Celebrate your Table With the Colors of the Season

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Our Moroccan Spice Route print could just not be more perfect for the holidays. The rich, bold hues bring to mind visions of colorful, swirling leaves, and alternately, fragrant heaps of spices mounded at the market. A sensory print to be sure, take it all in this season! We know that our customers are far from “one size fits all”. So along with our unique, handcrafted table linens, we’d like to share ideas for creating three distinct looks: Spice Route in Bohemian, Handmade and Moroccan.

Bohemian Spice Route

Table Linens

All of your friends will be dying to know your secrets – “Where on earth do you find such fabulously unique table linens”? Since you’re easy going, free-spirited and generous, you’ll probably tell them that your linens are hand printed in India, and designed with love by Saffron Marigold. Once your Spice Route tablecloth is glowing on the table, add any of these coordinating cotton dinner napkins for a look that’s as interesting as you and your crowd.

sr_red_orange_moroccan_chevron_print_party_napkin_mainCB2 register-placematstg_np_pd

1. Spice Route Tablecloth. This handprinted piece has a rich variety of tones, from burgundy to ochre, brighter reds and robin’s egg blues. There’s lots of room to play with this!

2. Spice Route Dinner Napkins. For napkins that are perfectly coordinated, but dazzlingly different, choose our Spice Route dinner napkins. A tribal chevron pattern catches your eye and moves into a wonderfully detailed deep blue and copper border.

3. Register Placemats, CB2. Of course, we love color, but texture – oooh, love that too! CB2’s unique chargers will add to layers of line and pattern, while still allowing all the hues of Spice Route to shine through.

4. Tropical Garden Dinner Napkins. These pretty little flowers, along side the bold geometric pattern of the tablecloth, make for beautiful layering of color and design.


Oh, and have I mentioned we have fabulous ideas for accessorizing your holiday table? From exotic window treatments to eclectic tableware, natural centerpieces and global recipes. Try a few of these ideas, and your Bohemian style dinner is sure to be warm, welcoming and wonderful.


1. Kilim Noir Beaded Valance. For a quick, global update of your space, hang a beaded valance atop an existing curtain, or even above a doorway for true boho style! The bold, gold motifs will connect with the warmth of Spice Route, and the exotic design will resonate, even from across the room.

2. Blue Crackle Dinner Plates, by Leslie Freeman Designs, Etsy. Any turquoise tableware like these lovely slab rolled plates will highlight the jewel tones in the Spice Route print. They create a great contrast to the rich reds in the primary part of the tablecloth design.

3. Molded Copper Candle Holders, Viva Terra. These wonderful, simple and natural elements are a perfect tribute to the season we are celebrating. Line the table with coppery, flickering lights for a festive, exotic ambiance.

Handmade Spice Route

Table Linens

Of course, we at Saffron Marigold love the beauty of hand made, hand touched works. This is, after all, why we are preserving the ancient art of Indian block printing! Let’s get our Handmade holiday started by choosing from three lovely hand printed linen napkins. Any of which will be a lovely accompaniment to your Spice Route table runner or tablecloth!


1. Spice Route Table Runner. If you have a lovely table that you just can’t bear to cover up, consider using a table runner! All of our prints are designed in-house by Anisha Ghosh, and carefully block printed by artisans in Rajasthan, India.

2. Indian Summer Dinner Napkin. These pretty napkins will shine next to your Spice Route runner. Together, the natural colors of fall will be celebrated at your table.

3. Fringed Linen Napkins, Urban Flax. Rustic, earthy and vintage looking, these handmade napkins will add a layer of easy texture to your Spice Route table.

4. Red Poppy Dinner Napkins. A cousin of our Indian Summer napkin, hand printed Red Poppy offers a mellow ground and a bright border. These would be fun to mix and match!


Winter holidays just lend themselves to natural, organic and handmade design. The ideas of working hard to create a wonderful dinner for friends, and of celebrating bounty with loved ones are ones that speak to the heart. If you love unique wears that are made with love, you’ll love the handmade Spice Route accessories we’ve chosen for you.


1. Spice Route Curtain (complimentary). We are offering complimentary prints, and this one is a showstopper! The bold, tribal chevron will define your space and create a look that exotic and distinctive.

2.Pedra Artisan Dinnerware, Crate & Barrel. This lovely, hand stamped set is heirloom quality and the variety of color and pattern makes it an extremely versatile, functional set.

3. Wooden Candle Tray, Himalayan Trading Post. I think you’ll love everything about these simple, rustic and handmade candle trays. Not only are they gorgeous, but the fragrances – including Evergreen, Patchouli Ginger and Grapefruit Pine – are amazing!

