Peacock Summer Dining – It’s Never Been This Colorful!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 30, 2018

If you’re planning some summer entertaining, and could use a little inspiration, take a look at our fabulously unique Dance O Peacock table linens!  Classic and modern all at once, the print lends itself to bright accents (Oh, the colors!), and will be the perfect backdrop for many a summer party!


Dance O Peacock

Oh so fresh, blue-green and ivory come together in a print that’s gorgeously vivid and graphically rich. You’ll never feel dull or uninspired once you unfurl this glamorous cotton cloth across your table.

Colorful Tableware

cambria turquoise and green PB
Pottery Barn

Cambria in Mint and Turquoise

I’m definitely drawn to cool, bright colors atop Dance O Peacock. The mix of Pottery Barn’s Cambria dinnerware in turquoise and pale mint are scrumptious, and would make any peacock proud.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Fiestaware in Sunflower

For bold color that nearly vibrates on our bright summer table, choose this sunny classic.

Summery Centerpiece Ideas


Ceramic Square in White

If you love to decorate with flowers, I recommend that you check out Afloral for a huge range of beautiful vases and arrangement ideas. This contemporary glass is just about as perfect as it can get for our Dance O Peacock table. Clean and white, it will showcase all your colorful blooms.


Metal Vector Vase

Ever so classy, and very much in line with the bright, sophisticated look of Dance O Peacock, this gold geometric vase is sure to be one you reach for again and again.

Cool Cotton Napkins

Saffron Marigold

Dance O Peacock Napkins

I love the almost Moroccan detailing and intricate pattern of our Dance O Peacock napkins. Using pattern of varied scales enhances the style you’re creating without overwhelming. I highly recommend these little gems!

Saffron Marigold

Vanilla Glacé Napkins

If you’d like a napkin that stands out a bit, or would just like the option of another look, you’ll love our Vanilla Glacé print. White on white, with a hint of gold, these are a perfect companion to Dance O Peacock, and certainly hold their own.

Fresh Treats

Bubby’s Pies

Sour Cherry

“Fresh” and “colorful” are the words of the day, so we’ll introduce a deliciously sweet and sour pie. With cherries fresh picked in Michigan, and Bubby’s secret recipe, you can’t go wrong!

Chef Shop

Ranier Cherries, 4 lb box

If you’d rather work up those cherries on your own, and turn them into jams or chutneys or tarts…consider ordering a giant box from eastern Washington State!

Welcome to our Summer series. Here you will find many ideas to use Saffron Marigold linens to dazzle and cheer up your bedrooms, dining rooms, living spaces and baths!

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