Spread Our Starry Nights Tablecloth, and Dinner Sparkles!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Spread Starry Nights, our hand-blocked batik tablecloth, and you’ll recreate the look of a crisp fall sky, ablaze with stars – right in your own dining room! This handmade linen will sparkle at your holiday celebration, and set a gorgeous stage for accessories in the colors of autumn: moss, ochre, and russet.

We know that our customers are far from “one size fits all”. So along with our unique, handcrafted table linens, we’d like to share ideas for creating three distinct looks: bohemian, handmade and natural. Celebrate!

Bohemian Starry Nights

Table Linens

If you’re a free-spirited hostess who loves vintage style, ethnic pieces, bold pattern, and rich color, Starry Nights will add just the right Bohemian vibe to your table.

md_np_pdwolthuis (1)sr_red_orange_moroccan_chevron_print_party_napkin_detail

1. Starry Nights Round Tablecloth. This tablecloth is so gorgeous, and so unusual, it really creates its own cheerful, bright atmosphere at your table. You’ll want to read about the Dabu printing process used to create the indigo batik. Click on the picture, and you’ll find some great information.

2. Morning Dew Dinner Napkin. Add a layer of color to your Starry Nights table with our French-Moroccan Morning Dew napkins. Pops of tangerine and turquoise will create dimension and shine, while a bold band of navy at the border will connect to the indigo of your bohemian tablecloth.

3. Batik Napkin, Full Moon Loom. If you’re a true boho gal, I imagine you’ll want to add a few of these batiked napkins to your collection. I love the fall accent colors in the “flower”, and think these linens will shine with Starry Nights!

4. Spice Route Dinner Napkins.  These beautiful and unique chevron napkins will be a touchable addition to your eclectic table. Pretty, pretty, pretty!


Have I mentioned we have fabulous ideas for accessorizing your Thanksgiving table? From exotic window treatments to eclectic tableware, natural centerpieces and global recipes. Try a few of these ideas, and your Bohemian style dinner is sure to be warm, welcoming and wonderful.

sn_c_blue_batik_indian_sheer_curtain_panel_main (1)marin-dark-blue-16-piece-plate-settinggold drinking glasses

1. Starry Nights Sheer Cotton Curtain (complementary print). Can you believe how gorgeous this curtain is? Hang it, and it’s as if you’ve hung the stars. Use a panel like this in your dining room to create a scene that’s out of this world!

2. Marin Dark Blue Dinnerware, Crate and Barrel. These glossy indigo plates are banded by a hand-antiqued rim, and they’ll shimmer on your table. You’ll love their color, heft and rustic versatility.

3. Modern Double Old Fashioned, set of 4, Amazon. Add to the sparkle and shine of your special starry night with these shimmery gold-splashed drinking glasses. Everyone will be star struck.

Handmade Starry Nights

Table Linens

Of course, we at Saffron Marigold love the beauty of handmade, hand touched works. This is, after all, why we are preserving the ancient art of Indian block printing! Let’s get our handmade holiday started by choosing from three lovely hand printed linen napkins. Any of which will be a lovely accompaniment to your Starry Nights tablecloth!


1. Starry Nights Tablecloth. If you love the unique lines and variations of handcrafted linens, you’re sure to want to check out our Starry Nights tablecloth. Each piece is handmade with the intricate process of resist dying, using an Indian variation on batik called “double dabu”.

2. Starry Nights Dinner Napkin. The cheerful blue complement of our Starry Nights print is as bold and bright a hand dyed napkin as you’ll find. Use it along with our tablecloths for a look that coordinates but adds nice variety to your table.

3. Pair of Batiked Dinner Napkins, Margot Bianca. Margot Bianca has one of the nicest collections of batik table linens around. For fall, I love our Starry Nights linens along with a chocolate brown napkin. Her botanical prints will help you create a handmade seasonal look.

4. Shibori Napkins, Kasaboo Home. Add a new layer of interest by adding Shibori dyed linens to your starry table. The variations of color will connect perfectly to Starry Nights, and will add interest and festivity to your night.


Holiday time just lends itself to natural, organic and handmade design. The ideas of working hard to create a wonderful dinner for friends, and of celebrating the bounty of the land with loved ones are ones that speak to the heart. If you love unique wears that are made with love, you’ll love the handmade Starry Nights accessories and recipes we’ve chosen for you.

sn_c_blue_batik_stars_window_treatment_valance_mainhandswooden barrel candleholders

1. Starry Nights Beaded Valance (complementary print). We like the look of these beaded valances atop windows and even in doorways. These provide an easy way to soften and enliven your space before your family holiday dinner!

2. Tableware, Joan Platt Pottery. I love the image above of hands holding bowls. Pottery is so sensual, and so about the human touch on clay. Joan Platt has mastered the ethic of letting the pottery tell a story of how it came to be. I think the same can be said of this Saffron Marigold batik tablecloth – the labor intensive process of adding and taking away color tells a story too – a story of patience, and love for beauty

3. Large Wooden Barrel Candle, Himalayan Trading Post. Filled with naturally scented soy wax (in a scent of your choice), this handmade candle will burn well and aromatically through the entire winter season.

Natural Starry Nights

Table Linens

Since our batik Starry Nights print is made with an all natural indigo dye, it seems only “natural” to build a nature inspired look around the print. See what we have in mind for napkins and accessories!

pb_navy_ocean_asian_napkin_detail (1)Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 9.13.09 AMdavid bali napkins

1. Starry Nights Table Runner. Show off the beautiful natural wood of your favorite table by unfurling a bright table runner along it. You really do get the best of both worlds – a burst of color and the organic look and feel of wood.

2. Pacific Blue Dinner Napkins. Perhaps you’d like to choose a nature inspired print like our Pacific Blue napkin, decorated with elegant seashells across an indigo ocean ground.

3.Linen Eyelet Napkins, Coyuchi. Coyuchi has a delicate touch when it comes to organic linens. Intricate and understated eyelet will sit pretty with Starry Nights, to be sure!

4. Indigo Striped Napkin, David Bali. Another unique designer, David Bali makes wonderful batiks, and along with them, natural dyed and trimmed napkins that will glow on Starry nights.


Accessorizing with organic elements, nature inspired design and harvest bounty makes for a rich table! Use colors that are rooted in earth tones, undulating patterns and bits collected from the outdoors. Along with your natural decor, consider local farm raised fare and delicious all natural ingredient baked goods!


1. Starry Nights Kitchen Curtain. Your dining room may lend itself to using a shorter kitchen curtain – an excellent choice if you want to let in light and catch some glimpses of the colors of fall out of your windows.

2. Shimmering Leaf Trays, Viva Terra. Little tray/bowl hybrids like these are so useful for holiday entertaining! Use for nuts and dried fruits, olives or as a spoon rest.

3. Galvanized Troughs, Pottery Barn. I’m of the bent that centerpieces should *always* be natural, but certainly in our organic tablescape! Start with Pottery Barn’s vessel, and fill in your own foraged beauties! A few pumpkins along with purple gourds, and grasses will give you a great start to a lovely, eye-catching piece.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!

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  2. I have a collection of Ball jars in various sizes that would look lovely grouped together with candles/flowers inside.

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