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Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Create an elegant scene this holiday season with the simple swoosh of a tablecloth or runner. Our white and gold tablecloths and other trimmed Vanilla Glacé linens will take care of the rest! If your dinners are known for high style, you’ll find this print to be perfect for your party. The nicest thing about this underplayed, sophisticated pattern is that it can be used to great effect in many decor schemes. Today, we’ll use it at a Bohemian luncheon, a Classic dinner, and a Moroccan brunch. You may be tempted to host all three!

Bohemian Vanilla Glacé

Table Linens

All of your friends will be dying to know your secrets: “Where on earth do you find such fabulously unique table linens”? Since you’re easy going, free-spirited and generous, you’ll probably tell them that your linens are hand printed in India, and designed with love by Saffron Marigold. Once your Vanilla Glacé tablecloth is glowing on the table, add any of these coordinating cotton dinner napkins for a look that’s as interesting as you and your crowd.

kaurture inc gold napkins

1. Vanilla Glacé Round Tablecloth. A round table is the perfect place to show off the brilliant gold piped border of Vanilla Glacé. It’s so pretty, you may want to just stand back and take it all in for a moment before sitting down to eat. Any lull in conversation is sure to be filled in by murmurs of delight as your guests study the intriguing ogee pattern scrolling across the table.

2. Filigree Dinner Napkins, Saffron Marigold. Black accents are always alluring, and our black and white hand printed Filigree napkins will add another level of Boho chic to your dinner table. Use them in combination with some of the gold and white napkins featured for a glamorous, eclectic look.

3. Gather Dinner Napkins, NestaHome. These scripted beauties are glamorous and light hearted all at once. I love them with Vanilla Glacé! (And they’re hand printed as well!)

4. Gold Woodblock Print Napkins, Kaurture. If you’d like to add a bit of global flair to your bohemian gold holiday, add a few of these gold woodblock paisleys from Kaurture.


Oh, and have I mentioned we have fabulous ideas for accessorizing your table? From exotic accents to eclectic tableware, natural centerpieces and global recipes. Try a few of these ideas, and your Bohemian style dinner is sure to be warm, welcoming and wonderful.


1. Vanilla Glacé Euro Sham. Part of your Bohemian style is all about creating that laid back atmosphere… what better way to communicate that then by strewing a few plump pillows here and there in your space? Seating, snoozing and beauty provided, all at once!

2. Clay Tagine, Williams-Sonoma. White and gold set the stage for your Bohemian gold celebration, and white on terracotta is a lovely play on this theme. This uniquely crafted, modern and bright baking dish is perfect for sauces, spices and dips.

3. Marble and Brass Serving Tray, World Market. To create a beautiful boho centerpiece, you need look no further than your collections cupboard, or the local flea market for finds. Use a stunning tray like this as a base, and fill to your heart’s content with all your gorgeous goodies.

Classic Vanilla Glacé

Table Linens

White and gold naturally lend themselves to the most sophisticated and formal of affairs. If your family calls for dinner with a bell and serves from Grandmother’s silver, you’ll want to peruse this look. Bear in mind, however, this is not your grandmother’s white tablecloth. Subtly global and bohemian in it’s style, you’ll be elegant and eclectic all at once!


1. Vanilla Glacé Rectangular Tablecloth. “Chic and interesting,” you’ll hear guests whisper, as they dish on your decorating style this holiday. After all, this is no traditional white tablecloth affair – you’re using our hand printed, artisan made Vanilla Glacé! You’ve raised the bar, dear.

2. Vanilla Glacé Dinner Napkins, Saffron Marigold. The complementary pattern of our Vanilla Glacé napkins will simply sing alongside your tablecloth. Tiny ogee scrolls and bits of gilt add dimension but not busyness to your Classic Thanksgiving table.

3. Gold Buffet Napkins, World Market. If you want to play up the gold in our print a bit more, consider this gold napkin from World Market. The soft sheened print will be lovely alongside Vanilla Glacé.

4. Villeroy and Bosch Brushstroke, Overstock.  A refined, gold-bordered napkin will add a dressy finishing touch to your fabulous fête.


Classic design should be purposeful and sparing. Just enough of each element, and never too much. Discretion is your friend. With those constraints in mind, we’ve chosen accessories that will build your elegant Thanksgiving look without losing it in the process.


1. Bridal Veil Sheer Cotton Curtain. If your dining space or an adjacent room requires curtains for privacy or for decor, consider our gorgeous hand printed Bridal Veil pattern, also in white and gold. This gauzy treasure will shimmer and shine day or night, and add to the elegant ambiance at your Vanilla Glacé dinner party.

2. Gold Charger Plate, Save on Crafts. A set of gold chargers makes for an understated yet enchanting table. (Plus, you can use your “old” plates and create an entirely new look!)

3. White Berry Branch, Pottery Barn. The challenge at this table is to incorporate foliage without being cluttered or messy. To accomplish this, use a monochromatic scheme with a few pops of woody bronze and natural white.

Moroccan Vanilla Glacé

Table Linens

Vanilla Glacé is certainly a Moroccan print, but oh, so subtle in its style. The feel is almost ethereal, and your family and guests will have the sensation that they’ve been lifted away to a glamorous Moroccan resort for dinner. I’m sure that this is a sensation for which they’ll be quite grateful! 🙂


1. Vanilla Glacé White and Gold Table Runner. Use our exquisite Vanilla Glacé runner across a rich natural wood table, or over a pristine white or gold linen tablecloth. So many ways to create a memorable Moroccan table!

2. Dance O Peacock Dinner Napkins, Saffron Marigold. If you’d like to depart from the norm a bit, glam up your table with our Dance O Peacock hand printed napkins. While there are some similar motifs in the pattern, they’ll allow you to introduce an entirely new palette to your table accents.

3. Gold Beaded Cream Napkin, Pier 1. Yes, please! I’ll take these glam napkins! Sparkling beadwork brings a Moroccan shimmer to your festive table, yet remain well within your elegant gold and white theme.

4. Kate Spade Harbour Drive Napkin, Bloomingdale’s. If you love gold, gold, and more gold, then you will want to pick up some snazzy gold striped napkins from Bloomingdale’s. They’ll simply add to the sizzle at your fab Moroccan Thanksgiving!


Moroccan accessories and food are savory, rich, exotic and fun! Use bright colors, geometric patterns and a bit of gilt. This year, let guests know that you’re making a bit of a departure from traditional fare, and intersperse some unusual Moroccan offerings along with family favorites.


1. Vanilla Glacé Beaded Valance. If hosting the holidays has given you the creative urge to update your space, consider a sparkly beaded valance atop your windows, or even at a doorway for an exotic Moroccan look.

2. Moroccan Glassware, World Market. Quintessential Moroccan fare includes Moroccan mint tea, served in gilded glasses like these. Pick up a set for an authentic Moroccan meal.

3. Moroccan Porcelain Jar Lanterns, Plantation Design. Nothing could be more lovely than a sparkling Moroccan lantern at your Moroccan Thanksgiving table. For a unique turn, use porcelain jar lanterns, which will create quite an ambiance when filled with glowing candles.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!

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