Create an Easy Beach House Vibe with Our Coastal Linens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: March 24, 2020

Do you remember the days when spring meant spring break? With warmer days ahead, many of us are dreaming of days spent out on the boat or digging our toes in the sane. Waltz of the Vines is so mellow and natural that you’ll find yourself immersed in those sunny, sandy daydreams!


This print, with its soft yellow and green pastels captures the allure of sandy shores and warm sunsets.

Accent with robin’s egg blue, pale sage, and dusty pink.

Waltz of the Vines in the spring dining room

For the Waltz of the Vines dining room, look for all things natural. For example, anything made from wood, bamboo, or shells will look right in this space. Natural fibers go upscale in this coast-meets-chic dining room, with a trimmed sisal rug and an oversized lantern! Everything comes together around the pale yellow and green beachy cotton tablecloth.


Waltz of the Vines in the spring bedroom

Imagine an open window, an ocean breeze in the warm air, and the cool cotton of our pale yellow bedspread against your skin.  Aren’t you just soothed into serenity at the very thought of this scene? You can make it a reality by spreading Waltz of the Vines across your bed and using a few choice accessories!


I was so happy to find your website. I ordered two table cloths and a table runner. We were hosting a family reunion over the weekend. Didn’t know if the package would arrive in time. Thankfully, it came two days before our party. Absolutely loved the linens – and had so many wonderful compliments. THANK YOU!! The quality was amazing. I haven’t washed them yet. I don’t usually offer my opinions on products I order. This was a very nice surprise. Thank you.
Julia from West Point, Nebraska

Saffron Marigold 🙂 love that name! Yes, Waltz of the Vines arrived, and they were quickly washed and delivered to my daughter at college for her first off-campus house bedroom. We were more than pleased when we saw the warm beauty of the duvet cover. My daughter said the cover warms up the room and welcomes her after a long and difficult day. Thank you. We will surely order from your web site again! Sincerely, Deborah
Deborah from River Vale, New Jersey

If your spring decor calls for a mellow beachy vibe, you’re sure to love our Waltz of the Vines linens. Get a jump start on summer now!
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There’s spring cleaning, and then there’s spring decorating! We’ve got loads of ideas for creating beautiful global bedrooms, dining rooms and baths.

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    • I know! (And don’t you think we could make one?) – Actually, I’ve found quite a few “rope decor” tutorials online. 🙂

  1. I use this print in my bathroom. I have used it with greens and golds, ive even brought in a little orange. It creates a rich color. Its beautiful. I am always complimented on how beautiful the bathroom is. I also use it as a beach theme. I have shells and a collection of sands from all over the world. Very good quality and care have gone into making these textiles. I am very pleased with the product and the company.

    • Thanks for the compliments! Your bath decor sounds lovely… you know, we love to see photos of what our customers are doing with our linens. We even have a Pinterest page of customer photos now! 🙂

      – Heidi

  2. Thanks for including my handmade soup bowls in your ‘spring dining room’, they look lovely with your other selections & also I appreciate you adding the link to my Etsy store. This is a new range of work for my 2016 collection! I am gradually adding lots more items in this style & colors to my store. 🙂

    • So glad you like it in this collection, Marie! I’ve followed your store for a couple years, and really like your touch and glaze techniques.
      – Cheers,

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