Create Three Looks with Our Moroccan Table Linens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Along with the traditions of generosity, gratitude and lingering with family around the holiday table, why not add a touch of something fabulously new, unique and gorgeous? Our bold, Moroccan inspired Casablanca collection is just the springboard for the delightful, global table of your dreams! We know that our customers are far from “one size fits all”. So along with our unique, handcrafted blue and white table linens, we’d like to share ideas for creating three distinct looks: Casablanca in Handmade, Bohemian and Moroccan. Take your pick, or mix a bit from all three!

Handmade Casablanca

Table Linens

Of course, we at Saffron Marigold love the beauty of hand made, hand touched works. This is, after all, why we are preserving the ancient art of Indian block printing! Let’s get our Handmade holiday started by choosing from three lovely hand made napkins. Any of which will be a lovely accompaniment to your Casablanca white and blue table runner!


1. Casablanca Blue and White Table Runner. Our gorgeous runner, patterned with hand printed quatrefoils in deep blue, sky, and avocado, will be the stand out feature in your dining room this year. The quality of this piece, and its artisan origins will set a tone for an authentic, global space in your home.

2. Casablanca Dinner Napkins. Use coordinating Casablanca dinner napkins in keeping with your handmade and Moroccan theme. Our dinner napkins are made of soft, high quality cotton, and will wash beautifully after dinner!

3. Peacock Tales Dinner Napkins. Pull out the lovely turquoise blue in our runner with hand printed, flourished, feathered napkins. Remember, coordinating napkins are beautiful as bread basket liners too!

4. Sundial Block Print Napkins, The Fold. Play a bit with the blues in our Casablanca collection by mixing and matching with these lush, graphic napkins. Beautiful, organic color and lines will pick up on the feel of Casablanca without being overly “matchy”.


Holiday season just lends itself to natural, organic and handmade design. The ideas of working hard to create a wonderful dinner for friends, and of celebrating the bounty of the land with loved ones are ones that speak to the heart. If you love unique wears that are made with love, you’ll love the handmade Casablanca accessories we’ve chosen for you.


1. Casablanca Blues Curtain. Create the feel of a richly appointed Moroccan home by hanging our luxe Casablanca Blues sheer curtains in a window or across a doorway. You’ll immediately update and refresh your space with these distinctive hand made panels!

2. Perasima Dessert Plates, Anthropologie. I think the combination of washed, almost watercolor blue over pristine white creates a perfectly bright and organic look. A few handcrafted pieces at your table will go far in extending the authentic look you’re creating.

3. Blue Atitlan Vases, Novica. I love these simply hand painted vases for fall and winter decor. Again, these embody the nexus of rustic design and bold color. Fill the vases with orange and russet mums and marigolds for a look that reads “fall colors and blue skies”.

Bohemian Casablanca

Table Linens

If you’re a free-spirited hostess who loves vintage style, ethnic pieces, bold pattern, and rich color, Casablanca Blues will add just the right Bohemian vibe to your table. I’m sure that our ideas for handmade napkins, and an assemblage of other lovelies will soon have your creative juices flowing!


1. Casablanca Round Tablecloth. Use this bright beauty at the table where your family’s gathered for dinner, or atop a round corner table set with desserts and beverages. Either way, it will be a conversation piece.

2. Casablanca Blues Dinner Napkins. If you’re using two tables, as many large families do at the holidays, consider using coordinating napkins to tie both tables together!

3. Handmade Indigo Dinner Napkins, British Malay Shop. Soft and rich in color, these hand woven napkins will contribute to the bold bounty theme at your Thanksgiving table.

4. Dance O Peacock Dinner Napkins. For a distinctive flair, choose napkins from our Dance O Peacock collection. They distinguish themselves from Casablanca Blues, but have some captivating thematic similarities.


Complete the vision of a Bohemian Thanksgiving with colorful glass tableware and our hand printed curtains! Your table will sparkle with light and color, and of course, fantastic conversation.


1. Casablanca Beaded Valance. Our sparkly, beaded valance is a splendid counterpart to your Casablanca Blues round tablecloth. Hang these valances above your windows (even a little higher than the actual window) to create the illusion of a larger space!

2. Portland Pitcher, Pottery Barn. This vessel is unusual enough to be noticed, but remains a perfect backdrop for the lovely refreshments you serve up at your special dinner.

3. Blue Glass Bottle, World Market.  Fill this lovely pale blue bottle with a few stems from your local flower market, for a truly boho look, you’ll want to add a few found items – maybe wrap the vase in a vintage necklace, or nestle it in a handmade bowl filled with beads.

Moroccan Casablanca

Table Linens

Our Casablanca collection is obviously Moroccan inspired, and will create a vibe in your home that is distinctly global, colorful and exotic. Use a hint of a Moroccan theme this year for a holiday that will be memorable and fun for all!


1. Casablanca Tablecloth. For the long table, lined with family and friends, our Casablanca blue and white tablecloth is just the thing. You’ll create a fresh, light look, founded in a palette that is a perfect foil for the rich, warm colors of harvest foods.

2. Vanilla Glacé Dinner Napkins. Our white and gold Moroccan style dinner napkins will add a touch of sparkle and elegance to your feast. Combining patterns of differing scales is a great way to add visual interest to your space, even when the colors are underplayed, as they are in white on white Vanilla Glacé.

3. Fern Napkins, Henhouse LinensPlay up the moss green accents in your tablecloth with this boldly organic cotton napkin.

4. Abigail’s Pom Pom Napkins, Wayfair. Soft, fresh and festive, these linens will translate “sophisticated and playful”.


Round out the Casablanca feel of your dining room with some well placed trimmings. Use colors of the sea and shore along side the warm, bold colors of the sun and of harvest.


1. Casablanca Blues Euro Sham. Don’t you love the seating area created with our Casablanca Blues euro sham? Since everyone wants to relax and rest after dinner anyhow, why not create a designated space for lounging? Your guests will thank you and remember you for it.

2. Blue Terracotta Tile Tagine, World Market. Prepare your Moroccan Thanksgiving or Christmas authentically, and in style with one of these gorgeous blue tagines.

3. Moroccan Berber Gold Tea Glasses, Amazon. For extra dazzle at this table, go for elegance with etched Moroccan tea glasses. Fill with lemon water, or Moroccan mint tea!

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!