Rustic Indigo Table Linens Make for Inviting Dinners

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

To lay eyes on Pacific Blue, or to touch it with your hands, is to fall in love. This fabulously unique print is lovely for winter holidays because its warm, rustic look and rich indigo color are perfect foils for the russets, ochres, and reds of harvest.

We know that our customers are far from “one size fits all”. So along with our unique, handcrafted table linens, we’d like to share ideas for creating three distinct looks created around Pacific Blue: Bohemian Pacific Blue, Global Pacific Blue, and Natural Pacific Blue. Celebrate!

Bohemian Pacific Blue

Table Linens

If you’re a free-spirited hostess who loves vintage style, ethnic pieces, bold pattern, and rich color, Pacific Blue will add just the right Bohemian vibe to your table. Use it as a ground for bright plating and accessories, or tie into the creamy cotton and use natural fibers and vintage wood pieces on top.


1. Pacific Blue Round Tablecloth. Round tables seem to create a special warmth, and topping that table with a unique, hand made blue tablecloth will set just the festive scene that you imagine for your family and friends. No run of the mill, polyester tablecloth will do for you! Instead, choose our heirloom quality, artisan made indigo cotton for your family celebrations.

2. Spice Route Dinner Napkins. Because our bohemian spirits love pattern, we’ll layer it on with a tribal chevron print. Our artisan made Spice Route napkins are a bright contrast to Pacific Blue, and will introduce a new level of exotic to your dinner.

3. Sea Life Batik Napkin Set, Margot Bianca. If you’re entertaining for several meals, consider using these batiked, naturally dyed linens for a breakfast or lunch. You’ll create a completely new look and the colors are perfect for fall against Pacific Blue.

4. Memories of Shalimar Dinner Napkins. I love these rich, muted floral napkins. The mossy ground will be soft against Pacific Blue, and the dark navy outlines will hum along with our indigo dye. The tiny bit of gold will read like the natural sparkle of sand on the shore.


Have I mentioned we have fabulous ideas for accessorizing your Thanksgiving table? From exotic window treatments to eclectic tableware, natural centerpieces and global recipes. Try a few of these ideas, and your Bohemian style dinner is sure to be warm, welcoming and wonderful.


1. Pacific Blue Sheer Cotton Curtain. Perhaps an adjacent room could use a new look. Consider creating a vibe by using our Pacific Blue sheer cotton curtain. This curtain lends itself to a calm, imaginative feel, and will make for a lovely consistency when your guests spot the print again in your dining room!

2. Golondrina Tapas Plate, La Tienda. Add a little heat and spice to your table with rustic style tapas plates. I warn you, once you start browsing around for La Tienda, you’ll be hooked. So many colors and patterns! Just the perfect bit of sizzle for your Bohemian dinner party.

3.Chickenwire Handled Basket, Save On Crafts. This is one of my all time favorite centerpiece ideas. Use a rustic wire basket and fill, fill, fill with leaves, pinecones, fall flowers, mos, and acorns.  What a look! Can my flower children friends agree that this is awesome?!

Global Pacific Blue

Table Linens

If you love to travel, or even just to dream of far off places, than you’ll understand the vision behind Pacific Blue. Imagined on the California coast, this print surveys the beautiful Pacific as it rises and falls all the way to the Far East. You’ll be reminded of rustic Japanese forms and enjoy the metaphor of uncharted waters as you decorate your table around this hand printed beauty.

ob_np_main_large (1)Mood Indigo napkinsdp_paisley_vintage_red_blue_napkin_detail

1. Pacific Blue Tablecloth. Undulating waves can grace your dining room when you unfurl a Pacific Blue tablecloth. While everyone is certainly grateful for family and home, I’m sure that in your global space, at least a few will begin to daydream of their next vacation. 🙂

2. Ocean Breezes Dinner Napkins. Add a bit of Moroccan flair to your world-wide celebration by using our hand printed Ocean Breezes cotton napkins. You’ll catch glimpses of Moroccan tile, and have the sense that the sea is just outside your coastal villa.

3. Mood Indigo Napkins. The elaborate paisley pattern of Mood Indigo is so beautiful against our Pacific Blue. Pull out all the stops for global design with this exciting print!

4. Dancing Paisleys Dinner Napkins. Add colorful, ruby-red paisleys to your global table. In no way “matchy-matchy”, they’ll lend a bold consistency to your aesthetic that will surely resonate in your welcoming space.


We all enjoy the layers of influence in food, art and ideas born of our multi-cultural country. Why not take that to the next level and really play up a global theme at your holiday dinner? Incorporate the traditions of the “melting-pot”, and you’ll find that you’re creating a new tradition that you and your family will cherish.

pb_navy_ocean_asian_euro_sham.jpgnito-oval-serving-tray-with-handles-ctiled tabletop lantern

1. Pacific Blue Euro Sham.  Extra large euro sham pillows around a low coffee table create quite a peaceful look, as well as providing extra seating for unexpected guests! Consider Pacific Blue in a space that has an eastern sensibility, or a rugged global vibe.

2. Nitro Serving Tray with Handles, Williams-Sonoma. Notice how the woven pattern of this natural fiber basket imitates the print of Pacific Blue? Using this Philippine serving dish will create an understated consistency in your space.

3. Tiled Tabletop Lantern, World Market. Lanterns are a sure fire way to create a “traveler’s” look at your table, but how about this dressed up version? Elaborate alone, this lantern would be just that much more stunning with a few flowers or leaves at its base.

Natural Pacific Blue

Table Linens

Pacific Blue is inspired by natural beauty, so it only follows that we’d be able to create a wonderful theme of nature-inspired pieces and organic materials. If you’re more likely to be found outside staring at the sea or climbing a mountain, then these ideas are for you.


1. Pacific Blue Table Runner. Pacific Blue will add a strip of rich natural color to your table, and is the perfect way to show off beautiful wood grain beneath. Alternately, use this table runner over a natural linen tablecloth for a soothing, soft look this season.

2. Pacific Blue Dinner Napkins. For an authentically global look in your home, use our nature inspired Pacific Blue dinner napkins. The palette connects perfectly to our runner, and the theme will have adventure in the air.

3. Helena Indigo Napkin, Crate and Barrel. If you like soothing, neutral accessories, choose an unbleached linen napkin like this one from Crate and Barrel.

4. Hatch Napkin, Block Shop. As you can see, I love batik, and I love it with this tablecloth. Blockshop Textiles has lovely linens that you’re certain to enjoy perusing.


Accessorizing with organic elements, nature inspired design, and harvest bounty makes for a rich table! Use colors that are rooted in earth tones, undulating patterns, and bits collected from the outdoors. Along with your natural decor, consider local farm raised fare and delicious all-natural ingredient baked goods!

pb_navy_ocean_asian_valancedanko pottery stoneware pitcher

1. Pacific Blue Beaded Valance. Grace a window or doorway with this shimmering hand dyed beauty to introduce a bit of dreamy dark blue into your space. You’ll think of the rich night sky or the expansive ocean every time you walk by.

2. Handmade Stoneware Pitcher, Danko Pottery. Both the process and the product of thrown clay are intrinsically natural and organic, and Daniel Nikolov is a master of the art. (You’ll want to see everything on her site!) Use a special container like this one to keep glasses full at your holiday table.

3. Bennett Lantern, Pier 1. Add an interesting design element to your table with this rustic, elegant lantern.  Perhaps house a tea light inside, or a set of twinkling fairy lights!

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!