Table linen series

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 6, 2014

With the festive fall season and the holidays fast approaching, the one room that is bound to get a lot of use and traffic will be your dining room. After all, what good is a family gathering if it is not centered around food? ūüôā

And what better way to dress up your dining table than lay out a delicious tablecloth and coordinating napkins, to highlight all the dishes set upon it!

To help you decide the perfect tablecloth for your holiday table, we are starting our table linen series, a compilation of all our ideas and inspirations from our blog in one easy place ~ your go-to resource for the holidays!

Spice Route

Indian Summer

Tropical Garden


Ruby Kilim

Memories of Shalimar

Chasing Butterflies

Waltz of the Vines

Red Poppy

Kilim Noir

Vanilla Glacé

Ivy Lace

India Rose

Dance O Peacock

Paisley au Lait

Paisley Fraiche

Sultan's Palace

Midnight Lotus

Moonlit Taj


Morning Dew

Pacific Blue

Navajo Rhythms

Ocean Breezes

Starry Nights

Purple Moon

Stay tuned for more in the series, more ideas using prints and colors that will create the right mood for the right occasion!