Set a Sparkling Table with White and Gold Moroccan Linens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 8, 2018

Wouldn’t you know it, Saffron Marigold has created a way for you to have the classic look you want for holiday entertaining, and at the same time, to weave in unique flourishes of your global, eclectic style.  We’ll lay the table with our crisp, white, handprinted Moroccan style linens, and then layer on the goodies:  Take a look at Royal Mansour in boho style, Vanilla Glacé as it celebrates everything Moroccan and Royal Mansour again, dressed up in elegant, classic elements.  Enjoy!

Bohemian Royal Mansour

Table Linens

Royal Mansour is the perfect playground for bohemian entertaining.  It works as a blank slate, and can be topped with whatever combination of colors and textures you love best.  However, Royal Mansour is so. much. more.  (Which is why it is a customer favorite!)  The delicate white on white pattern means it anchors your look in ethereal, elegant style.


1. Royal Mansour Round Tablecloth. Who doesn’t love a round table, encircled by friends and family – and heaping with food and drink? Use Royal Mansour as a springboard to a celebration of love, color, and flavor!

2. Dance O Peacock Dinner Napkins. Dance O Peacock has lines that mirror the elegant graphic sense of Royal Mansour, and colors that will shimmer and shine over the white-on-white.

3. Mughal Poppy Dinner Napkin. Bold, bright red against white can be incorporate into your bohemian style whether you’re using it against a big bouquet of summer wildflowers, or to pick up on the berry notes of holiday color schemes.

4. Filigree Dinner Napkins. Love the vintage side of boho style? Use our Hollywood glam print, Filigree, to take your table back in time.


To make this scene truly bohemian, you’ll want to fill your space with gathered, handmade, vintage and global pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix genres, colors, and styles. You’ll find that your look coalesces around the feel of the memories and pieces you love. Check out some of these lovely items for inspiration!

sissinghurst castle anthro

1. Polished Brass Candelabra, Jamali Gardens. I don’t know about you, but this candle cluster from Jamali Gardens is everything! Fill it with quality tapers and you’ll have a stunning centerpiece on your table or sideboard.

2. Staggered Vase, Anthropologie. Diminutive glass vases are sweet enough to place at each table setting. A sure way of saying “you are welcome here”.

3. Sissinghurst Castle Dinnerware, Anthropologie. Some of the fun of using white table linens is that you can go a little wild with table and serve ware. These floral beauties are fresh and surprising, but at the same time, have a timeless look.

Moroccan Vanilla Glacé

Table Linens

Now, let’s take a trip around the world to a land that has inspired so much design and style, that it’s almost unparalleled. To tap into this look, we’ll use our stunning white and gold Vanilla Glacé white and gold table runner. Use this piece over another cotton or linen cloth – perhaps in a pale gold beige – or spread it over a gorgeous wooden table.


1.Vanilla Glacé White and Gold Table Runner. Vanilla Glacé is a traditional ogee print, done in white on white and accented with gold piping. You’ll love the understated glamour it brings to your space.

2. Casablanca Dinner Napkins. We’ll surround our holiday table with the pieces from our collection that are inspired by Moroccan design. Casablanca is a premier example. Printed on a crisp bright ground, the colors will shine like sparkling blue water against white sand.

3. Royal Mansour Dinner Napkins. Moroccan style is simply lovely when it is reduced to basic elements. This can be accomplished by using a monochromatic color scheme – in this case white – which elevates the graphic lines and sophisticated design. Royal Mansour + Vanilla Glacé = true (Moroccan) love.

4. Casablanca Blues Dinner Napkins. If you want to turn up the color at your table, bring our sea-glass blue and green dinner napkins to the scene. Consider using both Casablanca and Casablanca Blues at a larger table for bold variety.


Yes, please. Half the fun of Moroccan style is collecting the beautiful pieces that make your design complete. Here a few lovelies to get you started, along with a tasty recipe to serve to guests!

luxury el Kef tea glasses casablanca market

1. Lagare Lantern, Ballard Design. Of course, you’ll want a lantern or two if you really want that Moroccan sensibility. World Market consistently carries a nice variety of lanterns, so you have plenty from which to choose! These are among my favorites.

2. Copper Top Candles, VivaTerra. I’ve been waiting for a reason to share these lovely baubles with all of you. Yes, they are candles, but they’re also a beautiful accent which can be refilled with tea lights when the candle burns down.

3. El Kef Tea Glasses, Casablanca Market. If you are really committed to Moroccan style, you’ll want to explore Casablanca Market. You’ll find elegant tea glasses like these, teapots, trays, tagines, poufs and so much more!

Classic Royal Mansour

Table Linens

We’ve been bold, far-flung, and traveled ’round the world, but the nicest thing about our elegant white table linens is that they are lovely in a traditional, classic setting as well. Let’s take a look at dinner napkins that make our table simple and sophisticated. rm_white_medallion_lattice_moroccan_tablecloth_main


1. Royal Mansour Table Cloth. Cover your table with this beauty and you’ll instantly introduce a sense of sophisticated calm to your space. The pattern is unique, yet understated and will manage to be a presence without taking over.

2. Ivy Lace Dinner Napkins. For this elemental table, we’ll go way back in the Saffron Marigold collection to one of our first favorites – Ivy Lace. Even if you haven’t seen it before, we think you’ll love it alongside Royal Mansour. Floral and feminine, this fabric adds dimension and action in serene style.

3. Mood Indigo Dinner Napkins. Stay classic, and introduce navy and white to your dinner table. This traditional color combination is absolutely elegant, and is beautiful with bright floral accents.

4.Vanilla Glacé Dinner Napkins. We’ll weave Vanilla Glacé back into our look by using dinner napkins along with the Royal Mansour tablecloth. I think you’ll love the scale of design on these napkins, as well as the bit of gold trimming.


Accessories for this table are going to be simple and gilded. They’ll catch your eye, for sure, and in a way that makes you want to take a closer look.


1. Mercury Glass Candle Holders, World Market. Light up the room with warmth that emanates from these gold-rimmed and flecked votive holders. Avoid scented candles at the dinner table, as they interfere with one’s palate. Instead, use high-quality unscented soy candles.

2. Hammered Brass Bowl, Jamali Garden. This special bowl will carry weight at the table for years to come – fill it with fruits or with the bounty of the season.

3. Fishs Eddy Gilded Dinnerware, West Elm. Fishs Eddy is a vintage-inspired pottery maker who has collaborated with West Elm to make some very gorgeous tableware. I think you’ll find this gilded set to be just the thing for your classic Royal Mansour table.

Whatever your design mantra is, we have inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions for you. Use a couple of these ideas, or mix and match with a few of your own, for a really memorable holiday table that reflects your unique, authentic self. Celebrate!