Get that Springtime Sparkle in Your Home with Our Global Jewel, Ruby Kilim

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 11, 2015

A spring makeover does not always have to be about pastels and florals, but a spring makeover almost always has to be about the colors you like. Today, we’ll take a look at a bold and vibrant spring palette, bursting with dramatic reds, warm plums and new greens!

swatch collage
Color swatches

Ruby Kilim will bring a brilliant global vibe to both your springtime bath and living room.  Inspired by those fabulous Turkish rugs that we drool over (but few of us can afford), Ruby Kilim harnesses the same wow factor, bringing warm color and vibrant energy.

Ruby Kilim in the Spring Bath

Close your eyes and imagine a bath saturated with color! Rich red takes center stage, and accessories are soft and neutral. Plush towels in plum and bisque envelop you, fresh scent candles surround your senses, amd charming bird accessories bring in a touch of nature. A boldly patterned rug and basket mirror the geometry of the print. These combine to make your bath a sanctuary!

RK spring bath collage


Ruby Kilim in the Spring Living Room

Play with floral notes and hints of spring in your Ruby Kilim living room. Using bits of global decor and rich, authentic fabrics will give your space the makeover you’ve been craving all winter! Here are some ideas using Ruby Kilim curtains and a reverse print euro sham to create a space that is pulsating with lively color and style!

RK Spring LR 2015


Spring is the perfect time for infusing your space with new life. We love the idea of a global gallery, featuring red Ruby Kilim, lots of greenery and muted jewel tone florals. Crack the windows, let the sunshine in, and your home will sparkle.

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  1. We have Ruby Kilim curtains in our bedroom and they add so much warmth! Right out our window is a beautiful view of Pikes Peak and the curtains frame it perfectly!

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