloth when the family’s gathered round, or use at a side table dedicated to drinks or desserts! Since you like handmade, you’ll want to know that all of our prints are designed in-house by Anisha Ghosh, and carefully block printed by artisans in Rajasthan, India.

2. Indian Summer Dinner Napkin. Pick up on the luscious reds of Ruby Kilim with the bright red flower central to our Indian Summer hand printed cotton dinner napkin. You’ll create a distinctive look that definitely requires a second look!

3. Cinnamon Linen Napkins, Linen Line Store Love these natural, handmade napkins. They fit our Ruby Kilim look perfectly, and will wash up beautifully, just like the tablecloth.

4. Olive Green Batik, Margot Bianca.  Add a few natural, easy botanical references to the mix at your table.  They’ll work well with Ruby Kilim’s geometry, but hold their own nicely.


Thanksgiving time just lends itself to natural, organic and handmade design. The ideas of working hard to create a wonderful dinner for friends, and of celebrating the bounty of the land with loved ones are ones that speak to the heart. If you love unique wears that are made with love, you’ll love the handmade Ruby Kilim accessories we’ve chosen for you.

rk_red_rustic_kilim_beaded_valance_mainOhBear teapot crop

1. Ruby Kilim Beaded Valance. Round out your handmade look with a burst of color by using our Ruby Kilim beaded valance. You’ll love every bit of hand made detail!

2. Handmade Teapot, Oh Bear Pottery. The lush red glazes will be right at home in the color scheme you’re building this holiday season. Consider this gorgeous hand thrown teapot as an heirloom anchor piece for your style.

3. Galvanized Metal Planter, Pottery Barn.  Here’s an inspiring design that you can create at your table. Really, it’s all about the bounty of fall, alongside the elegance of more twinkling lights!

Global Ruby Kilim

Table Linens

Of course, Ruby Kilim is a global print, inspired by Turkish Kilims and hand printed in India. We’d like to help you use this piece as a foundation for a celebration that’s rooted in gratitude and family tradition, but touches on tradition and inspiration from around the world!

rk_np_main_largeScreen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.34.45 AM

1. Ruby Kilim Tablecloth. Our global holiday will begin with a full Ruby Kilim tablecloth, the sheer intensity of which will transport your dining room to something from the pages of Afar!

2. Ruby Kilim Napkins. We love the look of our Ruby Kilim cotton dinner napkins along with the tablecloth. They’re designed with a complementary print in the same palette, and so will add brightness and interest to your festive table.

3. Handmade, 100% cotton napkins in Chestnut, Sustainable Threads. Indulge in chocolate tones at the table, while adding global dimension. These napkins will feel great and last forever, and you’ll know you’re setting your table authentically and globally.

4. Kilim Noir Dinner Napkins. Add global dimension to your Ruby Kilim table with our tribal style dinner napkins. These quality, fair trade linens will add to the look of a traveler’s collection at your table.


Global accessories and food are savory, rich, exotic and fun! Use bright colors that are rooted in earth tones, geometric patterns and a bit of sparkle. This holiday, let guests know that you’re making a bit of a departure from traditional fare, and intersperse some unusual ethnic offerings along with family favorites.


1. Ruby Kilim Euro Sham (complementary print). This sham is definitely one of my favorites. Use a large pillow like this to create a far-eastern look in your dining room. Pile a trio in a corner or on an adjacent sofa. You’ll soften your space, add interest, and make for comfy post-dinner seating (or sleeping).

2. Round Madras Chargers, World Market. The quickest and most thrifty way to change the look of your tableware is with a charger. World Market has a large selection, and among others, these Madras charges will add just the right amount of texture and tone to your table.

3. Gold Iron Lanterns, Jamali Gardens.  Lanterns at the table will create warmth, romance and sparkle. These (from a favorite shop, Jamali Gardens) are distinctive, traditional and gorgeous.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!

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    • Thanks, Miriam. These tablecloths really do wash so well. Swatches are really affordable (and large) if you’d ever like to
      “touch” the fabric … that always seems to be so important to me when I’m considering textiles! 🙂

      Take care,

    • Hi Martine! I agree, Ruby Kilim is one of my favorites (especially for fall). And I’m so glad I discovered your blog… You seem like a very busy woman, yet you’ve made time to write about all sorts of inspiring ideas and decor!

      Take care,

  1. My favorite of all the collections is Ruby Kilim table linens!!! Love the festive colors!

    For centerpiece, I would fill my wrought iron pumpkin holder with different colored gourds and surround with clear jars filled with cranberries as the candle holders.

  2. These colors are gorgeous. They will complement my homemade ginger cranberry sauce that I’ll serve in a rose color depression era glass bowl. They would be beautiful for my newborn son’s welcoming ceremony, too, happening right after Thanksgiving!

  3. Love the jewel toned tablecloth. I just says fall and is so welcoming. I would use my collection of old carved wood bed leg candles to add more texture and character to my Thanksgiving table.

  4. White dishes would be set off beautifully on Ruby Kilim. And a black bowl to hold the cranberry sauce. A bautiful centerpiece would be a glass vase filled with cranberries anchoring some Fall branches with green leaves.

  5. I would love the runner atop my buffet table between my window and the dining table.I have lots of Italian pottery to decorate atop it and to match the napkins on the table.I usually decorate with natural elements from my yard and fruit or gourds.

  6. These are so beautiful.

    Simple white dishes, and some fall fruits on a gold platter. Nothing fancy. The linens do it all.

  7. All your products are wonderful, I hope to add more in my home soon! I would use these for both Thanksgiving and Xmas, the colors are so great! My centerpiece is always made from my children, and usually involve outdoor findings that morning. They included leaves, pinecones, fallen branches, just to name a few. They also make handprint turkeys at everyones place to show where to sit! I love involving the children, it makes for an amazing holiday!

  8. This is such a pretty print! I would use it with a set of china that has been in my husband’s family for years and that we inherited from his parents.

  9. I just moved into a new condo and am still settling in. It’s a small place, but it is my home. Honestly, I will use the Ruby Kilim table linens this Thanksgiving alone and just as they are. They are so colorful and unique on their own to be the only things needed for my table. My food will be the centerpiece and my regular dishes will be the settings. My unique table will be set by having my son, mother, and sister all together in one place. This is something that rarely happens. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  10. I just moved into a new condo and am still settling in. It’s a small place, but it is my home. Honestly, I will use the Ruby Kilim table linens this Thanksgiving alone and just as they are. They are so colorful and unique on their own to be the only things needed for my table. My food will be the centerpiece and my regular dishes will be the settings. My unique table will be set by having my son, mother, and sister all together in one place. This is something that rarely happens. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous linens!! I have a victorian house & boy, would this pattern rock my Thanksgiving table! The deep, rich colors are warm, inviting & complement the beautiful holiday foods this time of year. I can imagine how beautiful my antique Limoges dinnerware would look, along with my Waterford Crystal. For a more informal look, my vintage Stanglware, or my red Depression glass dinnerware. Along with a gorgeous festive centerpiece of seasonal flowers, gourds & candles.

  12. Love your tablecloth sets, they’re beautiful! You guys are amazing and I appreciate the diversity of what you offer. Great great job!

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