Poppy Love Blooms in the Bedroom!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 2, 2017

Bring our boldest, brightest Mughal Poppy into your space to create a cheery getaway that is fresh and flirty.  

The duvet reverses to an intricate lattice pattern.

Top your bed with plump, crisp pillows in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors for layers of inviting softness.  Start with a set of Mughal Poppy shams!

Euros always look nice lined along the headboard.  They add height and style with ease!  

Our Vanilla Glacé print has the same crisp white as Mughal Poppy, and a few of these euros will coordinate nicely.

Use a Dancing Paisleys throw pillow for a nice, bright pop of red in the center of the bed. 

Alternately, add elegant softness with a gold-accented Vanilla Glacé throw on the bed, or on an accent chair!

Love the look? Order from our Mughal Poppy collection today!