Mother’s Day Inspiration – the gift of sleep for mom!

Saffron Marigold - Updated: April 23, 2015

Whoever said “A mother’s work is never done” got it right. Moms are always running around taking care of others without ever stopping to take care of themselves.

This Mother’s Day give mom what she never has enough of—more sleep! Allow her to sleep in for as long as she wants, and have her wake up when she is good and ready… And then once she’s up, pamper her with breakfast in bed.

Start with pretty bedding, add gifts that will help mom sleep better and then surprise her with breakfast when she is finally ready to open her eyes.

Pretty blue bed linens to lull mom into sleep

Nothing enhances a good night’s sleep better than lovely, high quality bed linens, and pretty bedding to make you feel pampered while you drift off to dreamland. And our linens are both high quality AND pretty.

We’re suggesting our Pacific Blue print today. A print straddling both an Asian Zen feel as well as a relaxed California coastal style, Pacific Blue has cresting white waves and a scrolling shell border on a deep indigo blue background. Since blue has such a calming effect on the mind, half the work is done right there 🙂 Mom will sink into the pillows, cover herself with a light bedspread or a duvet and get lulled gently to sleep…

Begin by letting mom know the evening before that she gets to sleep in the next day. Then while she’s daydreaming of being able to sleep in, get her bed ready. Start with soft ivory sheets, layer with euro and pillow shams, toss a duvet on it and add a couple of boudoir shams for a fun, flirty look. Keep a bedspread handy in case the night is warm and all she needs is a light coverlet.

Pacific Blue bedding

Gifts to relax and soothe

We don’t want annoyances and irritations to wake mom up on Mother’s Day. After all the idea is to let her indulge and catch up on her sleep deficit. Consider gifts like linen eye pillows to keep the light out, and a sound machine to drown out disturbing noises. Sneak in and light a candle so she wakes up to the fragrance of springtime cherry blossoms.

Pacific Blue

Breakfast and flowers

Finally when mom is ready to open her eyes, serve her breakfast in bed.

Get a tray ready with coordinating Pacific Blue napkins and some silverware. Add flowers picked from the garden and arranged in a pretty vase. And then serve mom a delicious banana pudding or a tropical fruit parfait for breakfast.

Pacific Bue brunch

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