Romantic Ruby Updates for a Stunning Valentine’s Day Bedroom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: January 24, 2019

Sometimes a few foundational updates are all you need to create a new, romantic feeling in your space. Today’s Valentine’s Day ideas give inspiration for “new basics” in the bedroom that will add comfort, sensuality, and style for years to come.

Ruby Kilim

I’ve selected lovely pieces that will easily build a beautiful space around our Ruby Kilim collection. The print is a rich, deep red complemented by black and tan, created using an intricate, ancient block printing technique. Of course, the bold red is a wonderful idea for Valentine’s Day, but the global style of this print will stun year round.

Cottony Pillows

Saffron Marigold

Ruby Kilim (cp) Euro Sham

Make your bed the spot,  with a layer of gorgeous euro shams lining the wall or headboard. We offer Ruby Kilim in reverse, and this print, of course, works so well snuggled up against Ruby Kilim. You may be planning to head out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, but I dare you to resist coming home early to jump in bed!

Saffron Marigold

Ruby Kilim Throw Pillow

Play with size and texture by adding throw pillows to the mix. These gems look lovely as the central pillow in an arrangement, or in groups of three. If you’re gifting for Valentine’s Day, a ruby red sham would certainly say, “Be Mine”.

Flirty Accessories

Crafthouse Designs

Wooden Bird on Finial

A love bird sets the scene in our ruby red Valentine’s bedroom. The whitewashed finish on this sweetie ties beautifully into the rustic vibe of Ruby Kilim! I would cover my dresser with a sample swatch of something I love from Saffron Marigold, and probably drop bracelets and bangles overtop the birdy’s head.


Tabletop Vintage Alarm Clock

Time flies when you’re in love, or when you’re staring, transfixed, at your Ruby Kilim bedding. Add this vintage style red clock to your space to keep track of the minutes until your valentine arrives!

Sensual Fragrance

Courtney’s Candles

Homestead Sundry Copper Candle

Sundry is the combination of magnolia and freshly washed linen – a delight to the senses.  Light up this lovely copper clad candle to bring a bit of the hope of a new season to your wintery Valentine’s night.

blisoma love aromatherapy soy candle

Love Aromatherapy Candle

This all natural soy candle burns for 25 hours and is heavily infused with ylang ylang, a glorious floral scent with storied mood-boosting properties. If your mood needs said boost, why not move the candle around the house as you get ready for your Valentine’s date night?

Sweet Nothings

Canot Stop Prints

Cardinals Fine Art Print

I adore this darling print – I love the brushwork, the colors, the affection… If you like it too, you’ll find the price point makes it a very affordable valentine.

Of Life and Lemons

Love Map

A gorgeous sentiment, especially for that sweet one who loves to wander the world, and always comes back home. 🙂

There’s only a little time left till that sweetest of days, Valentine’s Day. Add a romantic touch to any room with our linens–along with great ideas for accessories–and see the room come alive.