A Very Navy New Year!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: March 7, 2017

Refresh your decor with on-trend navy blue and white linens for every room!

Begin the New Year with healthy habits: resolve to enjoy more homemade meals and family visits at a stylish table set with Starry Nights.

Begin a “green” tradition this year with cloth dinner napkins to replace paper. Starry Nights offers nicely nautical navy and white details for everyday dining voyages.

Create an all-season garden corner with Midnight Lotus and you’ll have the perfect spot to reflect on your intentions for the new year.

Revive a bedroom: add everyday luxury with Mood Indigo, a modern classic featuring a dramatic pattern of crisp white paisleys, scattered on deep navy blue.

Regal and exotic navy blue curtain panels can enhance a view or update any room – from shabby chic to casual country – with this year’s top design trend.