Moroccan Spice Route

Table Linens

Spice Route is one of our quintessential Moroccan prints. The print and colors tell the story of bustling markets, fragrant spices, and vibrantly clothed shoppers. Use our round Spice Route Moroccan tablecloth in your home, and you’ll transport “far, far away” right to your own space. Your guests will love to tell tales of their “travels” to your home for the holidays.

ob_np_main_largerk_np_main_largekn_black_and_white_zig_zag_print_dinner_napkin (1)

1. Spice Route Round Tablecloth. Use this far eastern tablecloth when family and friends are gathered round a large round table, or drape it over an extra table when you’re serving food buffet style and want an exotic serving space.

2. Ocean Breezes Dinner Napkins. These Moroccan-styled beauties will pick up on the lapiz blues in Spice Route and tease them out nicely. Choose these napkins if you want to accent in blues and chocolates.

3. Ruby Kilim Dinner Napkins. A geometric kilim pattern will fit in nicely with the Moroccan vibe and warm palette of our tablecloth.

4. Kilim Noir Dinner Napkins. Not afraid of color and pattern? Layer it on by using another authentic Moroccan print napkin, Kilim Noir. Create a bright and lively environment that your guests will fit right into.


Moroccan accessories and food are savory, rich, exotic and fun! Use bright colors that are rooted in earth tones, geometric patterns and a bit of gilt. This year, let guests know that you’re making a bit of a departure from traditional holiday fare, and intersperse some unusual Moroccan offerings along with family favorites.


1. Spice Route Cafe Curtain. Did you know we offer cafe curtains? We do! If you have an open floor plan, you might like to tie into your Spice Route dining room by hanging a kitchen curtain in your cooking space.

2. Ceramic Water Pitcher, Treasures of Morocco. I love this piece. The color alone has me sold. Use it with your Spice Route tablecloth and you’ll have created a stunning look for your home.

3. Faceted Terrarium, World Market. I imagine this terrarium filled with fruit, or nuts, or with a single pillar candle flickering inside. It’s unique and versatile. Perfect!

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!

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  1. Gorgeous!!! Love this print! Pretty sure my mom has the matching curtains 🙂

    • Good taste must run in the family! 🙂 I love Spice Route too – it’s a flexible print because it has so many colors in it…. I have it in my dining room and it’s perfect for fall.

  2. – The Spice Route tablecloth perfectly complements my other fall decorations and the earthy tones will definitely spice up my Thanksgiving dinner table 🙂

    – My center pieces will be large candle holders with fall color leaves motif and pumpkin shaped candles in them. I’ll add the little gourds and the pine cone turkey crafts my sons did !!!!

  3. My red plates would look amazing on this tablecloth! I don’t know if I’d do much else as I just love food as a centerpiece when you have a tablecloth this striking.

  4. I love this tablecloth! I would use my antique brass candle sticks, some polish pottery to mix it up and keep the table happy and eclectic, and our cream-colored china to bring in a bit of elegance. My house is a bit of everything I love and my Thanksgiving table would reflect that, especially with family sitting around it!

  5. I love Spice Route. I would not hesitate to use it on my Thanksgiving table and add pumpkins of different sizes (some carved out as candleholders) in rich colors as a centerpiece.

  6. The reds in the Spice Route would be a beautiful back drop & grounding for our thanksgiving dinner! The colors are gorgeous!w

  7. This would be great for Thanksgiving at my in-laws. My MIL is undergoing chemo for breast cancer; we offered to host Thanksgiving at their house so that she can enjoy the day but not deal with any of the stress. She loves to decorate and does lovely centerpieces. This tablecloth would go great with the bittersweet so abundant around here in NH. Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  8. Many have already posted great decorating ideas!

    This design would make a wonderful Thanksgiving motif because of the colors. Keep the good ideas coming.

  9. I would dress my table in this rich, linen tablecloth, adorning it with my vintage ruby bubble depression wear. My cobalt blue depression glass candle holders would light up the scene, as would my yellow Vaseline glass serving bowls. A center piece of gilded gourds and sugared pears would adorn my Munising wooden bowl. Pull out the old silverware. Sit back and soak in the vibe.

  10. Use this rustic red table cloth on a heavy wooden dining table, combine this with Asian themed silver candlesticks…

  11. I have this print for my duvet cover, shams & a window panel. Amazingly enough, the table cloth would look great in my eclectic dining room. The wall color is a bluish green and I have a large framed print of Persian polo players (with warm spice colors) on the wall. Oh, yes, the table cloth would be lovely!

  12. Darn, hit submit too soon. Meant to add that I have a crystal chandelier, red art glass & chrome sconces and my grandmother’s silver tea service in that room. Crystal plates, my husband’s grandmother’s sterling flatware, and natural elements like pumpkins and pomegranates would complete the look.

  13. Loved this post! It’s a lovely twist on the traditional thanksgiving table. A great fusion of exotic and rustic at the same time. And love love love this print tablecloth with the turquoise dishes. One of my favorite combinations!

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